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Inventive and Inspiring Impact: How Moms Over 50 Influence the Future - Blog Article - Moms for America Newsletter

MFA Weekly Newsletter

Inventive and Inspiring Impact: How Moms Over 50 Influence the Future - Blog Article - Moms for America Newsletter
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Feb 25, 2024

Inventive and Inspiring Impact: How Moms Over 50 Influence the Future


Even the sound of that word is a downer. Admitting we are heading for it or have already gone through it makes us feel a little smaller. Some consider it a sort of unceremonious landmark that signals the beginning of the end. That’s not true, of course; however, left unchecked, we can actually start to embody our own intrusive thoughts and mindset.

We might even begin to believe that this so-called “change of life” marks the end of fun, vitality – and even purpose. Before you know it, we stare into the bathroom mirror, wondering, “Why is a strange hair growing out of my ear?”

Just me?

If you google stories on women over 50, hoping for encouragement, let me save you the trouble. The predominant message, in a nutshell, is that men are vital… and we are… wrinkled. If you’ve heard and believed the ignorance of that narrative, allow me to be the first to tell you the truth:
This is OUR time.

We’re not flighty or foolish as grown, capable, intelligent women. We are positioned like never before to accomplish things we never thought possible. This season can be the greatest and most purposeful of all our years on earth. Mamas, get ready to enjoy the most impactful time of your life.

We Love Deeply but Don’t Suffer Fools

We spent years loving and raising our kids, doting over each detail of their lives, from hygiene to health to sports and school plays. We helped them build projects and study for spelling tests, listened to their heartaches, and cheered their achievements. Between that and caring for our homes, and for many of us, working full time to boot, it was sometimes multitasking mayhem, beautifully messy, loud, and lovely.

We still love deeply; however, unlike the young mom, who may face life with some trepidation, so many questions, and often too many plates in the air, it’s our time to take a deep breath and reflect on what we’ve done thus far. We have experience, strategies, and the answers to many questions. I mean, a few extra decades under your belt, and you do learn a thing or two.

Along with that knowledge and experience came the realization that we don’t have to suffer fools. We’re not as gullible as we used to be. “No, we don’t want to buy a timeshare.” They can’t sell us hogwash like – “the economy’s great,” “men can have babies,” “the border’s closed,” “the world is ending in nine years because of a half-a percent change in the temperature,” and “if you vote Republican, you’re racist.”

Good luck selling that “crazy” because there’s no way we’re buying!

Powerful Women Lead the Way

There are so many examples of women who didn’t hang it up after age 50. Many see their most significant accomplishments after that milestone age and go on to leave yet another indelible mark on the world.

If you think you’re too old or that a little sagging skin somehow disqualifies you, don’t believe it, mamas! You are in good company with plenty of influential 50+ women leading the way. Phyllis Schlafly founded the powerful conservative pro-family organization Eagle Forum in her late forties. She went on to get her law degree several years later. She served as CEO and chairwoman of Eagle Forum until she died in 2016, and she became one of the Ladies Home Journal’s 100 Most Influential Women.

Then there are Fox News celebrities like Laura Ingraham (60), Dana Perino (52) – and my own personal fav, Judge Jeanine Pirro (72). Added to that list, the fearless Senatorial candidate Kari Lake (54), the pioneering South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem (52), and our beloved former First Lady Melania Trump (53). It’s not about being a celebrity but simply figuring out what’s next – and then doing it. 

As a writer, I am particularly inspired to know that my favorite author, Jan Karon, published her first book, At Home in Mitford, when she was 57. The Mitford series (which is just the best) was a runaway hit and reinvented Jan’s career entirely – just when some of her peers may have been dreaming of retirement!

Modern Menopause Medical Innovation

Let’s face it, it is easy to buy into the notion that we’re getting older rather than better by virtue of nagging aches and pains and uninvited physical symptoms. Don’t give up without a fight. For many of us, improving our diet, activity level, and other changes can help us up our game as we age. The medical community is also learning more about the best treatment for women during this stage.

