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Kitchen Clinics - The Future of Vaccinations - Moms for America Newsletter Blog

MFA Weekly Newsletter

Kitchen Clinics - The Future of Vaccinations - Moms for America Newsletter Blog
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Jul 23, 2023

Kitchen Clinics – The Future of Vaccinations

They’ve turned our kitchens into vaccination clinics, our family gatherings around the beloved dinner table into a doctor appointment, and our cherished home cooked meals into a vaccine dose, potentially multiple. All under our noses.

Imagine seeing a hidden camera catching a restaurant waiter injecting a vaccine syringe into your soup and you saw that video footage after you ate it. This is now the world we live in, whether or not any of us know it. Reading this, please remember that knowledge is POWER. Please take it in and understand that ignoring this reality won’t reduce your exposure. It will only increase it. Each of us must make bold efforts to take back control of our food. It’s a must. Many of us are not prepared for this new “food era”, but we’re here to help you along the way as we all figure this out. Story developing…

There’s a lot of unanswered questions and no transparency due to the lack of laws protecting us (more to come). To free ourselves, we need to get engaged to protect our families, communities, and land, while accepting some harsh facts as things stand currently. There’s still a lot of research that needs to be done, but let’s first start with getting some of the truths out on the kitchen table.

What is a “gene therapy”? According to the FDA, a gene therapy seeks to modify or manipulate a gene (or alter its biological properties) by modifying a human’s genes. This means that mRNA is a medical intervention or treatment (important). It’s well documented that mRNA in the COVID injection is a gene therapy, but there’s a lot of purposeful confusion with the term “mRNA” that’s going on. Let’s clear some of that up early on…

We all have naturally occurring mRNA (messenger RNA) in our bodies. This is God given. Big pharma purposely uses the term “mRNA”, when what they’re using is synthetic, lab created, and should be called modRNA (“modified” RNA). When referring to mRNA in this blog, we’ll refer to it as mRNA/modRNA to make this important distinction and drive awareness to their name changing tricks. Since they’ll probably change the name again, let’s clarify that our ultimate concern is with gene therapy technology.


It’s a fact that mRNA/modRNA gene therapy technology is in our food supply now in many different forms (animal products and plant-based) while not being labeled for the consumer (resources below). Since 2018 (notably pre-COVID) Merck’s mRNA/modRNA vaccine platform Sequivity was licensed to be used in pigs in the US. Were you ever notified that your US-raised bacon over the last 5 years has been a gene therapy? No. Fact-checkers today would say that it’s false and misinformation, even though just last month, Australia approved mRNA/modRNA vaccines for all livestock against the strong wishes of the people.

At least we’re not in Australia, right? Wrong. Since March 2016, the Country-of-Origin Labeling (COOL) regulations were removed in the US for beef and pork. For at least seven years now, our beef and pork has been shipped from Australia, China, and many other countries.

Many first reactions hearing this may be to become a vegan, eat plant-based meats and avoid animal products all together out of desperation. Please understand that they’ve already figured out how to grow a vaccine in the form of produce. Researchers at the University of California-Riverside have successfully grown edible plants that act as a mRNA/modRNA vaccine. It’s a lot easier to hide this technology in plants through a seed, than it is inoculating livestock. Gardeners – think about all the effort you’ve put into growing your own food. Do you want to put that effort into a plant that’s a gene therapy and can change your genome/DNA?

In addition, it’s easier to hide this gene therapy in the ever-popular meatless meats (as promoted by Bill Gates). Lab grown chicken meat has now been approved for sale in the US. They even make 3D printed “steaks” under the guise of trying to save our planet because cows are now enemy #1.

A fundamental issue facing the public is that this new capacity to create ingestible vaccines (that can preprogram our genome) at this very moment is missing from the law, which was created at a time when this technology wasn’t possible, so it simply does not address this. Present day, the law is inadequate to deal with these technological advancements, creating massive loopholes and must be updated to reflect it.

The law was written before we could reprogram peoples’ genome with food, so it simply did not address it.

