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Big Pharma Is Coming for Your Food: All Eyes Should Be on Missouri

Apr 14, 2023

Big Pharma Is Coming for Your Food - Moms for America Media & News

Two years ago, moms led a revolution. Many of us refused to accept an untested gene therapy “vaccine” rushed to market during unnecessary and prolonged Covid lockdowns. The years since have vindicated moms: Our concerns about adverse reactions and potentially life-altering complications are, unfortunately, proving to be true. Courageous patriots fought unethical vaccine mandates and drew attention to the lack of informed consent as pharmaceutical corporations experimented on the population at large.

What you might not have seen coming is that Big Pharma has a back door to mass distributing the vaccine: the food supply. Moms for America learned from industry sources that this month farmers and ranchers will begin using mRNA vaccines on cattle and pigs. From the mainstream media? Crickets.

Not everyone is accepting this unprecedented power grab. Brave legislators in Missouri are facing off against the agricultural lobbyists and big corporations. Missouri House Bill 1169 is a simple measure to require disclosure of gene therapy products in everything from food to cosmetics, including soap. This two-page bill would not ban anything. It simply requires that products we purchase to consume or apply to our bodies are appropriately labeled if they contain materials that can alter our genetic material.

The disclosure bill defines a “gene therapy” as “any product with any capacity to alter, interfere with, or otherwise act in any manner similar or equivalent to genes.” If these substances were not going into our food supply, why are the lobbyists pitching a fit? The level of outrage among agricultural associations and professional lobbyist groups suggests that this is a very big deal.

When moms learn about these changes to our food supply—which may already be happening—they are shocked. Every mom wants to know: What can we do?

The first step is to show your support for Missouri HB 1169. Whether or not you live in Missouri, contact state legislators to let them know how important this legislation is for Missouri and for the nation. If one state stands up to the Big Pharma and industry associations, other states will be emboldened to follow. HB 1169 has widespread grassroots support, including from many farmers and ranchers who do not want to go along with the industry practices being pushed on them from professional organizations.

If you do not live in Missouri, the next step is to get in touch with your own state legislators to make them aware of the Missouri bill and encourage them to introduce a similar disclosure bill in your state. We have a right to know what is in our food! You can also call your congressman and make him/her aware of this dangerous threat to our food supply.  Encourage them to pass legislation in Congress similar to Missouri’s bill.

Another very important action moms can take is to make relationships. Reach out to your local farmers and ranchers. Who are the food producers in your own community? Many of these patriotic Americans do not want gene therapy products being given to their children and grandchildren any more than we do.

More and more independent farmers and ranchers are working to ensure the quality and purity of their products. Vote with your dollars to support these industry pioneers and show them that you support their efforts to ensure our food supply is not tainted with experimental substances.

When we speak one-on-one with our elected officials and our local food producers, we cripple the industry elites trying to manipulate us. Big Pharma thought they could sneak this in the back door, getting around issues of informed consent by putting gene therapies in our food. Moms are coming together to reject this tyranny and demand disclosure.

Attorney Tom Renz has dedicated time and attention to the Missouri’s HB 1169, and he has identified who is fighting this commonsense legislation. As someone who knows many farmers, Renz makes an important point that disclosure legislation protects farmers. When people develop potentially lifelong complications from consuming gene therapy products without their knowledge or consent, Big Pharma should bear the responsibility. When people decide to sue because of what was in their food that they did not know about, they should not be able to sue the farmers who may not have known what was in the products. Legislation requiring disclosure is good for farmers.

During Covid lockdowns, mask requirements, and unethical vaccine mandates, many Mama Bears woke up. Many of us realized how our liberties had been hollowed out. Unelected bureaucrats and powerful lobbyists have eroded our freedoms in ways we could not have anticipated. Now that we know what is happening, it’s time to stand up. We demand to know what is in our food. And that is why all eyes should be on the unprecedented HB 1169 in Missouri.

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Kimberly Fletcher is an author, radio host, and Founder & President of Moms for America

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Written by Kimberly Fletcher

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