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Florida Moms for America Supports SB 146: Fetal and Infant Mortality ReductionMedia and NewsJanuary 10, 2022media-and-newsarticle
Mike talks to Founder of “Moms for America” Kimberly Fletcher about teachers unions, concerns over school curriculums, & how parents can be engaged!Media and NewsJanuary 7, 2022media-and-newsarticle
Moms, Let Your Voice be Heard!Media and NewsDecember 30, 2021media-and-newsarticle
Remove Your Children from Public School ImmediatelyMedia and NewsDecember 27, 2021media-and-newsarticle
Some public grade schools cancel Halloween due to lack of ‘equity and inclusion’Media and NewsOctober 20, 2021media-and-newsarticle
Will Moms Now Be Listed on FBI’s Most Wanted List?Media and NewsOctober 19, 2021media-and-newsarticle fbi-most-wanted-list townhall
Covid ReportCOVID-19, MomWatchOctober 6, 2021covid-19 mom-watch
Moms for America Calls for National Parents Strike over Virus MandatesMedia and NewsOctober 4, 2021media-and-newsarticle breitbart
Kimberly Fletcher: Schools That Have Been Enforcing Mask Mandates Have ‘Broken Our Trust’Media and NewsAugust 24, 2021media-and-newsarticle oan-interview video
‘National Parents Strike’ Initiative is SurgingMedia and NewsAugust 23, 2021media-and-newsarticle
Moms for America Action Launches ‘National Parents Strike’Media and NewsAugust 17, 2021media-and-newsarticle
Moms Have Had Enough of Masking Flip-FlopsMedia and NewsAugust 13, 2021media-and-newsarticle
Moms for America®: Love of Liberty Begins at HomeMedia and NewsAugust 9, 2021media-and-newsarticle
We The People: Securing Liberty in a Time of TyrannyMedia and NewsAugust 4, 2021media-and-newsarticle securing-liberty townhall
Masks? Vaccine Mandates? Let’s Keep Our Kids at HomeMedia and NewsAugust 3, 2021media-and-newsarticle tim-gaydos
Kimberly Fletcher on the Jim Bohannon ShowMedia and NewsAugust 2, 2021media-and-newsarticle
‘Masking Kids Is a Form of Child Abuse,’ Says Moms for America’s FounderMedia and NewsJuly 22, 2021media-and-newsarticle charisma-news masking-kids
Interview with Richard Beattie – Colorado Radio Station 560 KLZ – Crawford Media GroupMedia and NewsJuly 13, 2021media-and-newsarticle radio-station-560-klz richard-beattie
Democrats Don’t Hate Guns, They Hate Anyone But Them Having GunsMedia and NewsJuly 8, 2021media-and-newsarticle
Critical Race TheoryMomWatchJune 28, 2021mom-watch
How to Put Pressure on Woke Big BusinessesTrending IssuesJune 22, 2021trending-issuesarticle trending-issues woke-big-business
The 1776 Project PACTrending IssuesJune 22, 2021trending-issues1776-project article trending-issues
Evildoers Beware: Moms Rising to Protect Children, Families in AmericaMedia and NewsJune 21, 2021media-and-newsarticle critical-race-theory
Celebrating the Founding Fathers and Our Flag this Father’s DayBlog ArticlesJune 19, 2021blog-articlesarticles crt fathers-day flag-day
Stopping Communism One School District at a TimeTrending IssuesJune 12, 2021trending-issuesarticle communism school-district trending-issues
Parent’s RightsMomWatchJune 10, 2021mom-watch
Gender ConfusionMomWatchJune 8, 2021mom-watch
Critical Race Theory Teaches Our Children to Hate Their Country, Neighbors, and ThemselvesBlog ArticlesJune 4, 2021blog-articlesamerican-history blog-articles critical-race-theory race racism
America’s Greatness is With the Strength of its MomsMedia and NewsMay 26, 2021media-and-newsamerica-out-loud americas-last-best-hope article audio
