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How to Put Pressure on Woke Big Businesses

Jul 26, 2021

How to put pressure on woke big businesses - Image by Alexaretouch | Dreamstime

Want to Put the Pressure on Woke Big Businesses? This Organization Has Advice

Amy Lannom Wilhite is executive director at 2ndVote, which keeps track of major companies’ positions on social issues such as the transgender agenda.

“You wouldn’t support [certain positions] at the ballot box with a candidate that you vote for, so why would you spend your dollars there?” asks Wilhite, who joins “The Daily Signal Podcast” to talk about how her organization helps Americans make consumer decisions based on their convictions.

“We say your first vote is at the ballot box and your second vote is with your wallet,” Wilhite says. “It’s the power of what you have in your pocket and with the money that you spend. And we want to educate consumers so that they can shop their values [and] so that we can make change with all the corporate activism that’s going on.”



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Written by Rachel del Guidice

How to Put Pressure on Woke Big Businesses

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