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Wheat and Chaff - Cottage Meetings Moms for America

Cottage Meeting Resources

Presentation #10 – The Wheat and Chaff

Separating wheat from the chaff is a common agricultural practice that is used to prepare grains for consumption. In cereals like rice, barley, oats and wheat, the grain is surrounded by a dry husk. Before the grain can be used, the husks (or chaff) must be removed. Separating the wheat from the chaff has become a common cliché to describe the practice of distinguishing the wanted from the unwanted, the valuable from the relatively valueless.

In the Wheat and the Chaff lesson, we invite Cottage Meeting hostesses to select true principles that are useful and valuable to America while helping the participants identify the useless or worthless material that can be discarded. These principles may apply to freedom, history, the Constitution, the economy or other relevant topics.


The 17th Amendment
and the Destruction of Federalism

by Earl Taylor

Constitution Day

by Olga Weber


The Constitution
of the United States

U.S. Constitution


Cottage Meeting Resources Intro Videos

Intro Videos Part 1 & Part 2
The Tale of Two Constitutions
by Dr. Glenn J. Kimber

Man Sings National Anthem at Rally
Preserve, Protect and Defend- Cottage Meeting Book Club

Preserve Protect & Defend
by Cameron Taylor

Women: America's Last Best Hope - by Kimberly Fletcher

Stories of the Government
Freedom Series – Library of Hope

When Queens Ride By - Book by Agnes Turnbull

Original Intent:
The Courts, the Constitution, & Religion
by David Barton

Proclaim Liberty - Book

Proclaim Liberty Study Guide

The 5000 Year Leap

The 5000 Year Leap – Principle 8
by Cleon Skousen,
Also available at the National
Center for Constitutional Studies

Catechism on the Constitution

A Catechism on the Constitution of the United States

The Making of America

Making of America
Currently out of stock

Promises of the Constitution

Promises of the Constitution:
Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow
by  Pamela Romney Openshaw

Proclaim Liberty - Book

Enabling the People
by Rebecca M. Siebach

The 5000 Year Leap

The 5000 Year Leap Bookmark
 by NCCS

Catechism on the Constitution

I Love America – Volume 1

The Making of America

I Love America – Volume 2

Promises of the Constitution

US Constitution and
Government Student Journal

Proclaim Liberty - Book

U.S. Constitution Activity Book

The 5000 Year Leap

Mystery of Constitution Island

Remember Who We Are
by Krista Branch (A fellow liberty mom)

America’s Wall of Political Protection
by Dr. Glenn J. Kimber

The Most Powerful
Political Office in the World
by Dr. Glenn J. Kimber

Fires of Faith Series

A More Perfect Union DVD
America Becomes a Nation

Cottage Meeting Resource Guide

Constitution for Kids
The Constitution for Kids audio series is designed to give the future guardians of our liberties a fun interactive introduction to the United States Constitution.

Seminar 1 - Healing of America - Virtual Cottage Series - Moms For America

The Good and the Beautiful Library
Homeschool Curriculum for Kids

Cottage Meetings for Kids Logo

Check out our kid-friendly version of the Cottage Meeting series, it is presented through fun and engaging activities, while teaching your children the principles of faith, family and freedom. Your kids will love it!

I just participated in your virtual cottage meeting. I cannot tell you how excited I am to have found Moms For America. It is exactly what I needed. I know God led me to all of you.

~ Kelli, Michigan

So worried and frightened by the direction our country is going. I cannot wait until next week! This cottage session was just what l needed. I just ordered the book and will be there next week. God Bless You!

~ Lori, New York

My friend called this morning right before class and she was over the moon about what she is learning and wondering why this is not taught in our schools! Thank you for your knowledge and study! It is blessing our lives!

~ Janet, Utah

Hello from snowy cold Illinois! I just finished watching your last cottage meeting (I can’t make the live session.) I am enjoying learning so much. Thank you for all you do.

~ Andrea, Illinois

There are more of us that stand with you, I do believe we are the silent majority, but silent no more!

~ Brenda, North Carolina