Mother’s Day Reminds Us Moms Still Have the Power to Rule the WorldMedia and NewsMay 8, 2021media-and-newsarticle fox-17 newsmax
Moms Still Have the Power to Rule the WorldBlog ArticlesMay 6, 2021blog-articlesalexis-de-tocqueville america blog-articles family mothers-day
HR 1 (AKA: For the People Act of 2019)Trending IssuesMay 5, 2021trending-issuesarticle h-r-1 h-r-1-s-1 moms-for-action
H.R. 350 “Domestic Terrorism Prevention Act of 2021” (DTPA)Trending IssuesApril 22, 2021trending-issuesarticle moms-for-action
H.R. 5 – Equality Act (How SOGI Laws Affect You?)Trending IssuesApril 19, 2021trending-issuesarticle moms-for-action
We Must Expose the Mainstream Media’s FollyBlog ArticlesApril 14, 2021blog-articlesantifa biden-administration blm blog-articles donald-trump george-floyd-protests left-wing-riots media-bias
Proposed Marshall Plan for Moms: We Can’t Put a Price Tag on the Vocation of MotherhoodBlog ArticlesFebruary 17, 2021blog-articlesblog-articles
Biden’s First Week Is Like Experiencing a Hell Week InitiationBlog ArticlesJanuary 31, 2021blog-articlesbiden blog-articles keystone-pipeline president-trump
Secure & Protect Livestream at Independence HallMedia and NewsJanuary 28, 2021media-and-newsindependence-hall video
Kimberly’s Speech at Freedom PlazaMedia and NewsJanuary 5, 2021media-and-newsarticle freedom-plaza stop-the-steal-rally
Save the Republic Rally HighlightsMedia and NewsJanuary 5, 2021media-and-newsarticle save-the-republic-rally
Exclusive: Moms for America Gives S.D. Gov. Kristi Noem Its ‘Mother of Influence’ AwardMedia and NewsDecember 20, 2020media-and-newsarticle breitbart
Watch Live: Moms for America Hold “Keep Christmas” Rally in Washington, DCMedia and NewsDecember 14, 2020media-and-newsarticle breitbart video
Keep Christmas Rally HighlightsMedia and NewsDecember 13, 2020media-and-newschristmas-rally video
Debbie Kraulidis Speech Freedom PlazaMedia and NewsNovember 14, 2020media-and-newsarticle debbie-kraulidis freedom-plaza million-mega-march stop-the-steal-rally
You Can Call the 2020 Election Anything You Want, But Don’t Dare Call it ConspiracyBlog ArticlesNovember 13, 2020blog-articles2020-election blog-articles conspiracy townhall
Ohioans Know Trump’s Voter Fraud Concerns Aren’t Conspiracy Theory, They’re Conspiracy FactBlog ArticlesNovember 6, 2020blog-articlesarticles voter-fraud
New Faith-Based Film Highlights Spiritual Battle, Future of AmericaMedia and NewsNovember 3, 2020media-and-newsarticle charisma-news video
Will Democrats, Media and Big Tech Commit to a Peaceful Continuation of Power?Blog ArticlesNovember 1, 2020blog-articlesblog-articles election mainstream-media
Old Glory Will Still WaveMedia and NewsOctober 30, 2020media-and-newsjulia-jackson kimberly-fletcher old-glory tim-johnson video
Moms for America Urges Immediate Confirmation of Judge Amy Coney BarrettMedia and NewsOctober 22, 2020media-and-newsarticle judge-amy-coney-barrett
This Election Isn’t About Biden and It Was Never About TrumpBlog ArticlesOctober 22, 2020blog-articles2020-election 45-communists-goals blog-articles townhall
Kimberly Fletcher Speech Amy Coney Barrett ConfirmationMedia and NewsOctober 17, 2020media-and-newsamy-coney-barrett video
Kavanaugh Hearings Are Proof that Amy Coney Barrett Is Needed on the Supreme CourtBlog ArticlesOctober 14, 2020blog-articlesamy-coney-barrett blog-articles supreme-court
