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Capture The Sunshine - Cottage Meetings - Moms for America

Cottage Meeting Resources

Presentation #8 – Capture the Sunshine


Story That Unites Us

by Kimberly Fletcher

We’re Not Poor

by Marlene Peterson

The Birdman of Alcatraz

by A. Dean Byrd and Mark D. Chamberlain.

The Nobleman and the Seed


Man’s Search for Meaning

by Kimberly Fletcher

Being the Change

by Kimberly Fletcher

Corrie Ten Boom Forgiveness

Originally published in Guideposts Magazine 

Friendship Train

by Kimberly Fletcher

Patriot's Reading List - Categorized by Age


Capture the Sunshine
Intro Video


Cottage Meeting Resource Guide

The Cottage Meetings
Resource Guide

The 5000 Year Leap

The 5000 Year Leap
by Cleon Skousen,
Also available at the National
Center for Constitutional Studies

Raising a Generation of Patriots - Moms for America

Raising Patriots:
Restoring Our Garden of Liberty
by Marlene Peterson, Tammy Hulse, and Kimberly Fletcher

The Jefferson Bible

The Jefferson

The Jefferson Bible

The Blue Zones of Happiness

Freedom Factor- Cottage Meeting Book Club

The Freedom Factor
by Gerald N. Lund

Raising a Generation of Patriots - Moms for America

The Ultimate Gift
by Jim Stovall

The Jefferson Bible

The Present
by Spencer Johnson

The Jefferson Bible

Man’s Search for Meaning
by Viktor Frankl

Ray Charles
America the Beautiful

Ray Charles performs “America the Beautiful” prior to Game 2 of the World Series

John Wayne
Swing Out Sweet Land (NBC Special)

John Wayne Tribute

1970 A star-studded tribute to America starring John Wayne, Lorne Greene, William Shatner, Dan Blocker, Michael Landon, Ann-Margret, Lucille Ball, Jack Benny, Hugh O’Brian, Roscoe Lee Browne, Glen Campbell, Greg Morris, Ross Martin, Johnny Cash, Roy Clark, Bing Crosby, Phyllis Diller, Bob Hope, Celeste Holm, Dean Martin, Ricky Nelson, Dan Rowan, Dick Martin, Tom Smothers, Red Skelton, Leslie Uggams, Dennis Weaver, Ed McMahon and more.

Some segments contain adult humor—very mild by today’s standards—but still what we would consider inappropriate for children. So if you decide to share it with your family, make sure you watch it first. There is a lot of really good content and historic segments mixed with humor from some of the most popular actors and comedians of the day. It is presented in a variety show way but there is much value in it and if no other reason, it is just nice to see so many actors in Hollywood openly demonstrating their love for America.

What would John Wayne do?

by Dustin James

Count Your Blessings Instead of Sheep
by Krista Branch

America the Beautiful
with lyrics

Have You Forgotten?
by Darryl Worley

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Check out our kid-friendly version of the Cottage Meeting series, it is presented through fun and engaging activities, while teaching your children the principles of faith, family and freedom. Your kids will love it!

I just participated in your virtual cottage meeting. I cannot tell you how excited I am to have found Moms For America. It is exactly what I needed. I know God led me to all of you.

~ Kelli, Michigan

So worried and frightened by the direction our country is going. I cannot wait until next week! This cottage session was just what l needed. I just ordered the book and will be there next week. God Bless You!

~ Lori, New York

My friend called this morning right before class and she was over the moon about what she is learning and wondering why this is not taught in our schools! Thank you for your knowledge and study! It is blessing our lives!

~ Janet, Utah

Hello from snowy cold Illinois! I just finished watching your last cottage meeting (I can’t make the live session.) I am enjoying learning so much. Thank you for all you do.

~ Andrea, Illinois

There are more of us that stand with you, I do believe we are the silent majority, but silent no more!

~ Brenda, North Carolina