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Ramona Bessinger Opposes S2262

Mar 8, 2024

Ramona Bessinger fights S2262 feature image - Moms for America Media & News

Parents Push Back Against Making Rhode Island A Sanctuary State for Childhood Trans Surgeries And Pharmaceuticals

Veteran schoolteacher Ramona Bessinger spoke with experience on how easily kids can be convinced of anything, including the lie that they were born in the wrong body.

We need to listen to the detransitioners filing these lawsuits, she explained, not fight against them:

What is happening is that kids are being persuaded from a very early age in schools to try out different genders. This is being glorified and in fact sold. In a manner of speaking to young people who are much too young to be making decisions that could alter their bodies and their minds, you know, forever.

There’s no returning from this process. It’s big money for the doctors who are speaking tonight, they are making tremendous amount of money at the hands of this experimental procedure, procedures which by the way has many sort of adverse long-term effects.

So it’s great for the medical industry because the medical industry is getting very wealthy at the hands of confused and often vulnerable children who are being funneled sex transition. What I feel feel is very much like a cult.

We’re overlooking all the warning signs. They’re all there. They are detransitioners popping up all over the country for good reason and we need to pay attention to that. These are young people who have been steered wrong.

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