A Suburban Mom’s View of the 2020 ElectionBlog ArticlesOctober 12, 2020blog-articlesblog-articles suburban-moms women-vote
The Rush Limbaugh Show’s guest host Todd Herman interviews Kimberly FletcherMedia and NewsOctober 7, 2020media-and-newsaudio rush-limbaugh
Moms for America founder says suburban moms could sway this electionMedia and NewsOctober 7, 2020media-and-news97-1-fm-talk article audio
Constitution Day and the Legacy of American LibertyBlog ArticlesSeptember 18, 2020blog-articlesamerican-liberty articles constitution-day
Moms for America® joins 911 Memorial Group and Flag Ceremony on Sept. 11, 2020Media and NewsSeptember 10, 2020media-and-newsarticle fox-17
Moms’ Votes Can Protect Our Children from LawlessnessBlog ArticlesSeptember 2, 2020blog-articlesblog-articles cannon-hinnant
Focus Today’s Perry Atkinson Interviews with Kimberly FletcherMedia and NewsSeptember 1, 2020media-and-newsarticle audio focus-today
Voice of Reason’s Andy Hooser interviews Debbie KraulidisMedia and NewsSeptember 1, 2020media-and-newsandy-hooser audio voice-of-reason
A Voice of WarningMedia and NewsAugust 23, 2020media-and-newsa-voice-of-warning video
Rodney Boyd interviews with Kimberly Fletcher on FM Talk RadioMedia and NewsAugust 17, 2020media-and-news97-1-fm-talk article audio
Moms for America’ discusses initiative leading up to Election DayMedia and NewsJuly 29, 2020media-and-newsoan video
***NEWS RELEASE***Media and NewsJuly 28, 2020media-and-newsarticle news-release
Marxism in the Classroom, Riots in the StreetsTrending IssuesJuly 25, 2020trending-issuesarticle marxism trending-issues
***NEWS RELEASE***Media and NewsJuly 21, 2020media-and-newsarticle news-release
***NEWS RELEASE***Media and NewsJuly 16, 2020media-and-newsarticle news-release
***NEWS RELEASE***Media and NewsJuly 6, 2020media-and-newsarticle news-release
MFA Liberty Justice for AllMedia and NewsJuly 4, 2020media-and-newsarticle video
Actions of ChangeBlog ArticlesJune 30, 2020blog-articlesarticles
The Dream Called AmericaBlog ArticlesJune 23, 2020blog-articlesblog-articles
What if We Teach Our Children the Simple Truth That All Life Is Precious?Blog ArticlesJune 8, 2020blog-articlesblog-articles
America in Crisis: From the Eyes of Our YouthBlog ArticlesJune 3, 2020blog-articlesblog-articles
One Mom…On A MissionBlog ArticlesJune 1, 2020blog-articlesblog-articles
A Homeschool Lesson in Civil DisobedienceBlog ArticlesMay 22, 2020blog-articlesblog-articles
Masked Bandits: A measure of protection or just another way to divide us?Blog ArticlesMay 14, 2020blog-articlesblog-articles
Religious Freedom–Why it ALWAYS Wins!!!Media and NewsApril 23, 2020media-and-newsarticle video
We’re Not All In This TogetherBlog ArticlesApril 22, 2020blog-articlesblog-articles
The America I Dream ofBlog ArticlesApril 15, 2020blog-articlesblog-articles
Sam Sorbo: Accidental Homeschooler–Tips to Save Your SanityMedia and NewsApril 9, 2020media-and-newsarticle sam-sorbo video
The Heat Has Finally Turned UpBlog ArticlesApril 5, 2020blog-articlesblog-articles
Covid 19 Support Center–Moms for America to the RescueMedia and NewsApril 4, 2020media-and-newsarticle video
HomeFront Covid 19 Virtual ConferenceMedia and NewsMarch 28, 2020media-and-newsarticle video
What’s one vote? Does mine really matter? What’s the big deal? No one listens anyway- right?Blog ArticlesFebruary 5, 2020blog-articlesblog-articles
The Decade of Moms for AmericaBlog ArticlesJanuary 29, 2020blog-articlesblog-articles
