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Jun 24, 2023

Lying to Parents, Grooming, and Book Ban Propaganda – 3 Ways to Fight Back

Have you ever played the game Two Truths and a Lie?

You tell two true things and one that’s not. Then everyone tries to guess which is fake.

That’s kind of what’s happening in this blog:

Truth: Predatory grooming of kids by teachers to lure them into the LGBTQ craze is now firmly and unapologetically entrenched in the educational system of California.

Truth: Educators are sanctioned to lie – flat out lie – to parents of school children in New York, putting them at life-altering risk in this unabashed legislative overreach.

Lie: Conservatives are banning books.

It’s just not true. Not in Florida, not in Texas – not in Michigan. How many thousands of times have you heard screaming activists, media, and politicians railing on conservative book bans. It’s a slogan that sells and was adopted without consideration of the truth. Hoping a shiny coat of lipstick on this pig will make it true; Illinois just created a law to fight back against this imaginary enemy.

We’re going to take a look at these two truths and the lie. Then we’ll consider three ways to fight back against the damage being done to our nation, families, and especially vulnerable children.

California Teachers Publicly Plot to Groom Students

This feels like “part 2” of last week’s blog post on the groomers’ game. A recent California Teachers’ Association conference was themed, “2022 LGBTQ+ Issues Conference: Beyond the Binary: Identity and Imagining the Possibilities.”

Given the nation’s plummeting test scores – is it asking too much for a conference called “Back to Excellence – Rediscovering Reading, Writing and Arithmetic?” I guess none of us should hold our breath for that – especially not in the crumbling state of California.

In audio tapes leaked from that teachers’ conference, Abigail Shirer, author of Irreversible Damage: The Transgender Craze Seducing Our Daughters, reported that it’s much worse than the theme suggests.

Those recordings revealed that teachers tried personally inviting students to their LGBTQ clubs by scoping out the likely takers. These extra-curricular gatherings are lightly cloaked with names like “The Equity Club” and the “You Be You” club – a thin veil hiding ulterior motives from ignorant parents.

A teacher admitted on tape to cyber-stalking students through their Google searches, private online chats, and more. Educators can access students’ online activities and use them to promote their activist dreams. Suppose certain teachers discover a child saying something related, even loosely, to the LGBTQ world or searching for something tied to gender or sexual preferences. According to that teacher, she then selects that child for a personal invite. Seriously like the grooming process many pedophiles use. California teachers are publicly plotting to groom students. Ew!

Activist teachers aim to push kids into their new gender-fluid ideology without considering its implications and possible harm. There seems to be a bigger goal – to perpetuate a worldview these “educators” embrace.

Stalking children used to be frowned upon – but maybe I’m old-fashioned.

When they lure the 11-year-old to their gender club, there are additional safeguards to keep parents in the dark. First, they don’t take roll or keep records, and a teacher is on the recording admitting that it is a strategy to hide kids’ involvement from their parents.1

“These spaces have been exploited by activist teachers who have done so much as to direct students not to repeat anything that is said in that club,” Shirer explained. “Parents really need to tell their middle school students or high school students; no teacher should ever tell you to keep a secret from your parents.” 2

New York’s Official Policy: Schools Must Lie to Parents

It’s a rule now that if a child is interested in changing gender – whether it’s a passing phase or curiosity, parents are to be kept in the dark.

Educators who should be teaching the needed school subjects – science, geography… grammar –  have instead taken it upon themselves to get involved in sexuality and breaking down the already shaky stability of kids going through the storms of puberty and adolescence. And New York says that’s A-OK with them.

In fact, it’s not just okay. It’s mandatory.

Again, another classic grooming tactic. The nation’s pedophiles must be upset that the left-leaning government is horning in on their territory.

The New York State Education Department updated its official documents to reflect a gender policy that schools must lie to parents. According to Max Eden for The City Journal, “The key takeaway: if your child decides that he or she wants to socially transition to the opposite gender, it is now a “best practice” for the school to lie to you about it.” 3

Apparently, the parents in that state largely object to the change. However, the State Education Department doesn’t seem to care about parents’ thoughts on the matter.

The Book Ban Narrative Belongs in the Fiction Section

Jaws drop as eyebrows shoot heavenward when someone gushes on a partisan newscast that conservatives are trying to ban books. They claim that right-wing parents are attacking Americans’ personal freedoms and targeting books to censor along racial and LGBTQ lines.

The book ban narrative belongs in the fiction section. Check any state. Check the public libraries. These books are readily available on the shelves.4

The focus of most parental complaints is explicit sexual content available to young children in school libraries – which is rampant. It’s traditionally been accepted that this sort of content doesn’t belong in school. This is nothing new. You wouldn’t find pornographic magazines like Playboy or Hustler coming home in your child’s backpack. So, when we see books with sexually explicit activity, graphic depictions of oral sex, guidance for “hook up” apps, molestation, incest, and so much more, it seems pretty reasonable to want them out of schools, right?

