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Helping Florida Moms Recover from Hurricane Ian

Hurricane Ian has caused enormous destruction and displaced many Florida families. Among those facing the devastation of the storm are many of our own Florida moms who, inspite of the massive loss and clean up they face, have been more focused on helping others. It is amazing to see our moms come together to support each other and help those in their community. We have received several emails from Moms for America members and supporters across the country wanting to know what they can do help.  And that is the heart of Moms for America. Because when our Sisters are in trouble, we of course want to step in and help them.

How Can You Help?

Help Florida Moms-Moms for America

Sarasota County

Sarasota County, Florida was hit hard in the storm. Our Sarasota Moms for America president, Tanya Parus, is organizing the support effort there. Many of our moms have been directly effected. They have lost homes, furnishings, appliances, and need everything from major repairs to food and bedding.

Unfortunately, many did not have flood insurance. Through generous donations, Tanya has been able to provide Publix gift cards for groceries to several moms in need.  We are now raising funds to help moms and their families with repairs to roofs, to drywall, to provide basic needs, and to replace vital appliances that were lost.

Your help is greatly needed.

Moms for America has set up a donation fund to provide these vital needs and services. You can make a tax-deductible donation that will go directly to support Sarasota moms and their families with their needs.

Help Florida Moms-Moms for America
Help Florida Moms-Moms for America
You can also donate directly to Sarasota Moms for America at the following link.  Please note, these donations are not tax-deductible. sarasotacountymomsforamerica.com/donate
Loads for Linemen - Florida Moms for America

Florida Moms for America
Launches Loads for Linemen

Our Florida Moms for America president, Rebekah Ricks, is organizing volunteers to support line workers by washing their clothes.  This is a great way to support all those men and women helping with clean up.  For more information on how you can support this effort please contact Rebekah.

Help Florida Moms-Moms for America