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Is the American Family Dying? - Newsletter Blog Post - Moms for America

MFA Weekly Newsletter

Is the American Family Dying? - Newsletter Blog Post - Moms for America
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May 1, 2023

Is the American Family Dying? How You Can Protect Our Greatest Treasure

“I don’t think parents should be telling schools what to teach.”

It was a stunning moment in the Virginia gubernatorial debate where former Governor Terry McAuliffe, on his heels in the exchange, blurted out the quote that arguably cost him the election. Sometimes when the heat is on – the truth spills out – often accidentally.1

Moms were understandably enraged at the audacity of his assertion that parents should not have a say in their children’s education. McAuliffe had let the cat out of the bag, and it’s what those of his ilk actually think. Mama bears came out in force, expressing anger at the ballot box, and Glenn Youngkin was elected.

Many of us found that moment on the debate stage outrageous. Still, we may not have realized that McAuliff’s words represent the tip – only the tip – of an enormous iceberg.

Think of it – the ice visible above the water as the ill-fated mega-liner Titanic approached was nothing to fear for such a tremendous unsinkable maritime marvel. What took more than 1500 souls to their icy graves was what lay beneath the water, a massive iceberg.

That’s why we moms must stay vigilant. In our rapidly morphing culture, minor outrages revealed often hide much greater danger. A slip of the tongue can point to a massive movement hiding under murky waters – in this case, waiting to sink the American family.

The Anti-Family Movement

Truth slipped out earlier when Black Lives Matter (BLM) came to the fore after the tragic death of George Floyd. Their website blatantly promoted the “disruption” of the nuclear family as one of their guiding tenets. That information from the organization run by confessing Marxist Patrisse Cullors was quickly pulled down from their site as people took notice of the truthful motives behind their ideology. 2

Since then, the anti-family movement is found in more publications further promoting the idea of the abolition of the American family. The idea is taking center stage in publications like The Atlantic, “The Nuclear Family Was a Mistake,” 3 Current Affairs, “Why We Should Abolish the Family,” 4 and in a notable book by Marxist, feminist Sophie Lewis, Abolish the Family: A Manifesto of Care and Liberation.5

Where is this coming from?

Though it seems sudden and like it came from nowhere – it’s been brewing for a long time. Lewis points to the ideas of utopian socialist anti-semite Charles Fourier (1772-1837). He believed the family to be an oppressive institution where women were abused and belittled.

Fourier championed ideas of complete sexual freedom. He believed in every form of sexual expression– from sex between close relatives, homosexuality, bestiality, fetishism – any imaginable practice.6

Sophie Lewis also developed her anti-family philosophy from the views of anti-family sixties activists like Shulamuth Firestone7 and the queer Marxism movement.8

The anti-family movement is rooted in Marxist ideology. While culture plays with terminology, using accusations of Marxism, racism, homophobia, and socialism, Marxist theory is gaining steam in America.

See if any of this sounds familiar:

  • Marxism is a form of socialism claiming capitalism is a fatally flawed system and should be dismantled.
  • Marxism purports that families are primarily oppressive and destructive to culture. Women are abused and must be liberated from the idea and constraints of the traditional family.
  • Marxism believes that the rich are inherently corrupt and the working man (or woman) is oppressed and unfairly treated by those in charge.
  • In its purest state, Marxism removes private property rights in favor of a utopian ideal of sameness.
  • Marxism sees children as part of the collective and should be influenced more by the government than by parents.
  • Marxism is at the root of the “equity” idea. To clarify – equity promises equal outcomes. No one should rise above because of talent, skill, or hard work – instead – everyone should come out the same. Participation trophy, anyone?

There is much more to this complicated theory.9 One thing worth noting – socialism and Marxism has never played out successfully in any country. Its champions claim it just hasn’t been done right yet.

Tell that to Venezuela. Their experiment in socialistic life has resulted in crushing poverty and the near collapse of their society.

Incidentally, three other countries tried socialism after World War II, quickly abandoning it because it failed to deliver positive outcomes. Those nations: India, Israel, and Great Britain.10

American Families are on the Rise

We know this is discouraging to read – it wasn’t fun to write. Still, we mustn’t shrink from the truth of what we’re up against, mamas because together, we can protect our nation and families from those who seek to dismantle the American dream and family.

But, American families are on the rise. Without a doubt – there is hope ahead. Learn more by listening to our podcast with Kimberly Ells, author of The Invincible Family: Why the Global Campaign Against Motherhood and Fatherhood Can’t Win. She is a family policy expert who has spoken at the UN and advocates for the vital importance of family.11

It’s up to us to stand. Here are some ways to protect America’s greatest treasure: her families.

Promote the Concept of Family at Home

It used to go without saying, but it’s more important than ever to teach your children about the institution of the family.

You can promote the concept of family at home by reading books – classics like Little House on the Prairie, Charlotte’s Web, Mary Poppins, Anne of Green Gables, and Little Women. There are so many that point to the beauty of family and tradition. Stories filled with the richness of relationships, not shrinking from the realities that all lives range from joy to hardship, tragedy, forgiveness, and love.

Tell stories to your kids about your family of origin, your courtship, or the proposal their dad offered – and marriage. Instill the beauty and laughter of your memories of these God-given relationships with ongoing conversations with your little ones.

Be Vigilant About School and Curricula

We’ve written about the dangers and damage of Critical Race Theory as it’s infiltrated our schools. These curricula go by many names, often including “differences, diversity, inclusion, ethnic, origin” and related terms. Your educators may claim that CRT isn’t in your school, but most schools have some infiltration of these concepts. Many have very active and deep-seated CRT concepts taught in classes ranging from ethnic studies to literature class to mathematics! Be vigilant about school and curricula. Mamas they’ve gotten savvy at hiding the truth of what they are teaching, and these ideologies include teaching about removing the original meaning of family in favor of redefinition.

Besides reviewing any material you can access, one of the best ways to stay abreast of these destructive concepts is with open communication with your child. Don’t show anger or frustration because it can intimidate your son or daughter if they think what they share with you upsets you. Instead, give your child the freedom to discuss what’s happening in school. If your child feels safe and welcome, they’ll open up more than expected.

Then, if you do discover Marxist ideologies in your school – voice your concerns. If you feel it’s not safe for your child there – consider your schooling options. You have the final say in your child’s upbringing.

Engage With Families

When you engage with families in your community, you encourage one another and enjoy family ideals. Find fellow parents at church, school, or work. As the kids interact, they’ll see other families and how they operate. It’s healthy, encouraging, and full of laughter and memory-making fun if you do it right.

Make Your Family a Haven

Your family is a safe place. It’s a home base for your kids as they engage in a stressful and sometimes harsh world. With the anxiety and challenges of school and this generation’s unique pressures, your child will thrive when you make your family a haven of welcoming love, and recognition of your child’s unique God-given value.

Celebrate as a Family

Picture your child at 20 – then at 30, likely with their own kids. The special family-only celebrations – birthdays, Christmases, graduations, baptisms, and family vacations will provide the most vivid colors in their memories of family life. For many of us, the same is true. A unique gift, surprise party, or tender family moment will build the foundation for what your grandchildren may experience as the family’s legacy is passed to the next generation.

Is the American Family dying? We can answer that together with a resounding “NO!”

Armed with the resilience and creativity of moms like you, we know our future is in good hands. You are prayerfully and intentionally raising the next generation – the future husbands and wives, moms and dads who will populate this nation with its greatest asset – the American family. Stay aware, stand firm – and never give up. Moms can lead the way in preserving this precious commodity.

The nuclear family is a unique gift – that must be fought for, protected, and preserved.

The starting place: your own family.





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