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Image of Karen Vaughn
Washington, D.C.--On January 29, Moms for America (MFA) launched its first ever State of the Union address. While some presidential...
Feb 5 2019
image of a baby
Washington, D.C. -- Responding to Gov. Ralph Northam’s (D-VA) comments supporting abortion even after a baby is born, and New York’s...
Feb 4 2019
a microphone
Karen VaughnGold Star Mom & Moms for America Vice PresidentKaren Vaughn is the mother of fallen US Navy SEAL, Aaron Carson Vaughn...
Jan 28 2019
american flag
Washington, D.C.-- In lieu of the President’s postponement of his SOTU Address...Moms for America will host its inaugural “SOTU...
Jan 28 2019
homeless person on the street
Marvina Case of Georgetown, Texas, led a group of young people in an effort to bring food, blankets and joy to a large homeless...
Jan 24 2019
clothing on hangers
Dawn Bates of Salt Lake City organized a group of women to visit the Utah Pregnancy Resource Center where they helped to sort clothes...
Jan 24 2019
picture of the band paperdolls
PaperDolls (formerly RedheadExpress), a musical group from Idaho, visited a youth group in McAllen Texas and hosted a dance/concert...
Jan 24 2019
OMAHA-The Women’s March--shrouded in a cloud of controversy for its promotion of hate, exclusion of certain groups of women, and...
Jan 22 2019
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Jan 18 2019
Moms For America Caravan
The debate about properly securing our border has Congress deadlocked and the government stalled--now into a fourth week of a partial...
Jan 17 2019