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2024's Complicated Math: Discover the ONE Number that Can Save the USA - Moms for America Newsletter Blog

MFA Weekly Newsletter

2024's Complicated Math: Discover the ONE Number that Can Save the USA - Moms for America Newsletter Blog
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Jan 29, 2024

2024’s Complicated Math: Discover the ONE Number that Can Save the USA

Maybe it’s a little early to pin blame on 2024.

After all, it’s a brand-new year, just out of the box. Still, it already bears the stigma of our politicians’ last few years of poorly calculated decisions.

Who knows? Maybe 2024 will add up better than its predecessors and be credited with the kickoff of a great American comeback between now and January 2025. We certainly hope so.

If we had to point the finger, we’d probably say the math went bad in 2020.

It started with a vote count, and another, a box of ballots here, and a drop box there, and suddenly, our nation was plunged into chaos, with a steady decline in our economy, security, reputation, and well-being. The Biden administration lost no time reversing every sensible and profitable policy established by President Trump – and we felt it almost immediately in our pocketbooks.

Here are some numbers that have complicated our lives since then – and will likely persist in 2024.

158 Million – Votes

That’s the reported number of votes cast in the 2020 Presidential election. They say there isn’t enough provable fraud to call it stolen; however, there were enough questions raised – then squashed, to make us wonder about hundreds of thousands of mail-in ballots with no ID checks and questionable chain of custody in several states.1  Our eyebrows lifted when we heard stories of deceased voters included in the count and counties boasting more votes than citizens.2  Even if none of that was enough to cry “foul,” the government/social media suppression of the Hunter Biden laptop story, now proven true, according to polling data, would have easily changed the election outcome.3

Whatever you believe about the 158 million votes, it all added up to a disastrous four years of war, vaccine and mask mandates, open borders, overspending, underdelivering, energy insufficiency, forced speech, and squelched viewpoints (all leaning in one direction), and so much more mayhem. (I give you a few shortages that spring to mind: baby formula, eggs, electricity, and air traffic controllers.)

25 – Twenty-Five Presidential Executive Orders and Directives

That’s roughly the number of actions, many of them destructive, that President Biden took on his first day in office that set in motion the slow destruction of our sovereignty and freedoms.

Among his moves, he put an immediate stop to our border wall construction, instituted a government-mandated “100-day masking challenge” (which came with a directive to equate masking with patriotism – give me a break!), reconnected our country with the corruption of the World Health Organization (WHO), rejoined the Paris Climate Accord, and revoked the permits for the XL Keystone Pipeline. In a short (probably very short) workday, the new President cost our nation billions, compromised our safety, and put the squeeze on the American people.4

From there, his administration attacked our children through the full-throated promotion of Critical Race Theory, pornographic materials in school, and radical gender ideology. This administration is no friend to the American people but only to an ideology to change our beloved country from the inside out.

Nearly everything the Biden crew has touched has resulted in abject failure, from his ideologically driven, deadly withdrawal from Afghanistan – to his illogical mandates regarding Climate Change. (See recent news stories about EV vehicles turned into ice-cold paperweights during our recent cold snap).

They’ve been able to side-step the reality of their failures because of the media’s unwillingness to report facts. Then the President, the press secretary, and our mislabeled Secretary of “Homeland Security” look straight-faced into a camera and tell us to believe things we can see aren’t true. The economy’s great, everyone’s happy, and Secretary Mayorkas maintains that the border (through which millions have entered) is secure.

American Dream-Killing Math

Meanwhile, Biden’s economic strategy has devastated the American Dream. They coined the term Bidenomics, hoping it would dress up the failures and tangible hardship its policies placed on average Americans. However, no shiny word can undo the financial stress that hangs like a fog over most families.

Want to buy a house? It was a rite of passage for young families, but now it’s not a foregone conclusion for many. That brings us to our next number:

7.79% – A Painful Rise in the Average 30-Year Mortgage Lending Rate

That was the average 30-year mortgage lending rate just three months ago, October 2023.5 If you were able to settle down a few years earlier, you may have gotten in at the right time, but here’s what these Bidenomics numbers actually mean.

Say you bought a $300,000 home in 2019. The average interest rate of 3.94% would’ve made your payment roughly $1,400.

In 2024, that same house has a price tag of $500,000. To buy that home with October’s inflated prices and interest rates, you’re looking at more than $3,500 every month! I’m no mathematician, but that’s about two and a half times higher.

That math could maybe work if salaries and wages also ballooned. If you’re making an extra $2,100 per month, you’re probably fine, right?

No such luck.

During this same period, the median household income in the US has only increased from $68,703 to $74,580.6 That is around an 8% increase, or less than $600 more per month.

I know, it’s a lot of numbers. Still, it equals an American dream that is woefully out of reach for many thanks to Bidenomics’ losing strategies.

