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Moms for America Groups . . .

We provide the guidance and resources, but how you utilize it for your group is completely up to you!
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Moms for America Groups . . .

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Whether you are single, married, young or old, have babies, toddlers or teens – or you’ve entered the wonderful grandmother stage of life – you can do this. The beauty of Moms for America Groups is that they fit into your lifestyle!

Moms for America Groups

Quite simply, Moms for America Groups are our local groups meeting throughout America with like-minded moms who encourage each other while learning and promoting truth and liberty in their homes, families, and communities.

So where do I start?

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The mother is the one supreme asset of national life; she is more important by far than the successful statesman, or businessman, or artist, or scientist.     – Theodore Roosevelt


Moms for America


There’s no place like home to restore hope in America! Whether your group gathers in a home, library, or community center, the goal is to share a message of Liberty. Simply by meeting weekly or once a month, you will have more understanding of the principles of liberty and the Constitution than the majority of elected officials, lawyers, and judges in the country

Empower Moms, Promote Liberty


Be inspired! Our Mom Talks series feature exciting speakers to engage you on important topics. They will encourage you in your important role as a mom as you raise the next generation of world-changers.

Cottage Meetings  

Through inspiring stories, personal experiences, and relatable examples, Cottage Meeting presentations present the principles of liberty in a powerful, engaging way that resonate with moms and directly relate to your home and family. We now have a Virtual Cottage Meeting Program as well.


Special Mom guests will join us each week to share their personal stories and advice on how to build a strong foundation of faith, family and freedom in their home. It’s all about encouraging, educating and inspiring the moms.

Moms For America Action  

Moms for America Action is the voice of mothers on the cultural and political issues of the day. We strive to faithfully represent the hearts of mothers from all across our great nation–moms who inspire faith and bless America by raising tomorrow’s leaders. Join Moms for America Action today, and help us shape a better America tomorrow.


MomWatch gives voice and value to the silent majority of women in America who love God, respect life, revere family and cherish freedom. MomWatch educates moms on issues of the day and connects with them on basic mutual concerns and policies impacting their families.

These ladies have given a voice to us moms who can no longer sit by and watch the future of our children be shaped by culture! We women of faith and values will unite and birth a fresh hope for our nation! Thank you, Moms For America!

~ Leslie R.

We Moms who find this message appealing come from another mindset. Not left. Not right. Rather from the wisdom and strength of common sense.

~ Sandra, MI

Your group was one of THE FIRST to voice the outrage to the condition in our nation to say ‘enough is enough.’

~ Jeanine, Ohio

I’m so excited for our future because of people like you women and others who value our freedom and our God. Thank you seems inadequate.

~ Jane, Ohio

My name is Erin. I cannot tell you how joyful I am that you exist. I am in tears of joy right now.

~ Erin, FL