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Standing Strong for the Fathers and Husbands of America

Feb 27, 2019

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Standing Strong for the Fathers and Husbands of America

Moms for America President Kimberly Fletcher will be celebrating the strong fathers and husbands of this nation at Friday’s National Rally for Men. The event, organized by author and talk show host DeAnna Lorraine, will feature a number of speakers, including Omar Navarro and #WalkAway founder Brandon Straka. The rally, set for Friday in Washington, DC.

Fletcher, a TownHall contributor, will be speaking on “How to Raise Boys in a Feminist World” based on a popular 2018 column she wrote.

“I want to be the opposite voice of the radical feminists—those who are seriously radicalizing our culture,” said Fletcher. “I do not accept ridiculous, fabricated terms such as ‘toxic masculinity’ intended to subjugate our men and boys. As the mother of six sons and two daughters, I realized long ago that if want to change the culture I need to raise my children to be ambassadors of change.”

According to the event release, the event will feature a number of speakers sharing “why men in America should be celebrated and not vilified for being the strong male figures they were called to be.” It says the event, set for Friday afternoon in Washington, D.C., was organized to celebrate men and healthy masculinity…” fathers, veterans and family, and their important contributions to America, at a time where men and fathers are being demonized in our culture.”

Said event organizer DeAnna Lorraine: “We are also experiencing an epidemic of fatherless homes and a lack of strong male role models in our country, which is having disastrous results that should concern every American no matter their political affiliation,” DeAnna Lorraine said. “We want to send a strong message to the mainstream media and public that good, strong men and fathers create strong families, which create a strong America.”

The afternoon event will also feature an award ceremony for Great American Men of the Year and Wives of the Year.

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