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4 Reasons we Can't Ignore the Midterms - Moms for America Newsletter Blog

MFA Weekly Newsletter

4 Reasons we Can't Ignore the Midterms - Moms for America Newsletter Blog
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Oct 15, 2022

4 Reasons We Can’t Ignore the Midterms – Make Your Voice Count

It’s all we hear right now – vote, vote, vote.

You may be getting tired of hearing it – and we may grow weary of talking about it – but it’s crunch time, mamas!

The mid-terms are coming, and the countdown has begun. The great news is, according to a recent Fox News Poll, 60% of moms are “extremely” motivated to vote in the midterms, with 19% “very” likely to hit the ballot box.1

Simply put, moms are engaged and – it is ON!

We hope you’re part of that group- raring to go- already registered and counting the days. If you’re not quite ready, don’t worry – we’ve got you covered. Click through to MomVote for the rundown on deadlines. There you’ll learn how to get registered and find details on the election process in your area. Let’s go, moms!

You can make an even bigger impact if you rally those around you. Remind friends and family of these four reasons we can’t ignore the mid-terms. Make your voice count on November 8th.

Reason #1 – Your Vote to Cut Catastrophic Inflation

No matter what spin you hear – you know the truth. Skyrocketing gas, utilities, goods, and food prices are bearing down on our families. It’s no accident – instead, the policies from our politicians have ushered in this crippling inflation.

Did you know that the average American family has to come up with a cool $8607 per year 2 just to break even in these troubling economic times? Have you noticed the price of milk? How much does it take to fill up your gas tank? Have you had enough?

Suppose you live paycheck to paycheck like 64% of American families 3. You may have been forced to change buying habits, deplete your savings, cancel a vacation, or shuffle payments to cover that utility bill. Nobody knows better than you how families are affected in real life as our economy slides off a cliff.

One political party has held all the cards with the White House and both houses of Congress. Their policies and ideology have created the economic instability we face. The other party promises to focus on “kitchen table” issues that affect America’s families. Will that do the trick? Your opinion matters – your vote to cut catastrophic inflation can make a difference.

Reason #2 – Your Vote to Aid Failing Schools & Protect Parental Rights

We watched in disbelief as we saw what our children were being taught via Zoom classes during the pandemic. Alongside mandates and masks, our schools instituted critical race theory creating a twisted social structure for children based on the color of their skin.

The National Education Association, our nation’s most powerful teachers’ union, created curriculum to introduce sex education and gender fluidity instruction to little ones as young as kindergarten.4 The 1619 Project sought to remove patriotism from the classroom and redefine and vilify America’s founding.5

If that weren’t enough, parents who sought to voice their opinions at school board meetings were tagged as domestic terrorists. Former Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe boldly stated that parents shouldn’t have a say in what their children learn in school. “Former” is the operative word here – see, voting works!

Virginia’s gubernatorial race proved that the mama bear movement was not to be trifled with. At the ballot box, protective parents gave Youngkin the win. When the smoke cleared, it became evident that shenanigans in the school system were at the heart of that political upset.6

Interested in school choice? It’s designed to give parents the right to direct the tax money that funds their child’s education to the school they choose. It promotes healthy free-market competition that could help public schools to finally…read the room!

Your vote to help failing schools and protect parental rights could significantly improve your child’s prospects. Be sure to learn where your state candidates stand!

Free Resources: We have downloadable booklets to help you know the truth about your Parental Rights and the influence of progressive constructs like CRT.

Reason #3 – Your Vote to Fight the Rising Crime Rate

  • Last week in Las Vegas, a young man approached a group of women near the Wynn hotel and asked to take a picture with them. When they declined, the stranger became enraged, pulled out a large knife, and stabbed eight people, killing two.7
  • Two Texas teens, 14 and 15, allegedly fired around 100 rounds into a house, killing a young woman in a drive-by attack.8
  • Gunfire erupted in the lobby of a Marriott, killing a 53-year-old father visiting Poughkeepsie, New York, for a family weekend with his son hosted by Maris College. The suspects had long rap sheets, were considered homeless, and had a stash of materials to make bombs in their hotel room.9

It’s shocking and sad to see daily tragedies around our nation. Over the last couple of years, police forces were defunded and denigrated. Courts began sending criminals back to the street before trial after they committed crimes from robbery to attempted murder.

Called “justice reform,” it’s been a disaster. In Chicago alone, new violent crimes were committed by 33% of those released under this progressive policy while awaiting their day in court.10  Similar spikes in crime are evident nationwide, especially in America’s large cities.

Regardless of those who claim, “it’s not that bad” and others who believe that curbing our 2nd Amendment right to bear arms would fix the problem, it defies logic, and we know that you aren’t fooled. Your vote to fight the rising crime rate will voice your objection to this new status quo, letting those in power know that you mean business.

Vote for those who plan to address our need for law and order. In doing so, you are creating a better and safer future for your children and all Americans.

Reason #4 – Your Vote to Guard Against Government Overreach

Your vote is your voice, and it’s essential to use it to help curtail a disturbing trend playing out before our eyes.

  • Freedom of speech is squelched by social media moguls, influenced by government officials to favor one side of the political spectrum.11
  • Churches were shuttered during the pandemic, while Home Depots, abortion clinics, and marijuana dispensaries were tagged “essential.”
  • FBI raids, like the one which recently targeted a pro-life protester for a minor offense, seem to play out according to specific bias.12
  • The recent passage of “The Inflation Reduction Act,” which experts agree will not decrease inflation, included funding for 87,000 IRS agents. We were told they wouldn’t come after regular folk but only the ultra-rich. A quick check of the numbers, however, reveals that of the 329 million American citizens, only 9% are worth a million or more.13 An analysis by the Senate Finance Committee shows that the pumped-up IRS ranks will focus a whopping 40-57% of those new audits on those who make $50,000 or less! 14

As engaged, patriotic American moms- you are aware of the creeping attack on our way of life and the future of our nation.

Your vote speaks loudly to guard against government overreach.

Moms Are Rising Up

Will you raise your voice as an American patriot to protect the future of this great nation for your children? You have the power to preserve the America our founders gave everything to secure for us.

The ball is in your court. America needs to hear the voice of moms.

Register today and vote on November 8th. It could change everything.

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