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Masks? Vaccine Mandates? Let’s Keep Our Kids at Home

Aug 3, 2021

Tim Gaydos - 820AM The Word Seattle
Live from Seattle with Tim Gaydos
Live local talk on 820AM The Word Seattle.

Tim spoke with Sean Magennis, a business strategist and the Chairman of LUMINI, a global organization of administrative assistants and executive assistants. The topic was remote working and how this is going to affect employers and employees.

Tim also spoke with Kimberly Fletcher. Kimberly is an author, columnist and the president and founder of Moms for America®. She is the wife of a retired Air Force officer and mother of 8 children, who has made it her personal mission to educate and inspire the mothers of America to realize their immeasurable worth and powerful influence on society simply by being who they are.

Kimberly Fletcher starts around 56 minutes.

Listen here:

For the original podcast from Seattle/KGNW-AM click here.