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The Mothers of a nation mold its citizens, determine its institutions and shape its destiny. ~Matthew Vassasr

We are on a mission to revive the spirit of sisterhood and sense of community that once thrived among the women of America. Whether you need encouragement, looking for supportive suggestions or want to share ideas we have plenty of ways to help you get connected with other moms in your local community and through our national network.

Join with other like-minded Moms in your community! Click here for a list of groups in your state, or learn how to start one! We have four different formats to choose from and provide all the support and resources for you to start and host a successful group.

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Mom Connect on Facebook

Mom Connect is our Facebook Community where you can connect with moms throughout the United States to share ideas, express concerns, and talk about issues that matter to you. This is also the place where you’ll catch all our special announcements, live stream events, and first pick on products and resources. You won’t miss a thing! Whether you’re looking for support and encouragement—or just want hang out with other moms, this is a great way to get–and stay–connected! Join the Community!

“If we mean to have Heroes, Statesmen, and Philosophers, we should have learned women.” ~Abigail Adams

Mom Link Groups—4 Different Formats 1 Great Community!

Moms for AmericaCreating community connections that nurture liberty, empower moms, and strengthen families. The goal—Educate, Engage, Enlighten, and Empower Moms!

MomLinks are simply local gatherings of like-minded moms who want to encourage each other while learning and promoting truth and liberty. Our goal is to help equip moms find their voice and empower them to be able to use it! With a variety of tools and formats available, MomLink resources can fit the needs of any group. We’ve also provided some great resources to help promote a love of liberty in your home and/or support your MomLink group no matter what type you choose to host or be a part of. Below is a short overview of each of our MomLink options.

Mom Links

Cottage Meeting Project

The Cottage Meeting Project is our signature program. Through inspiring stories, personal experiences, and relatable examples, Cottage Meeting presentations present the principles of liberty in a powerful, engaging way that resonates with moms and directly relates to your home and family. Simply by meeting once a month, at the end of one year, you will have more knowledge and understanding of liberty the Constitution than most of the lawyers, judges, and elected officials in America. MORE INFO

Moms for America


MomiU is especially designed for moms of young children in mind but moms at any stage of life can enjoy this fun, easy way to connect and discuss liberty-promoting principles in any venue. Whether it’s getting the kids together for a playgroup or coffee with the girls, this is “mommy time” you’ll totally enjoy! MORE INFO

Moms for America

Mom Reads

Many MomLink groups operate as a book club and discussion group that helps moms stay up-to-date with current hot topics and must read classics. Not sure where to start? We have compiled a “Patriots Reading List” with were high interest, easy to read books, which contain the ideas and principles that will promote liberty. These books have been laid out in groups of 12 so that, by just reading one book a month, at the end of year, you would have a firm understanding of the principles of liberty. MORE INFO

Moms for America

Family Lobby

The Family Lobby is a fun, family-friendly way to teach your children and/or grandchildren about civic responsibility and citizen-run government. Through the Family Lobby your children will learn about our system of government, connect with their elected officials in a positive way and have opportunities engage in civic responsibility. The first Wednesday in February each year we promote Family Lobby Day where you and your family can meet those elected to represent you. MORE INFO

Moms for America


We have many great resources to help provide content and support for your MomLink group no matter what kind of group you choose to host. Our MomLink Magazine is a quarterly publication with stories, activities, book highlights and encouragement. If you would like to receive the MomLink Magazine email us at to get the magazine right in your inbox! Visit our MOM LINKS RESOURCES page

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