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MFA Weekly Newsletter

Post Roe's Reversal, the Fight for Innocent Life Continues - Moms for America Weekly Newsletter Blog

MFA Weekly Newsletter

Post Roe's Reversal, the Fight for Innocent Life Continues - Moms for America Weekly Newsletter Blog
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Mar 29, 2024

Post Roe’s Reversal, the Fight for Innocent Life Continues

On a summer day in 2022, the world held its breath as a truly bad decision from 1973 was finally overturned. Those who honor the sanctity of life rejoiced – others mourned and raged. A Heritage Foundation piece dubbed it “the great human rights fight of our time.” 1 

We agree.

It was a moment many of us never believed we would see.

We prayed, wept, and mourned for too many years over the sacrifice of countless young lives cut off before they ever saw the sun.

For years, the reasoning behind Roe v. Wade’s decision was criticized by many on both sides of the aisle – even by legal scholars who were pro-abortion. It was simply bad law. It reflected the votes of seven opportunistic Supreme Court justices who sought to offer a “Constitutional” right – that was not in the Constitution.

Pro-abortion activists clung to it like their own lives depended on the ability to kill preborn babies and pushed a narrative about their “Constitutional right to choose.”

As if saying it made it so.


It is not, and never has been, in the Constitution. Despite how many media outlets proclaim it, outraged feminists scream it, even when Vice-President Kamala Harris rants about it. It doesn’t change facts. The “right” to abort babies is not Constitutional. Have I repeated myself enough?

Now, the erroneous ruling is struck down. At long last, it is finally on the ash heap of history where it belongs. Still, we mourn abortion’s slaughter of more than 63 million innocent children killed by this atrocity that attempts to hide its blood-soaked history behind a seemingly innocuous word: “Choice.”

There is good news after a contentious year of backlash, lawsuits, and attacks – as the dust has settled (somewhat), according to pro-life Focus on the Family, more than 60,000 babies have been saved from death. At the same time, their moms have been spared the long-term emotional pain of abortion.2  More than 100,000 precious people were saved and helped by this righteous decision. God bless the brave patriots on our Supreme Court who dared to take a stand for American and human rights, upholding Constitutional law.

Overturning Roe v. Wade Did Not Stop Abortion in America

Sadly, we all know that it didn’t. It rightfully sent the issue back to the states.

So now, instead of having our eyes trained on the flawed law of Roe v. Wade, the challenge is spread across the nation. The dozens of pro-life organizations at the forefront of that struggle for nearly 50 years must now rework their strategies – to fan out among the states to save babies and help women with crisis pregnancies.

You may recall that all the issues and needs not covered in the Constitution are for states to decide and manage. Our founders ingeniously designed our nation for freedom and to reject an oversized, overbearing central government.

Now, lines have been drawn from state to state. Fourteen have instituted a law that protects life throughout the entire pregnancy. At the same time, some have opted for “heartbeat” laws that limit abortion after a few weeks. Still, others have moderated even further – until you find states that have radically pushed back against the protection of life by enshrining abortion (at any point of the pregnancy) in laws or their state constitution. These anti-baby states include California, Colorado, Oregon, Washington, D.C., Vermont, and Michigan – to name several.

The PR War

In researching for this blog, I wasn’t surprised that looking up “Roe v. Wade, one year later” yielded page after page after page of one-sided content. Standard search engines like Google have skewed the search to exclude pro-life content. That also distorts the truth of what is happening now.

Part of the strategy is to lie. Media personalities, celebrities, left-leaning politicians, and organizations throw out slanted stats and statements like “Those who claim to be pro-life are actually pro-birth, not pro-life.” That accusation promotes the idea that those who value life care about the baby only until birth.

Truth: Pro-life organizations, from large ones like Focus to smaller entities like local pregnancy resource centers, provide additional help for moms and babies – including help finding housing, work, diapers, and many other resources. They help moms find adoption options if they choose that route and much more.

Another common distortion claims that most people want abortion legal.

Truth: The truth is a bit more complicated. Data is only as good as the sample’s quality and size – and the question being asked. If the query was something like, “Do you think abortion should be legal for women who were raped?” A majority might say yes. However, if the question is asked, “Do you think abortion should be legal at any time throughout the pregnancy?” A large majority oppose unfettered abortion. So, with those data points, either side could claim the majority. We can’t say exactly where the truth lies, however, the PR war continues to muddy the water. Either way, it doesn’t affect the fact that this is a human rights issue, not one grounded in public opinion. Its true north lies in the personhood of little ones.

