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ALERT: Big Pharma is Coming for Your Food

ALERT: Big Pharma is Coming for Your Food - Culture Smart Moms - Moms for America
Culture Smart Moms - Moms for America Blog

ALERT: Big Pharma is Coming for Your Food

ALERT: Big Pharma is Coming for Your Food - Culture Smart Moms - Moms for America

Moms –

Big Pharma is coming after your food. You may not want to believe it, but here are the facts:

  • Lobbyist for agricultural associations confirmed they will begin using mRNA vaccines in pigs and cows THIS MONTH.
  • Currently no state requires disclosure or informed consent for foods that may alter your genetic material.
  • Missouri has the chance to pass a game-changing disclosure bill that would shine a light on this unethical practice.

You deserve to know what is in your food! Missouri HB 1169 is an important first step. This bill does not ban anything. This is a simple, two-page bill requiring disclosure of substances in our food that can act as a gene therapy.

No mother would want her child to be given a potentially life-altering gene therapy without understanding the individual risks and benefits. It is abundantly clear in this case: the risks are too high!

Watching mandates roll out for an untested vaccine two years ago woke up lots of Mama Bears. Our children are not experiments for big corporations. We stood together, and our voices were heard!

 Unfortunately, Big Pharma and the lobbyists that support it has found a backdoor: sneaking the vaccine into the food supply. We can stand together once again and reject this dangerous and unethical experiment.

What about farmers?

Missouri HB 1169 would help farmers by protecting them from liability. When people suffer lifelong effects from an untested vaccine they received without knowledge or consent, they’ll have the right to pursue legal action against farmers and ranchers. Big Pharma and the agricultural organizations pushing for this deserve that responsibility. Disclosure protects farmers.

Here’s What You Can Do TODAY:

1) Contact Missouri representatives to show your support for HB 1169

Whether or not you live in Missouri, the reps need to hear from you and understand the importance of this bill and the widespread, grassroots support it has.

2) Reach out to local farmers and ranchers

Let your local food growers know about the concerns you have and build relationships. Our local farmers do not want untested vaccines given to their children and grandchildren any more than we do ours. Together we can shape public policy.

3) Contact your own state representatives

If you are not in Missouri, let your state legislators know that you are interested in similar disclosure legislation to hold corporations accountable.

Finally, spread the word! The more Americans learn about Missouri HB 1169, the more patriots can stand up against tyranny and demand transparency in our food supply.

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