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What You Need to Know

MomForce - Critical Info Moms Need to Know

Over the course of the last several decades the education system and the school curriculum has declined and our schools have become unsafe.

From comprehensive sex education to revisionist history and dangerous and suspect theories on race, our children are being indoctrinated in our public schools instead of learning the basics of a classical liberal arts education, including reading, writing, and traditional math.  This is largely due to the influence of radical Marxist agendas of national and state level teachers’ unions and Boards of Education, and state and national associations and lobby groups, like the National School Board Association and the Superintendent’s Association.

These resources will give you important information on Critical Race Theory; Gender Ideology; Diversity, Equity & Equality, White Privilege and Comprehensive Sex Education.

The resource links below will give you the information you need to know and how to do something about it.

Action Item

Public Records Requests

Making a public records request is your right as a citizen.  For example, your school district is likely paying tax dollars to provide school board members with a membership in an association that has a radical left and Marxist agenda. By following the instructions at the link below, you will discover how to file a public records request with your school district to discover how much money the district is paying to various associations. Then you can hold them accountable by presenting that information at your school board meeting, as well as actively working with state legislators and other officials to restrict funds from going to these groups.

Critical Race theory - MomForce Resources
Critical Race theory - MomForce Resources

Critical Race Theory (CRT) isn’t new. It has been craftily injected into our schools for decades. As parents we can stand up to this radical system of thought that seeks to brainwash our children into believing that they are racist when they are not, and more. The resources below will help you do just that!

What is CRT?

Tamra Farah, Senior Director MomForce & Strategic Initiatives – Video

Understanding and Debunking CRT

Moms for America® MomWatch Article

CRT Teaches our Kids to Hate

Moms for America® Blog Article

Rally Against CRT

Freedomworks – Video

Knowing CRT When You See It

The Heritage Foundation – eBook PDF Download

Saving Our Schools

Heritage Action – Save Our Schools Resources

Understanding and Debunking CRT

Donna Bahorich – A Compliation of Experts – PDF Download

Rejecting CRT in Your School

By Frederick M. Hess – Article from

Child Abuse in Plain Sight

Heartland Institute – Article By Larry Sand

The Sandstorm: The Hundred-Year Road to CRT

Heartland Institute – Article By Larry Sand

Finding Remedy for the CRT Pandemic

Heartland Institute – Article By Larry Sand

CRT: Critical Race Theory or Crazy Radical Tantrums?

Heartland Institute – Article By Larry Sand

Ohio Board of Education Drops Critical Race Theory Resolution

The Ohio Star – Article By Peter D’ABrosca

Thomas Sowell: Facts About Slavery they Don’t Teach You at School

The Education Action Network – Video

Normalized Anti-Hate Racicsm – Video

Stop Critical Race Theory

Stop Critical Race Theory in Ohio Website

CRT in Public Schools Map

Capitol Research Institute – Schools Map

Look Up Which Schools Teach CRT

Critical Race Training In Education – A Project of L•I•F

CRT Deceptions

Diana M. Fessler, Ohio State Board of Education

DEI-Diversity, White Privilege, Equality and Equality - MomForce Resources
DEI-Diversity, White Privilege, Equality and Equality - MomForce Resources

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) and Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) are the new versions of Common Core.  These dangerous theories are overtaking our schools and its culture as well as undermining a focus on traditional academics.  Below you will find resources that will give you an in depth understanding of these dangerous approaches in education and how to fight back.

What is DEI?

Tamra Farah, Senior Director MomForce & Strategic Initiatives – Video

What is SEL?

Tamra Farah, Senior Director MomForce & Strategic Initiatives – Video

Social Emotional Learning (SEL)

7 Mindsets

The Foundation of SEL

American Thinker – Article By Carole Hornsby Haynes

The Risks of Social-Emotional Learning
in K-12

Pioneer Institute Public Policy Research

SEL a Vehicle for Racism

Breitbart – Article By Dr. Susan Berry

How ‘Social-Emotional Learning’ Became Another Vehicle for Anti-White Racism in Schools

the Federalist – Article By Jane Robbins

Media Literacy a Vehicle for Messages of Equity and Social Justice

Heartland Institute – Article By Ann Bridges

How to Respond to SEL

Conservative Think Tank Analysis of 7 Mindsets Program

Pioneer Institute Public Policy Research – PDF Download

Southern Poverty Law Center’s Teaching Tolerance Project

Family Research Council – Exposing Agenda of the Southern Poverty Law Center

Social Emotional Learning (SEL) Teaches Gender Ideology

The Daily Signal – Commentary By Betsy McCaughey

Social Emotional Learning (SEL)

The Education Action Network – Purple For Parents Indiana – Video

Used in Schools: Social Emotional Learning (SEL) User Guide for Students, Teachers and Staff

Panorama Education – PDF Download

Democrat Politicians Support Social Emotional Learning (SEL)

Heartland Institute – News Opinion By Robert G. Holland

Test Scores Dismal, Yet Schools Are Teaching Social Emotional Learning (SEL)

Heartland Institute – News Opinion By Teresa Mull

Difference Between Equity and Equality

Turning Point USA – Charlie Kirk – Video

White Privilege is a Racist Myth

Turning Point USA – Charlie Kirk – Video

Comprehensive Sex Education - MomForce Resources
Comprehensive Sex Education - MomForce Resources

These resources will open your eyes to the obscene and pornographic-style materials that are sexualizing children in our schools, including K-12.  The books in your school resource center will shock you, and they need to be exposed to your school board and community.  In addition, you can inform their school district in writing if they do not wish their child to participate in the sex ed lessons at school.

