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Moms are Rising to Heal America - Newsletter Blog - Moms for America

MFA Weekly Newsletter

Moms are Rising to Heal America - Newsletter Blog - Moms for America
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Jan 20, 2024

Moms Are Rising To Heal America

Moms are tired of just sitting back and being forced to live with the madness … Moms are now rising to up to help heal America!

Gas prices are soaring, and eggs and milk are priced like gourmet delicacies. Radicals rage and ridiculous ideologies continue to be pulled from thin air.

Even without a full retreat from the madness, we think something positive is brewing. It’s almost as if, one by one, people are awakening from a stupor and opening their eyes for the first time in a long time.

Mamas, we see something on the horizon. We believe that the great US comeback is underway, with three signs pointing to the healing of America.

Do you see them too?

Sign #1 Truth is slowly but surely coming to light.

It began to take down those who didn’t comply with ideas about gender, CRT, socialism, and medical conformity. Now it has started to attack itself. Cancel culture’s web of sins designed to catch the unsuspecting (especially conservatives, Christians, and patriots) became so intricate that many who constructed the trap have been captured and exposed in it.

Take Angela Davis, a famed African American author, Marxist, feminist, and political activist. Much to her disappointment, she just discovered that she was the descendant of one of the 102 souls who sailed on the Mayflower. Additionally, her ancestors owned slaves.1 Cancel culture is beginning to lose its appeal for its champions, like Ms. Davis.

The truth is becoming clear that it’s unfair, unwise, and un-American.

Moms like you are raising the next generation of patriots to return to civility and grace. You’re setting a new standard.

In a free society – cancel culture must be canceled.

Medical mind control swept America for more than two years. Those in power told us we couldn’t speak about the origins of Covid or its treatment. If we questioned the safety of the vaccine citizens were compelled to take – or the value of antibodies from a previous infection, or the merits of masking, we were dubbed “anti-vax.” In this historic power grab, the free exchange of ideas became wholly unacceptable. Now the truth is slowly but surely coming to light, with studies revealing a different reality than the one we were pressured to blindly accept.2

You’re an insurrectionist if you dare to wonder what really happened on January 6th. Have you questioned why Americans still languish in pre-trial prison for over two years? Panic has begun to curiously erupt among those who believe Americans shouldn’t ever see the Capitol security footage. Why? There’s much we do not know. As unedited video emerges, the “truth” that was hard sold by a one-sided look at that terrible day is coming into question.3

You’re racist if you questioned any aspect of elections or believe citizens should be vetted pre-vote with a simple government-issued ID. Stats from recent elections – like those in Georgia – the epicenter of voter suppression accusations – show that people hit the polls in record numbers across the board – regardless of race. The truth became apparent, and data utterly refuted voter suppression.4

It’s homophobic if you dare to complain that your teen daughter was forced to compete against a biological male (who says he’s a girl) in sports. Honest scientists admit that there is a difference – physically – biologically, between males and females. Cross-dressing doesn’t change the science.5

You’re hateful if you’re anti-drag-queen-story-hour or gender ideology education for our youngest and most vulnerable citizens. Truth reveals permanently damaged, heartbroken young people who underwent gender reassignment or hormonal treatments with devastating and non-reversible outcomes.6 Even within the homosexual community, a group called Gays Against Groomers has taken a stand against the harmful sexual exploitation of children.7

Xe/Xim, Hu, and Ze/ Zur are a few of the rockstars in the pronoun game that have shown how ridiculous that has become. It may have seemed cool at first (to some), but now it just looks silly.

Moms were called domestic terrorists if they spoke up at school board meetings against CRT and gender indoctrination in the education system. That outlandish “threat tag” came from the FBI’s Counterterrorism Division.8 It was a ship that wouldn’t sail – and cost the Democrats a critical election when outraged parents pushed Youngkin into the Governor’s mansion.

And moms aren’t done. We are at the forefront of a movement to save our nation. At Moms for America, we want to help with our engaging free online video course, the Healing of America. More about that later.

The construct of this cultural chaos is a house of cards. As left-leaning enthusiasts cling white-knuckled to ideas that were all the rage, these practices and outcomes haven’t aged well. In nearly every case outlined above – the conspiracy theorists (maybe for the first time in history) got it right, pretty much across the board.

Sign #2 Moms are on the rise like never before.

Zoom/remote classrooms in 2020 gave moms a first look at what their kids were taught. It wasn’t pretty.

