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MFA Weekly Newsletter

Beauty, Liberty, and Truth: American Assets Your Family Can Celebrate - Moms for America Newsletter Blog

MFA Weekly Newsletter

Beauty, Liberty, and Truth: American Assets Your Family Can Celebrate - Moms for America Newsletter Blog
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Dec 11, 2023

Beauty, Liberty, and Truth: American Assets Your Family Can Celebrate

Let’s be real. Right now, things are a mess in our nation.

Twinkling lights and brightly wrapped gifts with the ambiance of Christmas music streaming through our homes may divert our attention for a few weeks, but deep down, we know the truth. When the tinsel is packed, the New Year’s diet is underway – we will be faced again with the undeniable: our beloved country is struggling. And our families feel the pain.

Belts may be worn a bit tighter this holiday season as prices soar for everything: food, fuel, gifts, and entertainment. It’s the natural outcome of corruption and chaos at our highest levels of government and politicians’ downright foolish economic decisions, which we are left to pay for.

The US has been thrust into wars and proxy wars, from disastrous Afghanistan to Ukraine, as tensions grow surrounding Taiwan. Under this administration, each has been a greater debacle than the one before. And, when our greatest ally in the Middle East, Israel, suffers the most horrendous slaughter since the Holocaust – and threats of more – our leaders offer poll-fearing, stammering support.

Meanwhile, families attempt to stay above water as mainstream media lies to our faces, telling us everything’s great thanks to “Bidenomics.” Is anyone buying that?

Christmas decor and eggnog may provide a temporary reprieve. Still, thankfully, we know that moms like you wield enormous power to affect change. We have hope because of you and our fellow moms across this great land. We’ve seen your hard work and influence begin to make a difference in our communities and schools.

You are doing something even more extraordinary, though. You are investing yourself in a new generation that can change everything. Together, mamas, we can usher in a great American comeback by teaching and inspiring our kids about the beauty, liberty, and truth of the US – all American assets your family can celebrate.

America the Beautiful

Even with some of the sad sights we’ve seen of late, with many cities decaying before our eyes – that is not the whole story – even now. Our nation’s beauty is still on display for all. The grandeur of our vast mountain ranges in Virginia, Colorado, South Dakota, and California – the serenity of our seasides in Florida, Delaware, North and South Carolina. America is beautiful, as the song states – no doubt about it!

Consider helping your kids or grandkids experience some of it for themselves by planning some getaways in 2024. It could be a weekend away, a whole week to take in a new locale together, or even a summer-long RV escapade. Learn the history of the places you plan to visit, as America’s story is in every state. Some great inventors hail from Michigan and Montana. Heroic Americans were born in Illinois and Georgia. Look at our Liberty Trips Map to learn about some fantastic destinations and historic sites.

Probably the richest beauty in America is seen in her people. It is visible in the wonder of children’s eyes as they experience first-time adventures and also in the wizened face of an elderly former soldier who fought for our liberty. The stunning cultural diversity of our nation bears the Latin description E pluribus unum, which means “out of many, one.” Together, we are richer.

Millions came in search of their American dream, from our founding explorers and adventurers to more recent immigrants who have gained treasured US citizenship, beautifully blended to create our traditions, foods, faith, businesses, inventions, and architecture that color the landscape. We would not be the same without them and the generations of American families who have written our story with their lives.

Americans are inventive and entrepreneurial – as evidenced by the new parallel economy we shared about in a recent blog. One such exciting addition to the patriotic marketplace is American Woman Beauty. This cosmetic company carries a full line of beauty and skincare and a robust men’s line called Honest Abe. They also feature a line of products inspired by Riley Gaines. American Woman Beauty stands unapologetically for American values and jobs. They are making their stand in an industry now dominated by woke ideologue corporations. We had the pleasure of sitting down with the owner of American Woman Beauty, Vivianna Thomas, to learn more of her story and vision on this week’s podcast.

 America’s Promise of Liberty

George Washington once wrote to James Madison, “Liberty, when it begins to take root, is a plant of rapid growth.”

Many of us, raised in the cocoon of this land of freedom, never knew our liberty would ever be questioned. The truth is that our founders viewed the concept of personal freedom as a cornerstone to life as an American. They no longer wanted a king or an oppressive government sticking its nose into how they lived, pursued their dreams, or practiced their faith. They bequeathed future citizens their vision, placing safeguards to help us prevent government oppression should tyranny rise. Hello, 2nd Amendment!

