Birth of a Movement

Montage of mothers at events

Early in 2017 one woman had a dream. A dream to bring mothers from all over America to one place and awaken the principals of faith, freedom and family in our nation.

Her desire was to encourage moms that they were not alone. That there were indeed thousands of other moms just like them. Moms that desired to raise the bar on a spiraling culture and restore decency, civility and liberty within it.

Kimberly Fletcher is that woman and in obedience she boldly booked the Ralston Arena in Omaha Nebraska and hoped they would come.

And come they did! The event “Mom’s March for America” was a huge success. Over 24 highly influential speakers volunteered their services for free. And moms from all over the country booked their flights and poured into the arena.

Then on September 23, 2017, while being live streamed all over America, The Moms March for America showed up on the national scene.

The aftermath was more than anyone expected with thousands of women signing “The Declaration of Mothers.” A document, which proclaims that truth, is self-evident, family matters, and freedom is worth fighting for. The country will never be the same.

Today, the march continues to grow as mothers in America are rising up, standing together united in a true sense of community and the spirit of sisterhood. The results are electrifying and inspiring.

A cultural movement of moms that together will march forward to restore the value to motherhood, marriage, womanhood and patriotism proclaimed through the lives they lead, the children they raise and the liberty they possess.

Living counter culture they are ignited with the passion of patriots of the past while firmly planted on the foundation of God and clear vision of hope for the future. They will change their homes, their communities and indeed a nation!