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Jul 15, 2023

False Advertising – 4 Feminist Ideas Now Rejected by America’s Moms

You can’t believe everything you read.

It’s like in the movie Elf, naïve Buddy, fresh from the North Pole, sees the sign outside a run-down diner claiming, “World’s Best Cup of Coffee!” Bursting through the doors, he loudly congratulates the stunned and bewildered staff for their accomplishment – coffee perfection. But it was just a sort of dumpy little restaurant with a sign that said what it said.

Believing something because it’s in writing doesn’t make it so.

The feminist movement could be easily convicted for the same false advertising. Its acolytes have made easily debunked promises, with some of their tenets reflecting the opposite of those claims.

The good news is women are waking up to the truth – refusing to be pushed around by these feminist ideologues who expect you to check your brain at the door while accepting whatever they choose to shove down your throats.

Look at these lies that feminism unapologetically promotes while demanding your allegiance.

There’s no “world’s best cup of coffee” here, just a lot of steam – and stench.

1. Feminism is About Equality for Women

We’ll give this one a partially-true rating. At its foundation, the feminist movement looked to unlock opportunities for women.

Are we glad women got to vote? Big yes! Are we applauding that pay has increased, educational doors have swung open, and girls can now gain admission to universities to study whatever they choose. You go, girls!

That is an admitted simplification of first-wave feminism. Those early efforts were largely to gain needed rights for female citizens and a positive next step for the freest nation in the world.

Some women cluelessly cling to the original ideal, seemingly unaware of what the movement represents now – willing to ignore feminism’s dark underbelly.

The Idolatry of Abortion

Equality is great, but today’s feminists readily admit that one class of female is not considered worthy of that longstanding equality pillar. She’s small, has no voice, and no one to stand for her.

Such is the plight of unborn girls. Babies. There is no marching in the street to save her life by her fellow females (other than those outside the feminist camp – pro-lifers). Instead, feminism celebrates her death – from the earliest days after conception to the day she was supposed to be born. With unparalleled selfishness, feminism condemns her. She has no rights, no feminist protection – only scorn.

Also Second-Class: Female Athletes

There is one other class of forgotten women in today’s feminism – female athletes. Men dressing as women have stripped them of their rights and deserved athletic titles. Feminists range from silent on the matter to the brashest claiming that anyone against transgender athletes is not a true feminist.

Really? Common sense has left the building, folks.

American women see through the sham. And just because you don’t embrace the crazy doesn’t make you any less a proud American mom. You have confidence in your convictions and won’t fall easily into lies and deception.

2. Sexual Freedom = Happiness

Second-wave feminism blossomed as the 60s gave way to the 70s. The movement’s champions pushed the idea that women are the same as men. While men were seen as driven by their desire for sex, these women preached that they could be the same. Bras smoldered as women engaged in free love with no commitment and no strings. They sought to treat men like men had treated women.

This was a strange strategy from any angle. In fact, despite rising opportunity, rights, and prosperity for women, a study1 showed a noteworthy decline in pretty much all markers of happiness and satisfaction for women.2 From 1972 on, women have been sadder with increased loneliness and depression. Thanks a million, feminism.

The natural offshoot of this ideology, where sexual freedom is supreme, is that women are marrying less and not having children. From where I sit, it’s sad. No matter how many sippy cups leak stinky milk in our Cheerio-strewn minivans – we wouldn’t trade the treasure of these kiddos for anything. Am I right, mamas?

One of the more recent trends emerging in the last few years has been the “me too” movement that has rightfully vilified predators while scooping up normal masculine men into the same net. Being a man is considered toxic, especially for those dudes who have the gall to ask a woman out.

There’s a tangible risk attached to any hope of treating a woman to coffee or dinner. Offense oozes from the pores of some who have embraced the anti-patriarchy, anti-family, anti-regular men movement. By the way, they claim they aren’t against men; however, to comply with demands, men must act a little more like women. Seriously. It would be funny if it wasn’t so sad.

For those pushing the weirdness – congratulations, women are caught in confusion…and often sadness because of this twisted worldview.

3. You Can Have It All – Except a Family

The idea that women can and should have it all sounds good on paper. That is until you realize that this movement is decidedly anti-traditional family.

Kate Millett’s 1970 book Sexual Politics was a cornerstone of second-wave feminism and espoused the early sexualization of children, floated notions about differences in genders being less a physical fact and more a construction of ideas. If that wasn’t enough, her writing was decidedly anti-family. It may have been written more than 50 years ago, but it sounds a little like last week, doesn’t it?

Feminism has locked arms with other ideologies, with third-wave feminism taking things to a new level. These ladies embrace ideas like intersectionality (a concept to embrace layers of oppression they have suffered – we touched on this in a previous blog), Transfeminism, which shares womanhood with those who want to be women. It gets even weirder – how about Vegetarian Ecofeminism? You may accuse me of making this one up, but I’m not that creative. These and a handful of other colorful names of subsets in this wave of feminism are centered in diversity of all types and postmodern feminism (that’s the tried-and-true anti-family, anti-patriarchy wing that’s an 80s throwback, but still viewed as “rad” today).

They may think it all makes sense – but women are starting to think for themselves.

Consider this week’s podcast with former feminist businesswoman from Los Angeles, author, and speaker Peachy Keenan (yep, it’s a pseudonym). In her new book, Domestic Extremist: A Practical Guide to Winning the Culture War, she hits the flawed feminist worldview right between the eyes. If you agree that parents are the primary educators and authorities of their children, that two genders are plenty, and that babies are good and more babies are better, you’ll enjoy her unique mix of humor – and truth. Listen to learn how you can save our country by leaning away from feminism and into motherhood.

4. Diversity Trumps Truth – And Protecting Kids

Feminist leaders appear to be good with many of the attacks we work to shield our families from. Here are just a few examples:

  • A feature in an online magazine boasts feminists’ work to create a K-12 curriculum for Critical Race Theory. They are part of the victim/oppressor propaganda that harms all students.3
  • Feminists seem to be okay with kids experiencing sexualized drag queen shows – or at least are silent on the abuse. The far-left Human Rights Campaign teaches how to “Make Your Feminism Trans-Inclusive.”
  • We found more than one professed feminist online offering book recommendations, including a wealth of titles to sexualize little ones. Ick.
  • According to one article, feminism is closely linked to pride month because they both fight for equality and rights – and to destroy traditional norms. That is another reason we’ll give feminism a hard pass.

Increasingly, however, moms are seeing through the charade. This movement is no longer about equality for women – it’s only somewhat about women – now that they’ve spread themselves thinly across a growing landscape of gender and sexual identities. Activist Dylan Mulvany openly mocks women, dressed like a little girl and acting a fool. Do you know any actual women who act like that? Feminists don’t seem to get it.

Moms like you have decided to take a stand. And we are winning.

“People are now having fun seeing the Target stock price go down and the Bud Light stock price go down,” said Peachy Keenan on a recent podcast. “People are now enjoying this, and they want to hurt these corporations. The fact is that this tactic has become fun. You don’t have to make a sign. You don’t have to fly to Washington. It’s very low effort to just avoid certain products and avoid certain stores.” 4

The power of the purse speaks loudly. It says, “We will not pay you if you act in predatory ways towards our children.” It speaks to the strength of real women. It reveals the determination and danger of the American mama bear.

Feminism can hock its goods somewhere else. Real American women are no longer buying.

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