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MFA Weekly Newsletter

MFA Newsletter - 5 Patriotic Sites to Visit this Summer

MFA Weekly Newsletter

MFA Newsletter - 5 Patriotic Sites to Visit this Summer
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Jun 17, 2022

5 Patriotic Sites
to Visit This Summer

Lisa Weaver

It’s that time again!

Time for warm weather, barbecues, pool parties and kids home from school.

Even better?

Planning that much-needed summer vacation.

In the spirit of raising patriots and reclaiming our culture, we highly recommend including a visit to at least one patriotic place of interest with your kiddos. It will make a BIG impact. And it’s fun, too!

 Here, we’re sharing 5 patriotic sites to visit this summer, with some added travel tips as a bonus!

1. Mount Rushmore

Just pull into the parking lot of this monument and you’ll feel instantly patriotic.

On a recent visit, one of our team members counted 23 different state license plates represented! It’s no wonder. It’s quite a sight to see.

Located in the Black Hills of South Dakota, Mount Rushmore features the faces of four U.S. Presidents – George Washington, Theodore Roosevelt, Thomas Jefferson, and Abraham Lincoln – carved into the side of a mountain.

This fun outing includes a gift shop, where you can rent headphones for an audio tour, a museum, and an ice cream shop like no other. Not only is it amazing ice cream, but they use Thomas Jefferson’s own recipe for the vanilla!

The scenic and easy-to-walk trail takes you around the mountain and down to the workshop where the artist did his planning and work.

This makes for a fun road trip or RV stop and would be worth a flight in.

Staff Tip: For added fun, check out the 1880 Train, Rush Mountain Adventure Park, and The Purple Pie Place!

2. Boston Freedom Trail

Parents and kids will enjoy the 16 nationally significant historic sites along this 2.5-mile walking trail through Boston, Massachusetts.

On the Boston Freedom Trail, you’ll see sites such as the Paul Revere House, Boston Commons, and Old North Church (from the movie National Treasure!), among many others. This red brick road will lead you and your family past museums, churches, cemeteries, and meeting halls all with historical lessons to learn along the way.

Walk in the footsteps of our Founding Fathers and then head to the Boston Harbor where you can visit the Boston Tea Party Ships and Museum.

Boston is an important piece of our history. Some of America’s oldest buildings stand here, many important colony leaders spoke and made decisions here, and the famous “shot heard round the world” was fired here, beginning our war for independence.

In this birthplace of the American Revolution, your family will come away with a new appreciation of how our country was founded and you will instill patriotism and a love of country in your family for years to come.

Staff Tip: Don’t miss Boston’s great food! Great seafood can be found all around, and the best Italian is found on the North End.

3. Colonial Williamsburg

You could spend several days at Colonial Williamsburg and not get bored!

Take your family back in time at this amazing place full of living history. You’ll see people in period costuming, not just walking the streets, but working the shops – really working them! Visit a blacksmith, a doctor, and the town

Plus, don’t miss seeing court in session and a live dispute in the streets! Your kids will learn more here than in a full year of history at school. Plus, they’ll make amazing memories with you and develop a love for their country as they witness the hard work early colonists did to get us where we are today.

This living museum is one of a kind. Your kids will love this adventure and you’ll be amazed at how much they remember when they return from this patriotic site.

Staff Tip: Round out your trip with some family fun at nearby Busch Gardens and Great Wolf Lodge!

4. Independence Hall

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania is the heart of American history. This must-see patriotic site will be one you and your family never forget.

Independence Hall is the place where the signing of the Declaration of Independence and U.S. Constitution took place. You’ll feel like time has stood still as you walk into the building and see original furniture still in place. You can even see Benjamin Franklin’s glasses still sitting on his desk!

The park rangers at this patriotic site have a knowledge far beyond any textbook.

Just steps away is the site of the Liberty Bell! Be sure to stop by to take a peek, and a few selfies, too. And take a stroll through the Liberty Bell Center, as well.

Within walking distance, you’ll also find the Benjamin Franklin Museum, Betsy Ross House, Benjamin Franklin’s gravesite, as well as the building where Thomas Jefferson wrote the Declaration of Independence.

There are too many patriotic sites here to name, so you’ll just have to go yourself! It is a must see for every patriot.

Staff Tip: Take a horse and carriage tour of the area for even more historical sites and learn things you never knew! Grab a Philly Cheesesteak from the cart on the grounds and have dinner at the historical City Tavern.

 5. Pearl Harbor

Need an excuse to go to Hawaii?

Say it’s because you’re trying to raise good patriots!

Located on the island of Oahu, Pearl Harbor is a site of great reverence for those who made the ultimate sacrifice. Kids will learn about the attack on our nation, and how it led to U.S. involvement in World War II.

Once you take a boat out to the site, you can stand in the spirit of honor and patriotism that resides on the monument. Look below into the clear, blue water at the USS Arizona. You might even come across a veteran or two spending time there, as well.

Staff Tip: This is a great time to teach kiddos about honor. Be sure to encourage them to remain calm and quiet while on the monument. Help them to develop a respect and appreciation for our military both past and present.

We hope you take some time to visit at least one of these 5 patriotic sites to visit this summer. You can make memories and raise patriots at the same time and have fun doing it!