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MFA Newsletter Article - 10 Parental Rights to Know NOW

MFA Weekly Newsletter

MFA Newsletter Article - 10 Parental Rights to Know NOW
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Mar 27, 2022

10 Parental Rights You Need to Know NOW

93.6% of parents agree.

Parents have the Constitutional right to make decisions for their children without government interference.i

So why do we parents seem to be having the fight of our lives? With CRT and graphic sexual content in schools, the allowance of abortions and gender-changing surgeries without parental consent, and parents being labeled as “domestic terrorists,” there’s no question – parents are under attack in this country.

The government seems to be on a mission to tell us as parents this one thing. – “We’re more qualified than you are to raise your children.”

Well, we at Moms for America have something to say back. Our children are gifts from God, and we will fight to defend the right to protect, provide for and train them as we see fit. We know best and we won’t stand down.

We’ve heard from so many parents who are growing increasingly concerned and need help responding to the current climate. If the increasingly anti-parent rhetoric has blurred the lines regarding your rights as a parent, we want to help you as you stand for your children. Here are 10 Parental Rights You Need to Know NOW.

 1. You Have a Right to Choose Your Child’s Education

If you aren’t happy with how things are going at your child’s school – fear not. Gone are the days when the neighborhood public school is your only option.

You have a right to choose your child’s education. More and more mamas are pulling their children out of public school for other options including:

  • Charter Schools
  • Private Schools
  • Homeschooling

Even full-time working and single moms have figured out how to homeschool! Our own Executive Director of Education & Memberships, Quisha King, is a single mom who homeschools. She founded the mass exodus movement from public schools!

The 1925 Supreme Court decision of Pierce v. Society of Sisters established “the liberty of parents and guardians to direct the upbringing and education of children…” Choosing your child’s education is your fundamental right.

That doesn’t mean that right isn’t under attack – it is! But we as parents have to stand up for that right and remind those who seem to have forgotten.

 2. You Have a Right to Make Medical Decisions for Your Child

Dear U.S. Government,

Let parents be parents.

That’s a letter most of us would sign. No other verbiage needed. With mask and vaccine mandates and minor abortions and gender transition procedures without parental consent, among others, the rights of parents to make medical decisions for their children is more important than ever.

Who, more than a mom, is on the frontlines of keeping our children healthy? Yet here we are. Don’t get us wrong – we value and appreciate medical professionals, but parents know their children best.

What are some of your parental rights when it comes to the medical care of your children?

  • You have a right to be in the medical exam room with your minor child, even if the doctor asks you to leave.
  • You have a right to decline recommended medications or procedures that are not mandated by law or considered “medically necessary” which includes most vaccines.
  • You have a right to see all medical records of your minor child.
  • You have the right to know who is providing medical services to your child unless state law has other restrictions.
  • IMPORTANT: You have a right to add an addendum to the consent form you sign for medical care at your child’s school. You can say something like, “While I consent to my child being treated for minor cuts and scrapes, any treatment beyond this will require the school to get my express permission.”


  • Some states are trying to reduce the age of minor consent.
  • Some states are allowing young girls to get abortions without parental knowledge.
  • Some hospitals are giving doctors the right to remove life-sustaining treatment from children without parental notice.
  • In some states, courts are removing children from the custody of parents who object to gender transition treatment for their children.

3. You Have a Right to Know Your School’s Curriculum

You have the right to request a copy of your school’s curriculum from your local school board. While there has been an attempt at secrecy in some school districts, the school curriculum is usually considered a matter of public record and is required to be released to parents.

You also have the right to review lesson plans and examine other materials like textbooks or videos. You also have the right to opt your child out of surveys or questionnaires that gather personal data or ask personal questions.

4. You Have a Right to Visit Your Child’s Classroom

Want to go sneak a peek at what’s going on in your child’s classroom? You can!

Your child may not always want you to, but showing up reminds teachers and schools that YOU, the parent, are still in charge.

  • You have the federally protected right to observe in your child’s classroom, with prior notice.ii (Beware when you sign school paperwork, that some schools have begun asking parents to sign a waiver committing that they will not observe in the classroom.)
  • You have the federally protected right to speak with teachers and staff and participate in learning activities.

5. You Have a Right to Speak at Your School Board Meeting

Mask mandates, CRT and questionable sex ed have all driven parents to their school board meetings in droves. You have a right to be there and to speak.

Learn more about how to do this with our 5 Tips for Speaking at Your School Board Meeting and by visiting www.momforce21.com

6. You Have a Right to Opt Your Child Out of Sex Ed

Most states allow you the right to opt your child out of sex education, though you may have to search for the way to do this. We, at Moms for America, believe parents should be given the option to opt-in, which means your child wouldn’t automatically be enrolled, but, rather, you would have to give your express permission for them to participate.

States that do not allow parents to opt their children out from sex education include Arkansas, Delaware, Kansas, Kentucky, Mississippi, Montana, Nevada, North Dakota, Tennessee, Utah.

Also, be aware that schools do not have to notify you about LGBT curriculum.

7. You Have a Right to Ensure the Privacy of Your Child

Every citizen has a Constitutional right to privacy, dignity, and safety. You have the right to ensure the privacy and safety of your child at school. This includes the disclosure of information about your child, as well as expecting that your child will not have to share a restroom of children of the opposite biological sex. If your child’s school has a transgender bathroom policy, you have a right to object and to ask that your child be given a safe place to use a sex-segregated restroom. Not all schools will accommodate this request, but please know it is your right to intervene and make this request.

8. You Have a Right to Defend Your Child’s Religious Freedom

Students maintain their Constitutional rights of religious freedom, freedom of speech, and freedom to assemble peacefully – even at school. If a school tells your child they cannot pray over their lunch, bring their Bible to school, or talk to others about their faith, you have a right to defend your child’s religious freedom.

The Supreme Court has ruled that schools must allow students to speak freely about their religious beliefs “in the cafeteria, or on the playing field, or on the campus during authorized hours.”iii

9. You Have a Right to Object When the Government Tries to Co-Parent With You

Our Founding Fathers never intended for the government to run your life. Their aim was for the government to serve you. You do not have to tolerate the violation of your rights as a parent any more than you would tolerate a violation of the First Amendment. You have a right to object when the government tries to co-parent with you.

How can you object?

Get involved and stay involved.


Speak up – at school, at the school board meetings, at doctor’s offices – everywhere.

10. You Have a Right to Demand More

Don’t just settle for defending what’s yours. It’s time to play offense. You have a right to demand more when it comes to protecting your rights as a parent.

We need to secure more rights for parents and stop future attacks on parental rights before they start. Millions agree. That’s why legislation is underway across the country to do just that. You have parental rights in place, but you have a right to demand more – more protection for you and more protection for your children.

Your children are worth it. Their future – and ours – depends on it.

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