Soon after, moms started taking their grievances to teachers, principals, and school boards. Often, they’d receive a disrespectful 60 seconds at a microphone to share 5 minutes’ worth of material. Sitting school boards seemed to hope to roll over America’s mothers.

When radical anti-American activists posing as educators and administrators, waving flags for queer theory and CRT came for our kids – moms said, “enough!” A newly energized mama bear movement has been on the rise with promising results:

Moms are Homeschooling – In 1999, roughly 850,000 kiddos learned at home9. With the outrageous trends in our culture and education system – that number has more than quadrupled to 4.3 million in 202210.

Moms are Running – for office. Hundreds of mamas like you are running for school boards and other state and local posts. Fed up with seeing their kids victimized by a far-left ideological takeover of the education system, moms are taking action.

Moms are Digging into the Constitution – The truth has come out about the twisted rhetoric in local and national news media. Journalists no longer seem to have a working knowledge of America’s founding documents and system of government. The same could be said about many educators. With the current vacuum of authoritative voices – moms are becoming the experts.

We are on the frontline of equipping moms. Our free online video course, The Healing of America, is the centerpiece of this effort. Join our nationwide virtual classroom. Together, we’ll delve into stories of courage and sacrifice – astonishing miracles and methodology that helped birth our one-of-a-kind nation.

Our own Virginia State Liaison, Tyler Ohta, serves as your tour guide for this amazing journey through our beautiful American story and the tenets of the Constitution.

We can no longer trust schools to teach history and the diverse beauty of the United States.  Once you’ve completed the course, you’ll be well-prepared to instill these truths into the hearts of your own young patriots. Moms are on the rise like never before.

Sign #3 The Church is beginning to awaken.

In February of 2023, Kentucky’s Asbury University was the site of a spontaneous 13-day worship and prayer service that just wouldn’t end. When the evening service (intended to be a couple hours long) continued for days – nearly 50,000 hungry souls flocked to the town to experience the outpouring. It finally ended almost two weeks later when the school’s president gently drew it to a close so that students could resume academics.11

In American homes, families have begun to pray – for the protection of our kids, government leaders, and schools. Intercession groups have popped up from coast to coast as dedicated mamas and grandmas stand in the gap for the hotly contested prize of the next generation.

America’s church has endured some of its most traumatic shaking – challenges to doctrine and acceptance of biblical truth, covid shutdowns, and attempts to censor the pulpit. There has been a gulf growing between churches. The dividing line separates those who readily abandon the faith of their fathers – and the Bible – from churches who refuse to bow to culture and government pressure and believe in the sanctity of God’s Word. The church is beginning to awaken.

Some might think the growing divide a bad thing- but perhaps not. Churches that refuse to compromise are becoming stronger and more determined to love, serve and give to a world desperate with anxieties, pressure, and hopelessness. Watering down the hope of the gospel will never truly help those in need. Only pure expressions of Jesus’ standard – both grace and unapologetic truth will give lasting hope.

The Healing of America

Do these signs really point to a hopeful future in our beloved nation? We believe they do.

You can lean into the revitalization of the American spirit and patriotic fervor by joining with other mamas – happy warriors all – to dig into our nation’s unprecedented story and foundation.

Sign up for our free Healing of America video course. You will become well-versed in the truths of our Constitution and learn about our wrongly maligned founders. You may be surprised to learn that some of the “facts” widely circulated to denigrate these great men and women are not factual at all.

Tyler Ohta, leads the 2024 series. The 16-week Healing  Of America seminar will give you the bedrock foundation of early American history and the Constitution, and how to best teach it to your loved ones. It is transformational in helping you understand how to be part of the revival in families, communities, and your country!

Tyler explains the brilliance of the free-market principles embedded in our culture, in this 2024 series. Within the first hundred years of living under the Constitution and these free market principles, even though we only held 6% of the world’s population, we were producing more than 50% of the world’s wealth. The American experiment was unlike any other in the history of the world.

There are companion workbooks available to augment the experience as Tyler unpacks pillars of our founding and society. We hope you’ll join us on our adventure together.

You may feel powerless. You may wonder if moms can really turn the tide in America.

We say we can –  and we must!

Consider a point made in lesson one in the Healing of America. Only 3% of the population was actively engaged in the American Revolution, and 3% supported England. A whopping 94% were apathetic toward the entire enterprise.

Think of it- a mere 3% changed the world. We can too, mamas!

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