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Running for School Board

Running for School board - MomForce - A Moms for America Initiative

So you’ve decided to run for school board – but where to start? Learn the skills for a successful campaign!

The resources below will help you create a campaign and communication strategy that matches your values and is aimed at giving you the best chance to win your school board election.

Begin by studying local issues and defining your education priorities. Learn the job description of a school board member.

Learn how to communicate effectively with voters, how to raise funds, and how to build your volunteer team. 

So let us help you in your race to the finish line!

Action Item

Do Your Homework!

One of the first things you must do is define your campaign, what are the values that you will be running on? Decide what is most important to you and why you are running for school board. Then set up a set of goals for your campaign and how to reach each of those goals.

Learn the roles and responsibilities of a school board member and superintendent and learn as much about your school district as possible.

Tell the voters about you, your family, your goals and your education. Let voters know what experience you have, and how you will fight for their rights as parents. 

Create a slogan that quickly lets voters know what you stand for. Get endorsements from trusted community leaders.

 Announce your candidacy!

To Run or Not to Run for School Board

School Board Candidate Training Part One

School Board Candidate – Part One
Additional Training from the September Group

School Board Candidate Training Part Two

MomForce - Engaging with Your School District
Running for School board - MomForce - A Moms for America Initiative

These resources will help you learn the fundamentals you will need to launch a successful school board campaign.

Leadership Institute - School board Candidate Training

Leadership Institute

How to Run For School Board and Win

Free, five part video training series complete with worksheets for moms who are running for school board or considering running.

You will learn to:

  • develop a campaign and communications strategies specifically for school board elections;
  • communicate effectively with voters through highly effective voter contact techniques, scalable to highly localized elections;
  • raise funds and build a volunteer team.


Family Research Council - Boot Camp


Watch FRC Action’s School Board Boot Camp

FRC Action’s Boot Camp helps candidates in all 50 states. Watch several videos that help you feel equipped and get you ready to take the next step in running for school board.