Our next number is small but dangerous:

3 – Three Letters, Causing Infinite Harm

The last few years have brought some three-letter acronyms, each bent on shifting the soul of America and our culture in the most significant, dangerous, and damaging ways.

BLM – Black Lives Matter was less about caring for the oppressed and more about making its leadership wealthy. Millions of dollars have poured into their coffers, and the organization has been discredited because of its gross mismanagement. We agree with the thought that black lives – and all lives matter, from pre-born babies to our beloved elders of every ethnic background. This organization caused more profound division, mistrust, and conflict between neighbors, friends, and family. It was instrumental in the breakdown in healing between the races and has left our American family deeply wounded.

CRT – Critical Race Theory launched a frontal attack on our children through the classroom by teaching them racism as a lifestyle. Its curriculum skewed and misrepresented American history and culture to a shocking degree. It grew like a fungus among our teachers whether they were engaged in an Ethnic Studies class – or even math, English, or science. It has been mandated in many schools to be inserted into various, even unrelated, lessons.

At the heart of it, selected children were demonized for their skin color. Others were condemned by the philosophy that taught they would always be victims in America. Lies and abuse are heaped on our most vulnerable citizens. Moms were and continue to be rightly outraged.

DEI – Diversity Equity and Inclusion is code for maintaining a sole focus on racism and gender ideology in education, business, government, and even our Armed Forces. Corporations have been pressured to obsess over the number of employees who tick the boxes and up the count of certain races, gender preferences, and other designations in a sort of woke quota system. It has touched the highest level of government and has been demanded of our businesses. DEI removes merit-based hiring as the standard in our nation.

In the interest of lowering the number of white straight males in the workplace, it’s not acceptable to choose the most qualified candidate based on experience, education, and skill. Instead, the choice must be influenced by skin color or sexual preference. I don’t know about you, but if I ever get my appendix out, I’m hoping it’s the best surgeon available (regardless of their race or gender) – not a DEI hire!

ESG – Environmental, Social, and Governance. Woke ideology sounded good to some. Obviously, other patriotic Americans saw it for what it was – evil. The left-leaning activist class needed some muscle to push it forward since its concepts lacked appeal for thinking entrepreneurs, businesspeople, and everyday Americans.

Oversimplified, ESG gives ratings to corporations and small businesses, higher or lower, based on their performance – not in profitability, but in prioritizing the articles of faith in the woke religion. To rate a high ESG score, companies must prioritize diversity, climate alarmism, and gender ideology over profit.

Capitalism is demonized for its focus on profitability. In a video from Prager U explaining the ESG concept, Andy Puzder makes the case that capitalism actually does social good by its very nature. The only way to be profitable is to provide a quality good or service at a reasonable price. These then enhance lives, thus, helping society to thrive.7

Puzder explains the heart of ESG’s agenda. “It really is an attack on our founding principles. You’re investing to accomplish…these leftist social and political goals, not to maximize returns for investors. These large asset managers use their tremendous voting power to compel CEOs to implement these leftist policies that they can’t get passed at the ballot box. People have risen up and said, ‘This is wrong; you can’t use my money to do things I don’t believe in.'” 8

Whenever they come up with another 3-letter acronym – BEWARE!

Our following number hits close to home for all of us:

$11,434 – To Maintain Your Standard of Living

A study by the Republican-run Joint Economic Committee found that Americans need an average of $11K more to maintain the usual standard of living they had in January of 2021 due to the exploding inflation seen in 2022. The study varied by state, with Colorado having the most significant increase of nearly $15K, and the lowest amount needed to keep the family going was in Arkansas, at only $8,528.9 We know you’re feeling it too, mamas, as you work to provide and hope to get ahead of the financial pressure.

This week’s podcast guest, Clay Clark, author and founder of Thrive15, received the Small Business Administration’s Entrepreneur of the Year Award. He created the ReAwakening America Tour as a labor of love to inspire citizens to act on our country’s behalf and has some compelling thoughts about the future of our nation and the US dollar that we know you’ll want to hear.

There are many more numbers of note; however, we want to get to the most important one that could trump all the rest (no pun intended). This number stands alone as the most hopeful, powerful force that could literally turn the tide for America:

1 – ONE Vote Can Change it All

Your vote is the promise of freedom from our founders and patriots who have fought, built, invented, suffered, negotiated, and guarded the right of American citizens to wield their power at the voting booth.

Nothing should come between you and this sacred right – and duty.

Mamas, this and future generations are counting on you. Don’t let any propagandists convince you that your vote doesn’t matter. It stands between us and more numbers that could decimate our economy, freedoms, culture, and future.

Check out our efforts through MomVote, sign our pledge to vote this year, and consider how you can help support and safeguard the vote on November 5th, 2024. Invite your friends to join you and get involved.

Life is complicated – math is worse. That’s what makes the answer to 2024’s equation so brilliantly simple.

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