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We are on a mission to revive the spirit of sisterhood and sense of community that once thrived among the women of America. Whether you need encouragement, looking for supportive suggestions or want to share ideas we have plenty of ways to help you get connected with other moms in your local community and through our national network.

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Here are some additional ways to connect with other like-minded Moms around the country!

Mom Connect on Facebook

Mom Connect is our Facebook Community where you can connect with moms all over America, and throughout the world, to share ideas, express concerns, and talk about issues that matter to you. This is also the place where you’ll catch all our special announcements, live stream events, and first pick on products and resources. You won’t miss a thing! Whether you’re looking for support and encouragement—or just want hang out with other moms, this is a great way to get–and stay–connected! Join the Community!


Cottage Meeting Project

If you knew there was a program that would have a profound influence on your life, preserve America’s history and heritage, promote the principles of liberty and build a foundation of freedom in your family and community, simply by inviting friends in your home, would you do it? The Cottage Meeting Project does just that!

The Cottage Meeting Project is a simple program with profound results. It is simply an opportunity to invite friends and neighbors into your home for small discussion groups. Through inspiring stories, personal experiences, and relatable examples, Cottage Meeting presentations nurture a love of liberty in a powerful, engaging way that directly relates to your home and family. Simply by meeting once a month, at the end of one year, you will have more knowledge and understanding of liberty the Constitution than most of the lawyers, judges, and elected officials in America. Our Cottage Meeting Resource Guide and Hostess Kit provide everything you need to begin nurturing a love of liberty in your home.

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Here are some of our amazing educational resources!  Take a look:

American Heritage Center

This program serves to strengthen home and family by providing information about American History and heritage, and the U.S. Constitution. We don’t promote anything we haven’t read, tried, or used ourselves!

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Hearthstone Education Plan

K-12 home education that teaches Reading, Writing, Arithmetic… and LIBERTY! A student-centered, parent-guided, powerful journey to nurture a love of learning in the hearts of children.

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Moms for America Book Nook Reading List


Motherhood University by Libraries of Hope


And just for fun… a few resources to encourage you and refresh your soul!!

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