Why is the gift of life so controversial?Blog ArticlesJanuary 15, 2020blog-articlesblog-articles
Moms for America Vision 2020Media and NewsJanuary 1, 2020media-and-newsarticle video vision-2020
Why Moms Voices Deserve to be HeardBlog ArticlesDecember 31, 2019blog-articlesblog-articles
Moms for America live at Made in America.Media and NewsOctober 1, 2019media-and-newsarticle made-in-america video
Constitution Day Press Conference Highlights 2019Media and NewsSeptember 17, 2019media-and-newsarticle video
Constitution Day Press Conference HighlightMedia and NewsSeptember 17, 2019media-and-newsarticle press-conference-highlight video
Mothers are Key–Juleen Jackson Constitution DayMedia and NewsSeptember 17, 2019media-and-newsarticle video
Gold Star Rally for FreedomMedia and NewsJuly 18, 2019media-and-newsfreedom gold-star-rally jon-voight video
Gold Star Mom Slams Colin Kaepernick, Honors Hero Son: ‘He’s Given More Than Any Athlete Has Ever Given’Media and NewsJuly 6, 2019media-and-newsarticle breitbart fox-news video
Jon Voight Talks About Moms for AmericaMedia and NewsJuly 5, 2019media-and-newsarticle video
Actor Jon Voight, Gold Star mother Karen Vaughn push back against socialismMedia and NewsJuly 4, 2019media-and-newsarticle fox-business jon-voight video
Jon Voight joins Moms for America’s stand against socialism in AmericaMedia and NewsJune 28, 2019media-and-newsarticle jon-voight karen-vaughn video
Moms For America Vice President Karen Vaughn Joins Glenn Beck Radio ShowMedia and NewsMay 7, 2019media-and-newsglenn-beck karen-vaughn video
Buffalo Diocese Office lends support to Moms for America #MomTalkNY eventMedia and NewsApril 15, 2019media-and-newsarticle
MFA Advisory Board Continues to Expand with Leaders in Conservative Policy, Media, Activism…Media and NewsApril 15, 2019media-and-newsarticle
Moms For America Vice President Karen Vaughn Joins Fox & Friends To Talk About Her #Unplanned SonMedia and NewsApril 7, 2019media-and-newsfox-and-friends fox-news karen-vaughn video
MFA to host culture-changing, pro-life event at the frontlines of battle in New YorkMedia and NewsApril 3, 2019media-and-newsarticle
Noted Pediatrician and Author Dr. Rosemary Stein joins Moms for America Advisory BoardMedia and NewsApril 2, 2019media-and-newsarticle
Meet Newest Moms for America Advisory Board Member Rabia KazanMedia and NewsMarch 27, 2019media-and-newsarticle
Moms for America Announces Newest Advisory Board MemberMedia and NewsMarch 19, 2019media-and-newsadvisory-board article
Moms for America Releases Statement about U.S. Senate Rejecting Bill to Protect Infants Born During AbortionsMedia and NewsFebruary 28, 2019media-and-newsarticle
Standing Strong for the Fathers and Husbands of AmericaMedia and NewsFebruary 27, 2019media-and-newsarticle
Moms for America Returns to the Border to Speak with Residents about Illegal ImmigrationMedia and NewsFebruary 12, 2019media-and-newsarticle border
Moms Across the Nation Question the Congressional “Women in White” DelegationMedia and NewsFebruary 7, 2019media-and-newsarticle women-in-white
Moms For America’s State of the Union Speaks for Life and Family, Draws Huge AudienceMedia and NewsFebruary 5, 2019media-and-newsarticle state-of-the-union
State of the Union – Moms for America: Watch it NowMedia and NewsFebruary 4, 2019media-and-newsbreitbart state-of-the-union video