We’re not here to give any medical advice; however, we suggest you do your own research, talk to your doctor, and don’t simply be relegated to bone loss and hot flashes. Much has been learned in recent years, pointing to some of the flaws and ignorance in the previous treatment of menopause. Some exciting innovations could help you live better, healthier, and more vital for the important years ahead.

Learn the latest from this week’s podcast guest, Dr. Daved Rosensweet, who has some exciting information that could be the game-changer for you, especially if you’ve been unsure how to approach this little-understood topic that affects us all!

You can have great years ahead. It’s not time to wind down – it’s time to get going!

Create a Future of Purpose

Scheme and plot with your husband if you’re married, or you can come up with something new and invigorating as an individual. Things may get even more interesting if you’ve recently become an empty nester. You might travel, do some mission work – or revamp your life with a new career.

Have you heard how Kari Lake got into politics? She was an award-winning news anchor in Phoenix, Arizona, for 27 years, who abruptly walked away from her career in journalism and what must have been a handsome salary.

She did it because of the corruption she saw in the news business, from skewed stories to how news organizations in the US handled the pandemic. She walked away from everything, not knowing what would come next.

Soon after, there was an outcry from Arizonians, encouraging her to run for office. After prayerful consideration – she threw her hat in the ring. Now a key player among conservative, freedom-loving politicians in the Republican Party, we believe Kari will be instrumental in the move to bring America back from the brink. 

These are years for you to step back and prayerfully assess your gifts, talents, skills, and passions. Don’t sell yourself short or assume that God is done with you. Instead, ask Him – and yourself, “What’s next?” – and don’t fear the answer. You have wisdom and courage, talent, and possibilities. Will you get a second degree? Write your first book or launch a new business? Maybe it’s time for you to become involved in politics. We’ve got tools through Empower Moms to equip you to consider some of the possibilities.

Inspire Other Moms with Your Know-How

Remember the diaper bag years? You know the seemingly endless season of sippy cups, wipes, emergency Cheerios, and Boudreaux’s Butt Paste? Just running errands with a little one was a juggling act!

Back then, I would notice other moms in my church who seemed to have it all together. They were farther along in the process (i.e., past the diaper bag years) or even done raising their kids. What I would’ve given to have time with one of them, just for the opportunity to pick her brain over the complexity and curiosities of motherhood.

Now, we are those experts. Did we do it perfectly? Nope. However, we raised our littles in the best way we knew how. Now, we have our mistakes and our triumphs to look back on. We are the experts.

Be willing to encourage another mom. A younger friend or a new acquaintance with that frazzled expression and a slightly crazed look in her eye amid her own juggling act. You can put an arm around her and let her know she will make it. Be the listening ear and offer wise counsel when she asks.

Or maybe you could start a small group for moms in your church, a place of laughter, prayer, encouragement, steady guidance, and reassurance.

You also always have a place with us here at Moms for America. Have you thought about getting more involved in our groups or other endeavors? If you’ve been blessed with grandchildren, why not join forces with our Grammy Grizzlies? We always need someone with your unique skills, willingness, and wisdom.

What is Your Chapter Two?

As I mentioned previously, for Jan Karon, it was writing. She had been in advertising throughout her career. She was approaching 60 before finally realizing her dream of becoming a novelist. She toted books around in her trunk before a major publisher finally saw the magic that was At Home in Mitford. Suddenly, she had a New York Times Bestseller and a contract to write more. Throughout her 60s and 70s, she penned 14 books in that series, selling over 25 million copies!

Don’t be afraid to dream. It costs you nothing. That’s step one. Step two is taking the leap of faith. So, prayerfully consider your path.

Your kids may have gone to college or moved on – but you’re not done, mama. Now is the time to embrace a new and exciting vision. You may have the privilege of being an inspiring and loving influence on grandkids. You may lead in your church or local school board or volunteer at your nearest pregnancy resource center.

Whether you have hints of grey beginning to show or if you banish its intrusion with hair color (as I do), you wield great wisdom, experience, discernment, and influence. Don’t let these years pass you by, and whatever you do, don’t buy into lies about growing “older.” Your family, our nation – and the world – need what you have to offer.