Target Blackout
Target Blackout - Power Of The Outlined Words
Target Blackout - Power Of The Outlined Words
Target Blackout - Power Of The Outlined Words



There is a major cultural divide in our country that is accelerating at rapid speed.


We Must Fight Back!

Target Blackout

Corporations across the country are trying to steal the hearts and minds of our children and tear down the very fabric of our nation.

Many of us are wondering are we alone are we the only ones seeing the crazy going on around us? I assure you, you are not! The problem is we don’t know what to do about it.  It seems to be coming from everywhere. But I want to tell you, we as moms, have a very powerful influence and there are simple things we can do to put on the breaks on this culture war and flip the conversation back to freedom and commonsense.

One of those things is the power of the purse. Target isn’t the only company buying into these radical agendas but right now it’s the perfect opportunity to ensure our voice is heard.

Listen to the story of Penelope Barker and learn how she and a group of women back in 1774 used the Power of the Purse to fight against the British.

Please join Moms for America® and SIGN THE PLEDGE with your commitment to stay home from Target for the month of June.  Let’s send a powerful message to these corporations demanding a return to commonsense, sound business practices, and a return to the principles and values that made America the freest, most prosperous nation on earth!

So, I urge you to join us for TARGET BLACKOUT MONTH IN JUNE and beyond… and remind corporations across the country who it is that holds the purse!

Crushing ESG with the power of the purse!


ESG is a scam. It has been weaponized by phony social justice warriors.
~ Elon Musk

ESG which stands for Environmental, Social [Justice], and Governance.  It is an absolute fraud perpetrated on American businesses as a way to ignore sound business practices, market evaluation, and consumer trends and bend them to submit to radical ideologies and political hot points they would otherwise ignore. The majority of Fortune 100 Companies (such as Target) have bought into this scam and the American People are now seeing what people like Glenn Beck warned us about in 2021.

Our friend, Kathy Barnette, wrote a great article in Newsweek about the ESG scam. We highly recommend reading this article as a way to better understand what it is and how it infects businesses and our culture. ESG Is a Woke Scam Infecting Our Corporations and Changing Our Nation | Opinion ( Another great article by Ed Lou, exposes this huge scam from an investor’s perspective why it is built entirely on false virtue ESG Investing Is The World’s Biggest Scam | by Ed Luo | Armchair Musings | Medium


ESG scoring has become a major money-maker for perpetrators of leftist ideologies who provide indoctrination training, intimidation tactics, and threats of job loss as a way to coerce employees to conform to their group think. Diversity, Equity, Inclusion (DEI) has become a standard across the business sector, in the military and in our children’s schools.  This is a massive attack on our freedoms and the American values that made America the freest, most prosperous nation on earth.  Those freedoms and values are now in major jeopardy and we have to defend them.

We aren’t just boycotting Target.  We are using Target as an example to send a powerful message to every corporation, sports team, media outlet, and entertainment industry reminding them we are the keepers of the purse and we will not support any business that buys into the ESG/ DEI deception. We encourage you to sign the pledge to boycott all businesses that promote ESG/DEI and SHOP LOCAL!   Public Square and the Freedom Square Business Network are GREAT resources to find freedom-promoting companies and businesses that follow the market and donot submit to radical political agendas. You can also check out 2nd Vote to see what corporations and organizations are funding these radical leftist ideologies. Vote with your Purse! Vote Freedom!

If you’re ready to #BoycottTarget with us for the month of June and beyond, but don’t know where to shop, our friends and partners PublicSq. and Freedom Square have us covered! Click on the logos to find out more!

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