Bill Introduced to Protect Infants Born During Abortion ProceduresMedia and NewsFebruary 4, 2019media-and-newsabortion article
Moms For America’s Kimberly Fletcher & Karen Vaughn join Fox & FriendsMedia and NewsJanuary 30, 2019media-and-newsfox-and-friends fox-news video
Moms for America to host inaugural SOTU Address by America’s Moms this TuesdayMedia and NewsJanuary 28, 2019media-and-newsarticle sotu
Speakers announced for “SOTU by American Moms” Press ConferenceMedia and NewsJanuary 28, 2019media-and-newsarticle sotu
Women’s March Shrinks as Movement to #BeTheLight GrowsMedia and NewsJanuary 22, 2019media-and-newsarticle bethelight
Amy Clark article on Townhall: “‘Resisting’ the Toxic Women’s March to Create Positive Change…”Media and NewsJanuary 18, 2019media-and-newsarticle
Karen Vaughn article on PJ Media: “Realities on the Border Demand a Reality Check by Our Politicians”Media and NewsJanuary 17, 2019media-and-newsarticle secure-border
Breaking News: Moms for America Called to the Frontlines of the Battle for a Secure BorderMedia and NewsJanuary 17, 2019media-and-newsarticle secure-border
Moms For America Welcomes Gold Star Mother Karen Vaughn as Vice PresidentMedia and NewsJanuary 16, 2019media-and-newsarticle
Moms Caravan to the BorderMedia and NewsNovember 7, 2018media-and-newsborder secure-border video
Mothers and Children Are Hurt the Most by Not Securing Our BordersBlog ArticlesNovember 3, 2018blog-articlesblog-articles border townhall
Kim Fletcher article on Townhall: “Mothers and Children Are Hurt the Most by Not Securing Our Borders”Media and NewsNovember 3, 2018media-and-newsarticle
#WalkAway March Was A Vision of America the Way It Should BeBlog ArticlesOctober 31, 2018blog-articleswalkaway-march blog-articles
Kim Fletcher article on Townhall: “#WalkAway March Was A Vision of America the Way It Should Be”Media and NewsOctober 31, 2018media-and-newsarticle townhall
I Didn’t Vote for Trump in 2016 But I’m Skipping to the Polls in 2020 to Vote for HimBlog ArticlesOctober 3, 2018blog-articlesblog-articles bodyguard-for-freedom townhall trump vote
Moms For America President, Kimberly Fletcher joins Martha McCallumMedia and NewsOctober 3, 2018media-and-newsfox-new fox-news kimberly-fletcher video
Amy Clark article on The Washington Times: “#Believe Which Women?”Media and NewsSeptember 27, 2018media-and-newsarticle
Esther and Jezebel Are in a Holy War and the Mothers of America Will Determine Who WinsBlog ArticlesSeptember 25, 2018blog-articlesblog-articles esters feminists jezebels kavanaugh-hearings womens-movement
Kim Fletcher article on Townhall: “Esther and Jezebel Are in a Holy War and the Mothers of America Will Determine Who Wins”Media and NewsSeptember 25, 2018media-and-newsarticle
Setting the Record Straight on John McCain and Sarah PalinBlog ArticlesMay 17, 2018blog-articlesblog-articles john-mccain sarah-palin townhall
MFA Blog Template – Stories Only CopyBlog ArticlesMay 13, 2018blog-articlesblog-articles
Who Gets to Decide What Is in the Best Interest of Our Children?Blog ArticlesApril 30, 2018blog-articlesalfie-evans blog-articles life-support townhall
Unsung HeroMedia and NewsSeptember 23, 2017media-and-newsredhead-express unsung-hero video
Moms March for AmericaMedia and NewsSeptember 23, 2017media-and-newsmoms-march-for-america video
Moms For America Vice President, Karen Vaughn joins Glenn Beck to talk about raising strong menMedia and NewsAugust 17, 2017media-and-newsfox-news glenn-beck video