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The 1776 Project PAC

Jun 25, 2021

The 1776 Report

If you are a parent of a school-age child or know parents of school-age children, please share this information about the 1776 Project PAC.

As you may know, the Trump Administration launched the 1776 Project to restore accurate teaching of American History and combat the poisonous, fabricated 1619 Project.  One of the first actions taken by the Biden Administration was to dismantle the 1776 Project and allow the instruction of Critical Race Theory back in federal government training.

You can read more about the 1776 Project here.

Below is information about the 1776 Project PAC, where people can report the teaching of Critical Race Theory in their schools.  This is not just a problem in public schools. Private schools also are falling prey to the teaching of CRT.

To Fix Schools, Replace Radical School Boards

We have learned during the pandemic and the raging debate over the poisonous and inaccurate “critical race theory” agenda, that local school boards wield a lot of power. Most are in hip pockets of the teacher unions – because they flood the zone with millions of dollars into these local elections – which means that the kids and families don’t matter.

A new Political Action Committee called the 1776 Project will be supporting school board candidates who want to keep critical race theory and the history of the radical 1619 Project out of classrooms. This is an effort to have parents not unions determine the curriculum in schools.

Political consultant Ryan Girdusky says his new group ( wants to help parents take back their local schools.

This is a David v. Goliath effort, but Girdusky is no stranger to bringing down the powerful. His January expose on the corruption in the anti-Trump Lincoln Project forced several of the board members to resign and exposed the rot in that organization.


Download The 1776 Report here.

Be sure to checkout the group.

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