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Cottage Meeting Virtual Series

From Virtue to Patriotism This 12 Week Virtual Series is Full of Inspiration and Hope!

Led by MFA Vice President, Juleen Jackson, this Cottage Meeting series was held June through August 2020.  Sessions were recorded so you can view them anytime at your convenience. You can order the resource guide and core books through our webstore.

Why Cottage Meetings? Why Virtual?

Why is the Cottage Meeting Project for mothers? You are the heart of the home and influence your family and community in profound ways. We have seen the transformative power of the Cottage Meeting Project. Mothers who wanted nothing to do with politics have become informed, engaged citizens. Even more importantly, mothers have become inspired to share the lessons of liberty with their children, changing the course of history.

Why Virtual? Before COVID-19 most groups met in their home. The comradery of being with like minded women trying to teach their children in a world of uncertainty was indeed a powerful thing. But when the lock downs began and the social distancing we had to find a way to get our message out to the Moms despite all the restrictions – this is why we created our Virtual Series began.

Video Links

Click on the thumbnail image to view the video, click on the link below to download and view the accompanying PDF resource.

Listen to Our Introductory
12 Weeks of Summer
Cottage Meeting

I absolutely love the classes you are offering. I feel super impressed to have a bedrock understanding of the constitution! THANK you for helping me meet that goal. A goal that I am sure comes from God! You guys ROCK!!!!

~ Larene, Fredericksburg, VA

I’ve been attending the cottage meetings. I’ve been asked by our state senator to consider running for the school board and it seems very providential. I would love to ask you a few questions as I discern my answer. Please let me know if there is a good time to call you. Thank you so much!

~ Samantha, Pennsylvania

You ladies give us so much to “chew on” that I am amazed! Digging into those things. Have joined a group of AMAC members & we (hubby & I) are getting active in making our voices known about bills of concern. Thank you for your call to action & faithful service to everyone!

~ Pam, Phoenix

I LOVE YOUR GROUP OF FREEDOM-LOVING LADIES! I love hearing your thoughts about our current situation and what is coming. You speak my language, girl! Glad to know I’m not alone in my thoughts and worries. We can think and prepare and act … even while keeping the faith. You are a breath of fresh air.

~ Tina, Texas