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How Gender Cult Lies Crush the Future for too Many American Kids

MFA Weekly Newsletter

How Gender Cult Lies Crush the Future for too Many American Kids
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Aug 20, 2023

How Gender Cult Lies Crush the Future for Too Many American Kids

Even grown-ups like stability. It’s natural. It feels safe.

It’s more than just a preference; it’s a need we all gravitate to without thinking.

Imagine crossing a hundred-year-old rope suspension bridge swaying in the wind of some distant jungle. You hold on for dear life to the fraying rope on both sides, trying to avoid looking down through broken and missing wooden slats to sharp rocks hundreds of feet below. You can’t wait to touch solid ground once again. Inching across that precarious expanse could bring your prayer life to a new level, right?

Now think about our youngest children being forced onto a swaying, splintered, terrifying instability as they are taught through schools, entertainment, and social media that they can no longer trust facts that gave them grounding, safety, and meaning.

Stability Stolen

For our children, growing up is filled with new experiences, fears, and the need for parents who teach, love, and guide them through years of change. The simplest truths of childhood give them sure, steady footing.

  • Mom and Dad love you.
  • You are a precious little girl.
  • Home is a safe place for you.
  • God loves you, and you were created by His intentional and beautiful design.

Enter gender ideology education in school, and suddenly, the room starts to spin as kids are taught:

  • You can’t trust that you are a little girl. Maybe you were born in the wrong body. You must decide – and we have teachers and counselors here to help you.
  • Your mom and dad aren’t safe. You can’t turn to them because they’ll hate you, so you must lie about your school gender transition – and we have teachers and counselors here to help you.
  • Your new “home” is with those also exploring gender. They understand and accept you. What you knew as home is no more. If your parents cared, they would’ve known you were falsely “gender-assigned” at birth. We will have a colorful, rainbow-filled party to celebrate your new life – we have teachers and counselors here to help you.

The bridge swings wildly as American kids are completely destabilized, cringing at the sound of splintering wood underfoot.

A Twisted History Built on a Lie

So many of us feel blindsided by the overwhelming onslaught of this cult of gender fluidity. It is celebrated, fiercely defended, and embraced from the White House to some Kindergarten classrooms. Though it may feel like it all began amid Covid chaos and race-fueled rioting, its origin goes much farther back.

Dr. John Money was a respected sexologist, psychologist, author, and founder of the first gender-identity clinic at Johns Hopkins University in 1966. He was bold, brash, confident of his theories and experiments, and lauded in scientific circles. In those days, the gender question generally had to do with intersex births – vary rare – where a child is born with somewhat complicated genitalia, thus being “assigned” a sex at birth (that’s where that now-popular phrase began).

He tested his theory that gender was not based on biology but on nurture on a set of twin boys, one of whom sustained a tragic injury during a medical circumcision at eight months. When baby Bruce Reimer lost his penis in that accident, his parents were unsure where to turn. So, they contacted a doctor they saw on TV who presented a promising solution – to raise that son as a daughter instead.

With the help of Dr. Money, one twin remained a boy, while the decision was made that Bruce would be raised with dolls and dresses and given a new name, Brenda.

Money used this as a study and followed the children through their formative years, writing extensively about it and gaining the attention of the medical and psychological community. His reporting, however, was filled with half-truths, and worse – as Brenda struggled throughout her childhood, feeling like something was wrong with her. She was teased and mistreated by classmates and teachers, having masculine interests and characteristics. However, she had been raised as a girl. Meanwhile, Dr. Money continued to tout his work as an unmitigated success.

Brenda learned the truth at age 15, changed her name to David, and began a new life – true to her biological identity. Though he got surgical intervention to help him reclaim his gender and eventually married, he also dealt with severe depression. His is a much longer story; it ultimately ended when at the age of 38, David Reimer tragically took his own life.

In the scientific community, the truth came out many years after the fact – but the damage to psychological thought and practice on the issue of gender had been impacted by these falsified success claims – and its effects are evident in today’s gender identity practices embraced by counselors and psychologists across the country.

Lies Target Today’s Kids

The gender cult has taken on a religious fervor bent on an ideology – not care for children.

Lie: If you are uncomfortable with anything about your body – you are transgender.

Truth: Not an exaggeration – this is how they target middle school children, who are typically unsure as they navigate their rapidly changing bodies. Instead of reassurance that these physical and emotional changes will level out in a few years, children are being convinced by adults and similarly struggling peers that normal puberty is a sign of something very wrong. Their solution – change your sex.

Lie: Your gender journey must be kept secret because your parents aren’t “safe” people to talk to. They won’t understand or accept you.

Truth: Parents are often the only ones that their children can trust. Teaching kids that their parents aren’t “safe” gives them nowhere to go with no one who truly knows and loves them – and would die for them. Instead, shallow celebration and generalized “acceptance” that’s a mile wide and an inch deep.

Lie: Parents are homophobes, banning books, and against social justice.

This one is popular with the media. Check out our previous blog about book ban propaganda to dig into this lie.

Lie: Chemical interventions like hormone treatment or puberty blockers will give you a chance to “try out” another sex. It’s a no-risk, temporary way to explore gender.

Truth: For many, the effects of certain drugs used to stop normal puberty or promote other-sex characteristics through hormone treatments can leave a young person infertile and unable to have children later. It’s a risky endeavor that many enter into because of the exciting rebellious nature of pushing back against their parents while gaining peer approval and acceptance.

Lie: Often told to parents – if you don’t support the transition, your child will commit suicide.

Truth: A depressed teen is a depressed teen. They need intervention, counseling, and sometimes other therapies – but disfiguring surgery does not cure depression.

Lie: If you’re depressed before gender surgery, you’ll finally feel better because you’ll finally be your true self.

Truth: Usually, if a young person is depressed before – they’ll remain depressed. There are exceptions, but for the most part, a mastectomy does not cure depression. Additionally, after gender transition, the individual has a lifelong dependency on pharmaceuticals to keep the charade going. You never actually transition to another sex, you merely transition your appearance and some characteristics.

More truth: Thousands reported and more unreported have or are attempting to detransition. Many have lost fertility, and sexual function, no longer have breasts, or other genitalia, have changed voices, and have other-sex drug-induced characteristics that linger. They reported regret at the devastating original mistake when they were unprepared mentally or emotionally to make such a life-altering decision. Sadly, some also report that no adults pushed pause to show genuine care before their catastrophic choice. It’s worth noting that many states don’t allow teens to get tattoos prior to age 18, but major disfiguring surgery is just fine.

This week’s podcast with Dr. Miriam Grossman was eye-opening. Her book Lost in Transnation uncovers the truth about this contagion sweeping our nation. In another recent interview, she explained the heart behind her important work, “I want to help parents to be proactive so that they can dodge this nuclear bomb and not be ambushed by it.” 1

You can help your child stay safe on solid ground. Your mom instincts are usually on the money. You know what your child needs and how to love them well. Hold them close and be aware of the lies they may receive among peers and in school or social settings. We can’t lock them up – but we can keep them close and keep the conversation in your home open and free.

Psalm 18:2 calls the Lord a solid rock and a place of safety. Pray for your children, mamas, and then pray some more. He cares for them and for you.

1 “Parental Trauma in a World of Gender Insanity” Dr. Jordan Peterson and Dr. Miriam Grossman

For more information visit Dr. Miriam Grossman’s website