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If you knew there was a program that would have a profound influence on your life, preserve America’s history and heritage, promote the principles of liberty and build a foundation of freedom in your family and community, simply by inviting friends in your home, would you do it? The Cottage Meeting Project does just that.

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“Ten small discussion groups in the community will do more to create a new way of life than a hundred mass meetings with a thousand in attendance at each.” ~Delphian Society Handbook.

I have been pro-choice my entire life and I walked out of that event pro-life! I was so naïve; it was so eye opening! I am grabbing all of my liberal friends and taking them to see Unplanned tomorrow!

Lori H., Special Education Teacher 30 years

Kathy Tricolli, Recording Artist

Kathy Tricolli, Recording Artist

I am so impressed with all that you do and the whole of your ministry.

Jim Jordan, U.S. Congressman, Ohio

Jim Jordan, U.S. Congressman, Ohio

I would like to take this opportunity to commend all those involved with this extraordinary nation.

Candy Carson, wife of Dr. Ben Carson

Candy Carson, wife of Dr. Ben Carson

It is reassuring in this day and age that there’s an organization such as HomeMakers for America,

Testimonial Thumb Tina

Tina Marie Griffin

Partnering with this Moms March Movement has not only been a pleasure, but an honor.

Hosting a Cottage Meeting is the most effective way to share your love of liberty with neighbors and friends.

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What is a Moms for America Cottage Meeting?
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