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Stopping Communism One School District at a Time

Jun 12, 2021

Stopping Communism - Washington Times - Illustration by Alexander Hunter

In this article from the Washington Times it shows how
Parents and teachers push back against critical race theory and the radical left agenda.

It’s an analysis of what is happening in Leesburg (Loudon County), Virginia. And how the parents are fighting back against the school board … “It’s controlled by certifiables who are forcing critical race theory and the LGBTQ agenda down schoolchildren’s throats.”

It’s so bad that Loudoun has become Ground Zero in a parents’ pushback that is taking shape around the nation. In April, the Virginia Project, a GOP group, exposed a left-wing group that publicly named parents who opposed critical race theory and an advisory board that promised to “silence” the parents. Subsequently, Parents for Education was formed, along with a Fight for Schools PAC to recall six school board members.


Loudoun is not the only place where parents are pushing back against Marxist indoctrination. Spurred by the discovery of a school “Cultural Competence Action Plan” that incorporates critical race theory, conservative parents in Southlake, Texas, formed a PAC. In late May, they unseated two school board members and elected three city council members and the mayor.

In a similar campaign in Rapid City, South Dakota, conservatives recently swept all four open seats on the school board.

Kimberly Fletcher, who heads the grassroots group Moms for America®, says that mothers in particular are realizing the gravity of the left’s war on children’s minds.

“Mama Bears have been poked and Marxist teachers unions and government overlords have no idea what they’re in for,” she wrote recently. “This is just the beginning.”



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Written by Robert Knight

Stopping Communism One School District at a Time

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