The freedom of America was the perfect place to nurture creativity, yielding some of the most significant inventions and innovations the world has seen. Think airplanes, plastic, the light bulb, the telephone, GPS, the internet, bifocals (thanks to Benjamin Franklin), polio vaccines – and the first bread-slicing machine. The list goes on and on, as does the creativity of our people due to the freedom baked into our way of life.

It’s vital to instill in our children that all the rights guaranteed by the Constitution must never be surrendered to an overreaching government. Our country’s last few tumultuous years have illustrated a growing will to wrestle these freedoms away.

We’ve seen liberty come under fire, attacks launched as some champion severe limitations of our 2nd Amendment right to keep and bear arms, and other offensives have aimed at our freedom of speech, religion, and parental rights. They cloak nefarious actions in positive-sounding but misleading terms like gender “affirming” and protecting us from “misinformation.” Some parents stand to lose custody battles in progressive states because they refused to engage in the dangerous and life-threatening charade of transgenderism with their children.

We haven’t lost our freedom yet, and moms are becoming educated advocates, standing as a protective wall between our children and those who would deny families their autonomy. Giving your kids a fluent understanding of our founding stories, documents, and the Constitution can help them know what to stand for when culture sends confusing messages. Sadly, we can’t trust the public school system with its skewed vision of the US and its reimagined history lessons. So, we must step in for our kids.

At Moms for America, we want to help you deepen your knowledge of the foundations of our great nation so that you’ll be well-equipped to raise your young to be liberty-loving citizens. Check out our Cottage Meetings, Empower Moms, and our groups and resources for Raising Patriots. Also, don’t miss the powerful interviews on our weekly podcast, where we are privileged to learn more about those who are making a stand for freedom. 

 America’s Stand for Truth

Our founders held high aspirations for how we would view truth. They leaned into Judeo-Christian values in penning our founding documents, quoting, or touching on biblical principles or the Bible 3,154 times.1 That our origin as a nation was built on a Christian framework is a simple fact that cannot be disputed without completely ignoring the original writings from that era.

Yet, increasingly heavily skewed resources like the book The Godless Constitution: A Moral Defense of the Secular State have been embraced by higher education, including law schools, introducing a completely different narrative about America.

The authors conveniently didn’t include any citations. In their words, they did away “with the usual scholarly apparatus of footnotes,” explaining that they want this book to be enjoyed by a general audience.  I guess they believe that the unwashed masses (us) don’t want to see the citations for their outrageous claims. They would be wrong.

The construction of our judicial system marked a radical departure from that of many other nations. In the US, you would be presumed innocent and given a fair and speedy trial, with the goal of exacting punishment for the guilty but protecting the innocent from unfair incarceration. Lady Justice is pictured with a blindfold, weighing each case without bias. Truth is paramount.

This, too, has come under attack, evidenced by courts that have dogpiled on President Trump with a host of charges and litigation. Some pundits, and the former President himself, question whether these are primarily politically motivated, aimed at derailing the Trump campaign for 2024.2  Then we have seen local district attorneys refusing to prosecute even violent offenders, favoring criminals over victims as never before. The resulting rise in crime has sent many of these iconic cities spiraling downward.

Meanwhile, we are told fiction is fact, as idealogues demand compliance in calling women men and men women. They demand women’s rights and strip these same women of their rights when it comes to sports. Someone has a problem with the truth, and it’s not us!

Moms, you can see through the fog. You are intelligent, educated, and unwilling to fall for the lies.

Make sure your kids understand the truth our nation was built upon. Teach them about our judiciary, and if they are old enough, discuss news stories with them so that they won’t be blindsided when some college professor tries to lead them down an ideological path.

The greatest truth is found, of course, in God’s Word. The Bible. Bring that rich, life-giving book to your family and engage with fellow Christians. Buckle the belt of truth around yourself daily and encourage your kiddos to do the same. The truth stands strong and never has to be hidden.

As the year winds down and the holidays end, consider how you’ll approach 2024 with your family. Help your children become well-versed in the foundations of our nation. Their firm understanding of the beauty all around them and the unique blessing of being a citizen of the United States with the liberty they enjoy – and must preserve – will help them celebrate and stand for truth in their generation and the next.

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