Suspiciously, in May 2016 BioNTech (Pfizer) and Bayer (Monsanto – the world’s largest seed producer) officially partnered “for animal health”. If livestock has been injected with an mRNA/modRNA injection that’s designed for that specific animal (for a range of animal diseases) and is eaten, we currently don’t know how long it stays in the animal or if that’s safe to eat. Without transparency, how can we study ways this will affect our bodies in the short and long term? There’s a ton of research that still needs to be done. Plain and simple – we simply don’t know how eating a gene therapy (through synthetic modRNA) will affect us. The reality we face, according to attorney Tom Renz, is that gene therapy technology is going to be in all vaccines within the next 5 – 10 years. We need to avoid all vaccinations moving forward and pass legislation now to get ahead of this direction vaccinations and our food supply is headed.

Otherwise, we’ll continue to be vulnerable to the loopholes that big pharma and big ag are currently using, to inoculate the public without our knowledge. This all boils down to transparency through us receiving informed consent. According to the National Library of Medicine – “Informed consent is the process in which a health care provider educates a patient about the risks, benefits, and alternatives of a given procedure or intervention”.

This is where attorney Tom Renz and Missouri’s HB 1169 comes into play.



Since informed consent is regarding medical interventions, how would this look regarding our food? Just a food label. That’s all a bill like Missouri’s HB 1169 is asking for, a label (it wouldn’t ban anything). We see different labels all the time at the grocery store – Organic, grass-fed, free-range, hormone free, no GMO, etc. Consumers do care about what they’re eating, there’s clearly a market for it.

Did you know that not one state, in the entire US, has a law that gives us informed consent with food and topicals/lotions? Big pharma is using this huge loophole to get around giving us information about the risks and benefits. An important note is that a bill passing like Missouri HB 1169 in any state (just 1) would give the world informed consent, because the truth is truth anywhere.

Attorney Tom Renz broke the story on March 2023 tweeting that Missouri’s Cattlemans and Pork Associations would begin using mRNA/modRNA vaccinations on their livestock starting this April. After the news broke, this was called a conspiracy theory and back peddling from the mainstream news began quickly. What first was denial, eventually turned into the reporting that if mRNA/modRNA was injected into an animal, we wouldn’t absorb it. When in fact one study showed how mice that were fed milk with mRNA/modRNA became inoculated. We also know it transfers through breastmilk to babies.

We’re clearly in the experimental phase of this technology. Does adding it into our food sound like a good idea?

Missouri’s HB 1169, is a 1.5-page bill which is simple and straight to the point – unlike typical lengthy and heavily worded bills (hiding corruption). If you don’t like transparency, you won’t like MO HB 1169. Unfortunately, it didn’t pass recently (due to Republicans and Democrats voting against it) which was fought tooth and nail by big pharma and big ag lobbyists. One of the lobbyists even admitted (in court) that he vaccinated his own cattle with mRNA and sent them straight to slaughter afterwards watch for yourself. It’s typical for the time between vaccinations to slaughter to be very short, as this video supports.

Since MO HB 1169 didn’t pass (coincidentally in the home state to Monsanto’s headquarters) the battle continues. They’re actively sending lobbyists now to prevent a bill, like Missouri HB 1169, from passing elsewhere. Many other states are coming to Tom and his team to pass similar legislation in their state. Multiple states are interested in fighting back, but the next battleground state will be in Ohio, due to the brave OH State Representative Jennifer Gross. God bless this patriot!

3 Key aspects of a bill like Missouri’s HB 1169 would include: It’s only a transparency bill, not banning anything and not a burden to anyone.

    1. Discloses if anything in the product will modify my genes or act as a medicine.
    2. If I take something that will modify my genes or acts as a medicine, and it’s something I can shed or transmit to others, I have to know all the information about it so I don’t spread anything.
    3. A full list of all risks and benefits (not the same as just adverse events).