Sex Education Policy in Public Schools

Cathy Ruse, Senior Fellow and Director of Human Dignity, Family Research Council – PDF Download

National Sex Ed Standards (NSES)

SIECUS – Core Content and Skills, K-12 (second edition)

Sex Ed in the States

SIECUS – Sex Ed State Low and Policy Chart – PDF Download

Exposing Planned Parenthood’s TeenHealthSource

Planned Parenthood Toronto’s SNAP Project

Illinois Sex Ed Bill Requires Kindergartners to Define Gender Identity

Breitbart Article – Illinois Gov. J.B. Pritzker Signs Sex Ed Bill

Exposing Graphic Sex Ed

Scarleteen – By Sam Wall and Isabella Rotman

List of Graphic Sex Ed Books

Books and training being used in schools – provided by the Human Rights Campaign Foundation

Fighting Back Against Radical Sex Ed

Family Research Council

Loudoun County Parents Fight to Recall VA School Board

CBN News – The Christian Perspective – By Tara Mergener – Article & Video

Mayor Threatens Lawsuit Against School Board Members For Inappropriate Classroom Material

WKYC Studios – Video

Gender Ideology - MomForce Resources
Gender Ideology - MomForce Resources
Jan-Jekielek-Epoch-Times-Video-Graphic - MomWatch

The US Department of Education is actively promoting LGBTQI+.  The inference is that it is about showing respect to all students regardless of their sexuality. In reality, teachers are regularly asking kids what pronouns they want to use.  This suggestive approach, along with resources demonstrating various sex acts across genders, is not the job of educators. Be informed and protect your kids by understanding these resources.

US Department of Education Push for LGBTQI+

US Department of Education Office for Civil Rights

Navigating the Transgender Landscape

Child & Parental Rights Campaign – Resource for Schools

Woke Gender

The Heritage Foundation – Info on LGBTQ Lobbies

Gender Confusion

Moms for America® MomWatch Article

States That Banned Gender Ideology in Schools

Human Rights Campaign (LGBTQ Lobby)

Harmed by “Gender Medicine”?

Cardinal Support Network

Irreversible Damage?

Abigail Shrier – Jordan B. Peterson Podcast S4 E11

Resources to Navigate Gender Manipulation

Arlington Parents provides resources for parents attempting to help their child navigate gender manipulation in school.

Advocates Protecting Children

Advocates Protecting Children is dedicated to fighting the gender industry, and especially its predation on children in the form of unethical social and medical transition for the sake of political and financial profit.  The videos at this link provide parents with a deep understanding of the “gender cult” that has taken over in our schools and provide tools on how to help their children.

Title IX and How It Will Affect Your Children - Empower Moms - Moms for America
Title IX and How It Will Affect Your Children - Empower Moms - Moms for America

These resources will help you learn more about the Biden administration’s agenda for the dangerous rewrite of Title IX. The only way to protect women’s sports is for Congress to pass the Protection of Women and Girls in Sports Act. We cannot stand by and let girls and women in sports lose to the left’s radical agenda.

Behind all the Partisanship of the Shooting Story is an Unavoidable Reality: Our Modern Mental-Health Crisis is out of Control

The Federalist – Article by Kylee Griswold

The Washington Post Mocked Parents Who Are Requesting Public Record Requests on their Children’s Curriculum in a Post on TikTok

Fox News – Article by Hannah Grossman

Kentucky State Police Arrest 19 People at KY Capitol Protesting Anti-Trans Health Bill

Lexington Herald Leader – Article by Austin Horn & Tessa Duvall

Kentucky Legislature Overrides Democratic Governor’s Veto on Transgender Bill

Washington Examiner – Article by Brady Knox, Breaking News Reporter

Parents Defending Education Poll: 71% of Voters Support Legislation Requiring Schools to Inform Parents if their Child Wants to change their Gender Identity

Parents Defending Education – Press Release

First on WTOP: Former University of Maryland Student Cleared of Sexual Assault Claims Sues School and 2 Ex-Members of the Campus Advocacy Group

WTOP News – Article by John Domen

Thomas Massie Leads Unprecedented Vote on Reigning in Federal Bureaucracy

DC Enquirer – Commentary by Ilan Hulkower

New Jersey Mom Treated Like a Terrorist Threat, ‘Demonized’ for questioning Sexual Posters in elementary School

CBN – Article by Steve Warren

ND Gov. Burgum Vetoes Bill Regulating Pronoun Use in Schools

Just the News – Article by The Center Square Staff

University of Wyoming Students Sue Sorority for Accepting Trans Member

New York Post – Article by Nika Shakhnazarova

Pumping Gender Bending Drugs into Kids is Even More Dangerous Than We Thought

The Federalist – Article by Samuel Silvestro

Wyoming Becomes 19th State to Ban Biological Males in Girls’ Sports

The Washington Times – Article by Valerie Richardson

Oregon Legislation Would Allow Children to Decide About Transgenderism Without Parents Consent

The National Review – Article by Wesley J. Smith