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Raising a New Generation of Patriots - Cottage Meetings Moms for America

Cottage Meeting Resources

Presentation #12 – Raising a New Generation of Patriots


Raising A New Generation of Patriots


A Mother’s Garden

by Kimberly Fletcher

The Urgent Need to Teach
the Constitution to the Rising Generation

by Earl Taylor

Raising George Washington

Excerpt from “WOMEN: America’s Last Best Hope


Choice in Education


Catechism on the Constitution

I Love America – Volume 1

Catechism on the Constitution

Vacation Liberty School
Faith, Hope, and Charity: Curriculum and Planning Guide

The 5000 Year Leap

Constitution Quest Board Game

Preserve, Protect and Defend- Cottage Meeting Book Club

Hearthstone Education Plan:
A parent’s resource for teaching and nurturing a new generation of patriots. A K-12 Education Resource website created by Moms for America.

Proclaim Liberty - Book

Agency Based Education Organization
Teaches principles for an agency based education.

Women: America's Last Best Hope - by Kimberly Fletcher

Liberty Kids
Liberty Kids – Watch All 40 Episodes For Free!

Women: America's Last Best Hope - by Kimberly Fletcher

Liberty Kids
The Great American Experience

When Queens Ride By - Book by Agnes Turnbull

Take Your Hat Off
When the Flag Goes By

Fires of Faith Series

Schoolhouse Rock: America Rock

Fires of Faith Series

Animated Hero Classics
by NEST Entertainment

Libraries of Hope

Libraries of Hope ( and Well-Educated Heart ( are absolutely fantastic resources for families) Marlene Peterson, the founder of Libraries of Hope has spent several years compiling the great stories from the Golden Age of Literature.

You can get them in print, in online archives and even by audio stories. There are over 4,000 books in the Library at Libraries of Hope and they are a treasure trove – a wealth of stories to promote courage, truth, patriotism and all the characters that lead to good citizens.

Because the Library is so extensive it can seem overwhelming.  Marlene put the following video together to help you navigate the library and the plethora of resources you’ll find there.

What is Heart-based Education?
Basics of a Heart-based Education (audio)

The Well Educated Heart
Free audio lectures on left side of screen. Excellent!

Here are some direct links to the Library to help you find exactly what you’re looking for.

Introduction Video

Orientation Part 1 – YouTube
This is an excellent introduction to Libraries of Hope and the Well-educated Heart websites, mission and resources.

Catch the Vision

Catch the Vision Intro – Libraries of Hope (
This is a GREAT section of the Well-Educated Heart explaining the concept of a well-educated heart and the resources available to moms to nurture a love of liberty in their hearts and homes.

12 Month Rotation

Rotation – Libraries of Hope (
You can travel the world through history with this 12 month rotation.  Each link has a list of books and enrichment resources that include music, art, projects, and activities and to enhance your experience. For instance, if you click on “Age of Exploration” you will find audio stories, links to books in each age group and enrichment activities to go along with the Age of Exploration theme.

Historical Categories

Categories – Libraries of Hope (
This lists each book list from the specific time periods in history. When you click on the time period links you will be directed to the same books and enrichment activities as the 12 Month Rotation List. It is just another way of searching to find what you’re looking for.

I just participated in your virtual cottage meeting. I cannot tell you how excited I am to have found Moms For America. It is exactly what I needed. I know God led me to all of you.

~ Kelli, Michigan

So worried and frightened by the direction our country is going. I cannot wait until next week! This cottage session was just what l needed. I just ordered the book and will be there next week. God Bless You!

~ Lori, New York

My friend called this morning right before class and she was over the moon about what she is learning and wondering why this is not taught in our schools! Thank you for your knowledge and study! It is blessing our lives!

~ Janet, Utah

Hello from snowy cold Illinois! I just finished watching your last cottage meeting (I can’t make the live session.) I am enjoying learning so much. Thank you for all you do.

~ Andrea, Illinois

There are more of us that stand with you, I do believe we are the silent majority, but silent no more!

~ Brenda, North Carolina