Additionally, this bill would protect our farmers and ranchers! It includes that small farmers and ranchers that are given GMO products must be informed if the product will turn into a drug or intervention. They can continue to purchase or use the product, and resellers would be responsible for informing consumers. This is because farmers and ranchers may be unknowingly buying seemingly quality seed or livestock, but it could be acting as a gene therapy and the farmer has no idea. A bill like MO HB 1169 would allow the farmers/ranchers to make the choice on whether or not they want to produce these products and ensure the consumer knows what they were buying (which would essentially protect farmers and ranchers from lawsuits down the line from sick consumers).

The attack on farmers, ranchers, and farm animals is something we all need to acknowledge. Rampant cases of mysterious fires, livestock die-offs, government mandated cullings, farmland stolen from farmers after generations cultivating their land. While it may seem hopeless, please know that they aren’t in the business of modifying your genes. They simply don’t know about this news yet. Those we’ve spoken to (aside for a few exceptions) were completely unaware this is happening in their industry and felt strongly against this.

If you want to help, one way would be to spread the word to your local farmers (crops) and ranchers (livestock). They most likely won’t hear this news easily because they’re busy tending to their farm. Do they know that corn can be grown to inoculate the animals that eat it? Probably not. They just get the seed from their supplier of choice and hit the fields.

Patriots are fighting back legislatively, but it’s up to each of us to fight back within our households.


What do we feed our kids?

Over the years, as our food supply became commercialized, we’ve become detached and complacent about where our food comes from. We don’t know the faces of our farmers or ranchers anymore like we used to. We’ve come to accept a long list of ingredients that we can’t pronounce in the foods at the store. That must change now to avoid overexposure in this experiment on our food supply.

Let’s take a few deep breaths and work ourselves around the dinner plate together and explore this piece by piece.

First, we individually need to be active in reviewing what this new “food era” will look like within our own lives. This sure is new territory, so we’ll be on this journey together with you as this all shakes out. We simply don’t know yet if organic food is safe. Do you trust the USDA? Yet, most of us still feel safer eating organic foods (Tom still recommends it), rather than foods we absolutely know are covered in pesticides and wax coatings.

Overall Tips:

