Hearthstone Education Plan

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The Hearthstone Education Plan has been developed as a home education guide for families by HomeMakers for America. It is a resource for parents to guide them through a K-12 education program for their children. The resources available on the Hearthstone website are designed to educate the heart, not only in the principles of reading, writing, and arithmetic, but also in the principles of liberty.

The Hearthstone Education Plan is flexible and versatile. A heart-based education model is presented with quick-links for several resources that can be used within the model. Parents and families are free to choose the resources for each subject that best meets their needs.


Our Education Model

Heart Based

The Hearthstone Plan is unique in that it encourages heart-based learning. The Heart is at the core of human nature, disposition, and character and therefore should be the primary focus of education. We believe that the heart is capable of growth, development and change.  The development of character and values within the heart are emphasized while building a foundation for educational achievement.


Student Centered

Flexibility for individual learning styles is built into benchmark achievements for three separate age groups.   We recognize that children learn different skills at different times in their lives. Some may read at age four while others don’t show interest in reading until eight or nine. Our benchmark achievement lists allow flexibility for all learning styles. Instead of listing skill sets by grade, we provide a list of skills to be achieved within three phases of learning: Primary Years (0-8), Elementary Years (8-12), and Senior (12 and older). Parents may refer to these lists to guide their child’s learning and create awareness of the concepts listed.


Parent Guided

To honor the rights and responsibilities of parents, we offer several options for parents to choose from. Whether they choose a traditional model, Charlotte Mason, TJed, Sonlight, ABeka, or other method, parents will find resources on the Hearthstone website to assist them in the education of their children.


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