Moms March Movement

The Moms March Movement is the active arm of Moms for America. It is national movement of moms uniting to reclaim our culture for truth, family and freedom. We are women who love God, stand for truth, reverence family, and cherish freedom. If you’re concerned with the increasing decline of our culture, the influences on your children and seeking a voice for your values, then we invite you to join this growing national movement of mothers to raise the bar of decency and civility in our culture, and stand united for truth, family, freedom, and the Constitution which protects our divine, inherent rights as mothers.

The Declarations of Mothers

The Declaration of Mothers is the foundation of this movement—proclaiming to the nation that truth is self-evident, family matters, and freedom is worth fighting for. Read “Birth of Movement” to find out how this national movement of mothers began.

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