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Moms for America Brings Gold Star Wives & Mothers to D.C. in Rally for Freedom!

They lost a husband, son, or daughter fighting for the very freedom some members of Congress want to throw away. These Gold Star Families have a powerful message–Not on Our Watch! View VIDEO MESSAGE from Karen Vaughn or DOWNLOAD FLYER

We invite you to support Moms for America and these remarkable Gold Star Wives, Mothers and their families, in standing against socialism! Your tax-deductible gift supports the Rally for Freedom and our ongoing campaign to restore the Republic, oppose socialist policies, and educate Americans on the dangers of socialism.

What is a Gold Star Family Member?

“Gold Star Family” is an honor no one wants but holds a special meaning for those who carry the title. “Gold Star” is a recognition given to an immediate family member who has lost a loved one in military service. Gold Star wives have lost their husband in the line of duty, Gold Star Mothers have lost their son or daughter. Gold Star children have lost a parent.

Why A Rally?

“America will never be a socialist country!”

That was the bold statement from President Trump during his State of the Union address this year. Since then, more and more members of Congress have unabashedly declared that they, themselves, are socialists. We are watching in shock as our culture increasingly embraces socialist ideology and our nation rapidly moves toward a socialist state. But Moms for America is taking a bold stand to counter this dangerous movement and send a powerful message to those who think they can change our form our government—Not on Our Watch!

What is the Congressional Pledge?

When members of the United States Congress are sworn into office they raise their hand and swear an oath to “defend the Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic.” Unfortunately that seems to be a hollow promise for many members of Congress. The Rally for Freedom is an opportunity for Gold Star Families to stand against socialism. The Congressional Pledge and Promise is the statement they are asking members of Congress to sign to reaffirm their pledge and stand firm in defending the Constitution against any threats of socialism in our government. The pledge states:

In recognition of the tremendous sacrifices made throughout our nation’s history, and in honor of America’s Gold Star families who’ve paid the ultimate price for freedom, I affirm my oath to “support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic” and pledge to maintain and promote its standard of liberty for ourselves and our posterity. I further pledge and promise that I will stand firm in the fight to secure our Representative Republic and will do everything in my power to make sure America never becomes a Socialist country.

In all honesty, any member of Congress that feels they cannot sign this pledge, should not be serving in Congress! Our vote can ensure that on Election Day!

You can DOWNLOAD the PLEDGE and a letter from Karen Vaughn to send to your own member of Congress and ask them to sign. Please email us and let us know if they do. We will be reading the names of all those who signed at the Rally for Freedom!

Who Are Karen Vaughn and Kimberly Fletcher?

Kimberly and Karen are part of the national Moms for America Team. Kimberly is the Founder and President and Karen is the Director of Strategic Initiatives. Their bios are below.

Kimberly Fletcher (President & Founder of Moms for America) and Karen Vaughn (Director Strategic Initiatives for Moms for America) are spearheading this campaign to counter this push toward a socialist state.  Kimberly is the wife of a retired Air Force officer, Derek Fletcher, who faithfully served our country, protecting and defending the Constitution of the United States for over 27 years. Kimberly and her children were often apart from Derek through his multiple deployments including a tour of duty in Iraq. He was stationed at the Pentagon on 911 where, through a series of miracles, his life was spared, and Kimberly was forever changed. It was that day Kimberly learned the true price and value of freedom and determined to do everything in her power to ensure her children remained free.

Karen Vaughn is a Gold Star mother and serves as the Director of Strategic Initiatives for Moms for America. Karen lost her son, Aaron Carson Vaughn, a US Navy SEAL Chief, on August 6, 2011 when his chopper, carrying 30 Americans was shot from the sky while rushing into battle. Losing Aaron changed everything for Karen and launched her on a path to defend the Constitution and freedoms her son sacrificed his life for.

Karen and Kimberly have become extremely troubled over the increasing push toward socialism from members of our own Congress and they are doing something about it! On July 4th Karen and Kimberly will be joined by over 40 Gold Star wives and mothers and their families, in a Rally for Freedom on the U.S. Capitol lawn in Washington D.C. Our message is clear. These families lost sons, daughters, and husbands fighting to defend the Constitution and our Republic. Losing the very nation they died defending is not something these families are willing to accept.

Join the Event Live or via Live Stream!

If  you are in D.C. on July 4th you can join us in person on the U.S. Capitol lawn near the corner of First Street SE and Independence Ave SE. If you can’t be there in person you can join us via Live Stream and be a part of the rally right where you are! Just go to our Facebook Page on July 4th at 10:00 am eastern and you can join us in spirit as we Rally for Freedom in the nation’s capital!

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