There are dozens – maybe hundreds of titles that would have been shunned by parents and educators some years ago, but the floodgates have opened to anything, and everything goes regardless of the negative impact on children.

The charges of censorship along racial lines is a purely made-up idea – but when you throw an accusation of racism into the mix, it resonates!

An ongoing conversation about books and content in schools is worth having with parents, fair-minded educators, and school boards. Regardless of the final decisions reached after healthy debate and even challenges from parents, questioning a title is not the same as banning it.

In a thoughtful examination of the subject for The Heritage Foundation, Jay P. Greene and Robert Pondiscio wrote, “The library association adopts an even more expansive definition of banned books as including any works that are merely “challenged” by parents, administrators, or public officials, a characterization that ironically displays a taste for censorship itself. This is like a politician who denounces any disagreement as treason.”

Greene and Pondiscio went on to challenge many of the charges leveled at specific schools for banning dozens of books. Their research revealed that it simply wasn’t true. Many books schools were charged with banning were still found on the shelves. 5

As part of the ongoing outrage, Illinois became the first state to create legislation that promises to withhold funding for any public library that removes books based on political or ideological pressure.

Book banning is outlawed! Take that, conservatives!

A portion of the regulation reads, “It is further declared to be the policy of the state to encourage and protect freedom of libraries and library systems to acquire materials without external limitation and to be protected against attempts to ban, remove, or otherwise restrict access to books or other materials.” 6

Putting it in legislative lingo somehow lends credence to the fake narrative. Sure, the pig has lipstick, but sorry, folks, it’s still a pig.

The bottom line is this. There is no conservative effort to ban books. Those who want this kind of explicit content (even if we remove it from schools) can readily obtain it in public libraries coast to coast- and on Amazon.com.

Three Ways You Can Fight Back

  1. Don’t Trust Schools

That was painful to write because, as parents, many of us have fond memories of our own school experiences, teachers we loved, and lasting nostalgia.

Sadly, this isn’t your mom’s school anymore. Be vigilant, mamas, and remember that these are your kids – not the governments’. Though for many reasons we would advise that you don’t trust schools blindly, there are ways to be involved which will help you stay on top of what’s happening on campus.

Sadly, if you encounter teachers who actively indoctrinate, you’ve got to make other choices in education for your kids or push back. Here’s a previous blog about asserting yourself in your child’s education. Don’t miss our Empower Moms initiative, which includes information about Parental Rights, education options, and ways to connect.

  1. Positive Pushback Against Lies

When your school delves into gender ideology, CRT, or false claims about our nation, check out our Mama Bear Training, get involved with your school board, write letters to the principal, and rally fellow parents. Don’t be intimidated by book banning accusations. You instinctively know when something is off, and you’re within your God-given rights to protect your 10-year-old from teachers who would secretly gender-transition her behind your back.

Given the proclamation that no book banning is allowed in Illinois, consider donating books you approve of to libraries in that state. Think of books with accurate and patriotic history, the Bible, Christian, and other quality content. Everything’s welcome now, and you’re making a statement with your positive pushback against lies.

  1. Strengthen Your Family

The greatest asset and the most powerful defense your children have against the onslaught of lies, indoctrination, and abuse is a strong family unit. You can implement key activities to bring your family closer together. Here are a few basics:

*Family Dinner – Casual, caring, laughter-filled conversation makes the dinner table a place where your children find connection, acceptance, trust-filled relationships, and the freedom to openly discuss their day.

*Family Prayer – Creating an atmosphere reliant on prayer, with the knowledge that God cares and is involved in everyday life, gives children the safety, comfort, and stability that comes through authentic faith. You can also pray for your kids every day for protection, wisdom, and discernment. “The prayer of a righteous person is powerful and effective.” (James 5:16) A vibrant faith life is key to strengthen your family.

*Family Fun – Activities and fun are important to bonding and companionship. It could be as big as a family vacation to the beach, mountains, or Philadelphia to experience the historic Freedom Trail or as small as a family picnic at a local park or a board game in the evening. These times create lasting memories and family closeness.

You have given your kids the security of a loving family – a place they belong. It’s the greatest hedge against schools and culture targeting the young.

Last week in the offices of Moms For America, one of my teammates proclaimed, “It is official, New York, Illinois, and California want to sterilize, sexually groom, and remove children from their parents.”

She said it.

When we think the activist left won’t push dangerous ideologies to an even more outrageous level – they do. It’s evil, and it’s incredible.

We are determined to push back – are you with us, moms?

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