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How to Pull Your Child Out of Public School - Moms for America Newsletter

MFA Weekly Newsletter

How to Pull Your Child Out of Public School - Moms for America Newsletter
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Jul 22, 2022

How to Pull Your Child Out of Public School

Lisa Weaver

I never thought I’d pull my kids from public school.

I went to public school. My husband went to public school. In our generation (proud GenX-er here!), that’s what you did.

But then something happened.

Instead of being given the opportunity to become the best versions of who God made them to be, my two young sons were having to fight back against cultural opposition of every kind. My third grader was asked to participate in religious rituals that did not match our faith. My sixth grader was overloaded with homework to the point of tears. And both were watching with innocent eyes as the values they were taught at home were opposed by those to which I had entrusted them.

As a mom, I finally reached my limit when my youngest son was told he couldn’t pray over his lunch in the cafeteria.

Game. Over.

Today’s Public School System

What I listed as my concerns back then (mine are in college now), doesn’t hold a candle to what is happening in the public schools today. Critical Race Theory, transgender ideology, hyper-sexualized content starting as young as kindergarten, and a full-fledged attack on America and the family make today’s public school system the most dangerous in history.

While pulling your child out of public school used to be an option, for many parents it has become a necessity. If you are like I was, leaving the public school system doesn’t seem possible. That’s because the government has worked hard to put you in a place where you believe you can’t do this without them. They want you in that place. They need you in that place.

Because without you there, they lose their power. Over you. Over your child.

That’s why this decision is an important one. If you’ve prayerfully considered your options and need that final boost of confidence, here’s how to pull your child out of public school and take back the control our government so desperately wants you to surrender.

1. Decide on the Best Education Choice for Your Child

 The first step to pulling your child out of public school is to decide on the best education choice for your child.

All children are created uniquely by God. Some might thrive best in a private school setting, others in a traditional homeschool setting or maybe your child would do best in a homeschool co-op where they spend some time at home with you and a couple days a week taking specific classes with teachers who cater to homeschoolers. (Find a homeschool group or co-op near you HERE)

I’ve tried it all – public, charter, private, and homeschool. While every experience shaped my kids into who they are today, without doubt, the homeschool years were the most impactful – for them and for me. (Read more about my homeschooling experience HERE).

And remember, no decision is final. If you try something and it doesn’t work – you can change! True, it’s great not to bounce your kid around from one situation to the next, but you’d be surprised how willing they are to try a new situation if they know it will be better for them.

2. Find Your State’s Requirements

The next thing to do is find your state’s requirements regarding pulling your child out of public school.

Every state has some form of compulsory education or truancy laws, but each state is different in terms of what is required to pull your child from school. Even if your state doesn’t require filing an intent to homeschool, you will still need to notify the school that you are withdrawing your child.

When I lived in Colorado, I had to submit a withdrawal form and provide periodic reports via testing. When we moved to Texas, I found out that if you want to homeschool, you just…do it. No form. No notification. No reports. You just pull your kid whenever you want. (Love this free state!)

To find out the laws in your state, check out The Homeschool Legal Defense Association’s map with homeschool laws by state HERE.

And, yes, you can do this anytime during the school year.

3. Find or Monitor Curriculum

 Now that you’ve decided to take the plunge (it’s not that deep!) it will be important for you to find curriculum if you’re homeschooling and monitor curriculum if you’ve chosen private school.

Some parents have fallen into the trap of feeling like they can be hands off with a private school or co-op. But your attention is still needed! Keep a watchful eye on what is being taught and also the company your kids keep, no matter what the environment.

The best part about this homeschooling generation is that there are sooo many more resources than there have ever been before. You’re going to wonder why you took so long to do this!

Find help choosing curriculum HERE.

4. Think Outside the Box

Here’s where it gets challenging. Especially for us public school alum.

Public school trains you to think in boxes. First you are in kindergarten, then you are in first grade. The school day is 8:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m. five days a week.

All that is out the window now. And for the better!

You can let your kids work at their own pace in homeschool and you can often help them skip ahead in private school. And here’s the kicker.

You can graduate your kids early from high school and do so with two years of college (often paid for by the government) under their belts. You read that right. I know it’s true because I did just that with my youngest son!

Do some research about your state’s graduation requirements. Then, check out dual enrollment options at your local community college. There are even online community college courses in colleges outside your area in which you can have your child attend. Plus, many states will pay for dual enrollment classes until your child graduates from high school.

Here’s another box to break out of.

People are always concerned about socialization in a homeschool setting. You can read more about that in my article on homeschooling HERE. One tip I offer there is the fact that most states provide some provision for homeschooling children to participate in public school sports. So be sure to find out what your state offers!

Plus, look into homeschool debate teams, clubs, youth groups, and other extra-curricular activities offered by outside organizations. Your child will never be without socialization and something to do!

5. Be Confident in Your Decision

Above all, mom, be confident in your decision.

YOU are hands down the best person to decide what is best for your child. Not your extended family, not your friends, and certainly not the government. You know best. Period.

Once you’ve made the decision, don’t lose sleep over it, and don’t question it. Protecting your child from this dangerous cultural climate is one of the most loving things you’ll do as a mother. And if you need more encouragement, be sure to read the story of my friend and co-director at Moms for America, Quisha King, who founded the mass exodus movement after pulling her kids from public school as a single mother.

As we journey into the coming days, there will be a lot of hard decisions like these. Moms are pulling kids from public schools in mass while others are taking on school boards gone wild. The things happening in this country have stirred up the mama bear vibe like never before.

And all I know is – I’m here for it.