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Preamble Scramble:

1. It all begins with the Constitution's Preamble – which includes these famous words:*
2. What are the three branches of Government?*

True or False?

3. Because of the First Amendment, you can worship as you wish, so long as your religious activity doesn't offend those who have freely chosen not to believe.*
4. Delegates at the 1787 Constitutional Convention gave it a unanimous thumbs-up.*

Now you're ready for the big guns!

5. The first 10 Amendments were written by:*
6. Those first 10 are referred to as:*
7. The separation of church and state shields churches from government overreach and protects the independent function of government, and is found in which often-quoted amendment?*
8. If both the President and the Vice-President are unable to continue to serve, who is next in line to become President.*
9. Which of these IS NOT an expressed power for the Federal Government?*
10. The Constitutional strategy to prevent one branch of government from becoming too powerful is called:*
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