A Dangerous Foe for Babies and Mothers: The Abortion Pill

Chemical or “medicinal” abortions are becoming increasingly common as pushback against the limiting of abortion in various states around the nation. The way it works is a mom takes the first pill, which kills the baby, then takes a second that will cause her to miscarry her lifeless child. It’s brutal and sad, and though Planned Parenthood calls it “safe,” the FDA has labeled it with a cautionary status as they continue to review the many complications that put women at risk. It appears the child’s death is paramount – over the life and health of the mother.

Common complications of a chemical abortion include a need for surgical intervention, hemorrhage, and infections.3 More severe and less common risks include pulmonary embolism, pelvic inflammatory disease, depression, anxiety – and death.4 It’s a dangerous foe to mothers and babies, so, consider other sources before swallowing what Planned Parenthood is selling.

Cruel Colorado

Colorado Governor Jared Polis callously signed a law preventing mothers from using a drug to reverse the effects of chemical abortion for those who change their minds. Timely use of simple progesterone can reverse the effects of the abortion pill, and more than 4,000 moms have been able to save their babies using this hormone.5 Clearly, Polis and legislators are unwilling to consider a woman’s wishes regarding her body – unless it results in a completed abortion. Choice revoked.

Things are Heating Up

Pro-abortion activist judges and district attorneys are turning up the heat on pro-life protesters and activists. You may have heard about the outrageous early morning raid when Mark Houck found himself staring down the drawn weapons of two dozen or so FBI agents at his home. You would think they were about to take down Al Capone. Far from it, Mark’s charges included that he “verbally confronted” an escort and pushed someone. Really? That merits the full force of the FBI? Were these same tactics used when Antifa and BLM rioters burned buildings and brutally assaulted police officers? Sorry, I may have missed the footage of those raids.

Or maybe they didn’t happen.

Are we seeing bias here?

Most recently, three pro-life activists have been convicted in Washington, D.C., and await sentencing. Among them, Joan Andrews Bell, who is 74, and Jean Marshall, at 73, could face up to 11 years in prison. Really? Are we helping D.C.’s rampant crime by rounding up the pro-life elderly?

Legislatively, certain states (we’re looking at you, Colorado) are creating laws limiting the work of pregnancy centers in various ways. They accuse these organizations of being misleading. I guess giving a woman “choices” other than abortion is verboten.

The Truth About Choice

Do we have to say it? Choice is not about thinking through what to do when faced with a crisis pregnancy – it’s about one choice only. When it comes right down to it, the pro-choice model is that abortion is the only option worth considering.

The Beauty of Choosing Life

On a recent X (Formerly Twitter) post of Tucker Carlson’s speech in Ohio6, he said, “Abortion has gone from being tolerated to celebrated. What kind of sick people would tell you that killing your baby is a pathway to joy?” In his speech, he reiterated, “Now they are saying that abortion itself is a pathway to joy. This is not a political debate; it is a spiritual battle.” We agree.

On this week’s podcast we talk with Mississippi’s Attorney General Fitch who made history when she led the case that overturned Roe v. Wade. She discusses with us what comes next in the legal battle to protect life and how moms are shaping the future.

As moms, we know you understand the magnificent gift our children are. They are messy and maddening, beautiful and beloved. According to Scripture, they carry the “Imago Dei,” a theological term that expresses that each of us is made in God’s very image.

All children are precious – and conceived with purpose and deep worth as they come straight from the creative hand of God. Close your eyes and take a moment to remember that moment when you first felt that sweet baby in your arms and as you gazed into a brand-new face. Mamas, we have the unique and unparalleled opportunity to join in the Lord’s astounding creativity.

Here’s God’s mic-drop moment regarding life:

“For You created my inmost being; You knit me together in my mother’s womb. I praise You because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; Your works are wonderful, I know that full well.  My frame was not hidden from You when I was made in the secret place, when I was woven together in the depths of the earth. Your eyes saw my unformed body; all the days ordained for me were written in Your book before one of them came to be.” (Psalm 139:13-16)

With all the tumult and crazymaking, last year ultimately is about those 60,000 children. While one may grow up in wealth, another may struggle with poverty. Later, they may become welders, statesmen, medical researchers, missionaries, or concert violinists. Whatever the case, “choice” is the operative word here. As of 2023, 60,000 more precious little ones can grow up, having a right to choose their own path, all because they were given life.

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