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Jul 21, 2020

Moms for America Press Release

For Immediate Release
July 21, 2020

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Moms for America®: Moms Have Right To Make Own Decisions about Facemasks, Schooling

Moms ‘Want Options’ as School Districts Are Divided on Safety Measures for Education during Coronavirus Pandemic

DAYTON, OHIO — Citizens and government officials in school districts across America are facing off to declare coronavirus-induced social distancing rules too heavy — or too light — for the upcoming school year, placing millions of moms at the center of the fray.

As some schools mandate that students wear facemasks or prepare for online-only education, mothers appear equally divided, except on their desire to make their own decisions, according to Moms for America® (, a national movement calling on mothers to restore values such as motherhood, marriage, womanhood and patriotism.

Kimberly Fletcher, founder and president of Moms for America® and a mother of eight, says coronavirus-related precautions warrant discussion at the community level but have been hijacked by people with political agendas.

“We are tired of our children being used by the media and politicians as political pawns for personal gain,” Fletcher said. “Whether schools open or not and how they open are conversations we need to have, but on a local level and based on actual science, not politics. The bullying, fearmongering and intimidation used by media to scare people to death stops with our kids.”

Each day, tens of millions of mothers make judgment calls affecting the health and safety of their children, including the mental, physical and emotional health of children who may be forced to stay home in isolation or keep distance from their peers and mentors.

Parents have the right to make their own decisions about whether their school system is taking adequate precautions, Fletcher says.

“Regardless of whether moms want schools to open or stay closed, the decision has nothing to do with the president,” Fletcher said. “It’s about our kids, and parents —¬ not government or media — know what is in the best interest of their own children.”

Fletcher says the hysteria over precautions to stem the spread of the virus is leading many to realize the inefficiency and ineffectiveness of public schooling.

“Can you imagine your kindergartner or first grader going to school with a mask, sitting every other seat, every other row, going to classes every other day?” Fletcher asked. “That is an anxiety our children do not need, and it is not an environment conducive to learning.

“What it has done is help millions of parents realize just how wasteful and unnecessary ‘public’ school is,” Fletcher continued. “We are already seeing a huge increase in parents choosing to homeschool because of these draconian measures that have absolutely nothing to do with ‘protecting’ our children.”

Moms for America® encourages mothers to sign the Declaration of Mothers, which includes statements about human rights, the role of a mother in the home and the education of her children.

Mothers can add their names to those of more than 58,000 fellow American moms who have signed the Declaration of MothersCLICK HERE.

Moms for America® provides critical information to moms across the nation including MomVote 2020, which focuses on high-impact suburban areas in 15 critical election states. This is an extraordinary opportunity to have powerful influence and impact in the 2020 election simply by educating, engaging, and empowering moms through MomVote.

Moms for America is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) education corporation dedicated to promoting a foundation of liberty through the mothers of America in their homes, within their communities, and with their vote.

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To interview Kimberly Fletcher, founder and president of Moms for America, contact, Jeff Tolson, 610.584.1096, ext. 108, or Deborah Hamilton, ext. 102.