  • Try to shop organic (until we know more). It seems some regulations is better than no regulations.
  • Try to shop local or find another direct source. Many will deliver!
  • Regarding animal products: The safest options are from unvaccinated livestock that is processed on-site (to avoid contamination and mixing with unknown meats).
  • Regarding fruits & veggies: Buy heirloom seeds and plants (which are seeds that are about 50 years old, technically before they had this technology). Again, we don’t know the organic is any safer, but some regulation seems to be better than no regulation. Time will tell as this experiment unfolds.
  • Never stop learning! Class is in session because it is time to try new things to break away from the corrupted food market.
  • Teach the kids all these skills! They need to grow up understanding this I happening to our food under our noses.
  • Write it all down — Since we all eat and have our individual “can’t live with out’s”, ask yourself (honestly) – what do you eat? What does your family eat? What do you not want to go without? Do you love your coffee creamer, parmesan cheese, meat, ice cream, sour cream, certain spices/seasonings, apple sauce, PBJ’s for the kids? What do you usually eat when you travel or eat out at a restaurant? What do you enjoy eating on a day-to-day basis and abnormal basis? What are the brands you usually consume? Write it all out. Really take the time to list everything out and get it down on paper.
  • Farmers: Grow grain, fruit & vegetable crops from seed. Use Organic and heirloom only! Learn how to grow your own food and start a garden. Invest in learning how to grow your own food to pass on to your kids. Get them familiar with this process and learn together along the way. Priceless memories and knowledge to share. Join a co-op to find other suppliers you trust. Get connected on a local level.
  • Grains or starches: Make your own baked goods. Aim to grow your own grains to mill yourself – (more lost arts to teach the kids!)
  • Ranchers: Raises livestock (unvaccinated and on-site processing only!) Meats typicallyinclude Beef, chicken, turkey, and pork. Eggs from Chickens. Dairy from Cows and goat. Make your own dairy products. – (Another lost art to teach the kids!) Remember, we Americans tend to use a lot of dairy products. Think thru them all. Butter/Oil: Make your own butter from local raw milk! (Another lost art) – Its super simple to make and fun to involve your kids with a handheld butter churner!
  • Start asking questions When searching for a direct supplier, get invested and start asking questions. This process absolutely requires us to speak up (like never before). These conversations not only help spread awareness to farmers and ranchers (because most of the time they’re unaware) but it helps you learn more about the sources of your food, while voicing your concern. This is the fun part because it forces you to reach out to people in your own community (location action = national impact). We always talk about this, but what does that look like? Do you know what your farmers and ranchers look like? Most of us don’t. What’s their stance on this topic? Have they heard about it? Odds are they haven’t and that you’ll be the first they hear this from.
  • Meat appears to be the easiest food to find without mRNA/modRNA added since these are extra steps ranchers have to take (compared to seeds).  In comparison, safe dairy and produce take more effort to find. (shout out to GoodRanchers! Promo Code: MFA)
  • Farming and ranching require different questions! Read below for some tips on things to ask… 
  • FARMERSQuestions to consider when speaking with a farmer…
    1. “Are your crops organic or GMO?”
    2. “Are their crops grown from heirloom seeds?” This is an important note because heirloom seeds are considered the seeds our grandparents grew (they’re approximately 50 years old and are true seeds that will harvest again next year). Most of the plants and seeds you find in big-box stores are GMO seeds that won’t reproduce after 1 or 2 seasons and are more likely to be filled with this gene therapy tech and not heirloom seeds. Save and store these seeds for next year!
    3. “Who’s your favorite seed suppliers?” As a farmer, if they don’t have a passionate answer to this question, then most likely they’re not taking the extra steps to buy only quality heirloom seeds.
    4. “Are you part of a co-op?” Learn about different co-ops in your area to connect with other local farmers.
  • RANCHERSQuestions to consider when speaking with a rancher…
    1. “Do you sell directly to the public?”
    2. “Do you vaccinate your livestock?” To avoid gene therapies, the preference here is for NO vaccinations, since we know they plan to move all vaccinations to be mRNA/modRNA). Ranchers are getting increased pressure to adhere to their veterinarian’s care. Just last month, US ranchers now must get a prescription from a veterinarian for medications that were previously available for an over-the-counter purchase at local feed stores.
    3. “If so, what do you vaccinate them for and how often?” Request specific brands and what diseases they vaccinate them for.
    4. “What do you feed your livestock?” Request specific brand names to research further because the preference is for them to grow their own crops that are grown from safe seeds.
    5. “Where do you process your meat?” Meat processing plants could be cutting meats with and without mRNA/modRNA and mixing it up or cross-contaminating.
  • Do you love dairy? To have safe dairy options, find local raw milk from a rancher who doesn’t vaccinate their cows and make dairy products yourself. Ranchers that sell raw milk tend to sell other things like butter and bread made from their cows. There are different laws per state for raw milk sales. You’ll have to look at your specific state. Try to find a cheese maker who uses raw unvaccinated milk. We should also learn how to make various dairy products like butter, kefir, yogurt, coffee creamer, and cheeses from milk straight from the source.

We’re dedicated to follow you through these times. This will require dedication from you, especially since this topic is regarding food (which is very tempting). The time to pray over your food has never been more important. Pray for God to protect you and your family with the food you’ve prepared for them and to cleanse you of any impurities that changes your God-given DNA through your individual genetic code. Teach your children the importance of praying before eating.

Just like we can tell when our kids are lying to us, we can clearly see something is not adding up. The lack of transparency about whether or not our food is changing our genome, should be concerning to everyone no matter what your views are about the COVID injection – for or against. We all would like to be able to go out to eat and not be unknowingly eating a vaccine dose (per ingredient) of whatever we order off the menu. What does this all mean about ever “going out” to eat? Or eating any food for that matter, which you didn’t prepare yourself?  Whether a casual sandwich from your favorite spot or to eat a birthday cake of a loved one. This is a harsh reality, which has sadly robbed us of frivolously breaking bread with our loved ones and closest friends.

We The People demand informed consent.

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