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The Cancer of CRT - Newsletter Blog - Moms for America
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Jan 29, 2023

The Cancer of CRT:
4 Strategies to Safeguard Your Family

Kali Fontanilla loves kids.

She cares so deeply that she dedicated her life to education.

From her earliest days as a schoolteacher 15 years ago in Compton and later Salinas, California, she saw beyond the difficult circumstances of her students’ lives. There was gang violence, broken homes, poverty, and a range of challenges. Still, to her – these students were beautiful, eager to learn, and capable of so much if only they had someone to help, encourage, and push them toward achievement. Someone who wouldn’t give up on them.

That was Kali’s calling and joy.

Then she discovered a dark force in her school. Critical Race Theory sought to degrade individuals, dilute education, and divide students – like back in the day – race against race – gender against gender. Hope smashed by political agenda – with kids paying the price. She left her beloved position in opposition to this cancer in her school.

If you haven’t heard her heroic story, don’t miss our podcast with her.

Our blog posts last week, and this represent a sort of good news/bad news scenario.

We won’t rehash the tragic truth about CRT’s prevalence and predatory nature in our nation. Check out CRT in Your School: 5 Ways it’s Dividing Kids Across America to learn the awful truth.

Our previous blog post was, without a doubt – the bad news.

Now mamas, the good news.

Though we can’t promise a path without effort and maybe a little pain – if you discover even a hint of this in your school – you’ve got to take it seriously. You’ve likely uncovered the tip of an indoctrination iceberg.

Here are four strategies to safeguard your family from the cancer of CRT.

1. Look for an Exit.

 This can look different from family to family.

You can keep things like they are, but if danger is brewing, as moms, we must do what it takes to look for an exit to get our kids out of harm’s way. Most of us don’t like the idea of change (nor do our children), but how steep is the price to keep the status quo?

Whatever you decide, make sure you talk about it with your child. Don’t put them in the position of making a decision – that’s your job, but do let them know a little or a lot (based on what’s age appropriate) about your concerns.

CRT is not designed to help them, no matter what race they happen to be. It delivers only racism, gender theory, division, and insecurity among our most vulnerable population – kids.

Because of the dangerous growth of critical race theory and all its offshoots (queer theory, intersectionality, and distinctly anti-police, anti-family, anti-capitalism, anti-faith ideals),1 separating your children from this ideology will necessarily provide a way to avoid its outcomes for your children.

Kali sadly described the state of many schools in America as “sinking ships.” You either go down with it – or find a lifeboat.

 There are five “lifeboats” to consider:

  • Move away. Kali stated that you will likely face serious challenges in blue states: navigating the rampant bad policies, corrupt educational systems, and teachers bent on usurping parental authority. She moved away from her home in California, leaving her extended family and friends behind to find a place that was friendly to traditional ideas like family, faith, and patriotism. You won’t be surprised to learn that she landed in Florida.
    Remember, even if you choose a conservative-leaning state, you’ll still have to do your homework to ensure your kids are in a good school. CRT has also been discovered in red states, driven by activist teachers. If relocation is out of the question, there are other ways “out.”
  • Charter schools. Some charter schools have maintained a separation from the mainstream public school mentality and curriculum. If you go this route, research well what’s being taught. Speaking with teachers or administrators can be helpful but be sure to interview a few parents of students at the school to get the skinny on what’s happening.
    Hillsdale College is on track to start 70 public charter schools committed to their classical education model. Currently, more than 20 member affiliated charter schools using Hillsdale curriculum, training, and principles are scattered around the country.2
  • Private schools. Many see this option as totally out of reach, but don’t assume that right away. Could you or your husband possibly pick up some extra work to make it a reality? Maybe your children have concerned grandparents who would like to help protect their grandkids by pitching in.
    If you decide to take this pricey plunge – make sure to find a school committed to excellence in education – that is America, faith, and family-friendly.
  • Homeschool. Many first-timers who considered this option as CRT, pandemic shutdowns, and gender ideology began to strangle American schools – have already taken the plunge. It’s hard, sometimes messy but often a big win for students. No one can care for, protect, teach, and train your child like you. To learn more about this option, read our blog post on the topic.
  • Online school. This is a growing option, as more and more school districts offer a way for students to obtain their education at home. It’s definitely a safer option, with fewer teacher-inserted political ideologies present, and you can look over your student’s shoulder whenever you want to see what’s being taught.
    An excellent new option for online education is the school Kali and her husband started, The Exodus Institute. This fully-accredited K-12 online school is worth a serious look if you’re considering a remote or homeschool option. They also offer enrichment courses that directly counter the critical race theory curriculum. These classes can supplement any of the “lifeboats” listed above. Or use it as an add-on to your child’s public-school experience.

2. Demand Academic Transparency and Boundaries

If you decide to stick with your public school – there is no judgment here. You need to follow your instincts – and follow God’s leading for your family.

When it comes to your local neighborhood school, you have a right to expect a quality education. Your tax dollars are paying the tab.

This option requires you to stick close to your child – don’t lose track of what’s happening and keep communication lines open with your kids. At the same time, position yourself to demand academic transparency and boundaries within the school and curriculum.

You can politely ask your teachers for access to books or lesson plans – especially when your mom/Spidey senses are prickling. There’s probably a reason you’re sensing something’s up.

We suggest that you take on a more nuanced role than just that of a watchdog. Be a purposeful, supportive, and involved parent. Your active interest and volunteerism will give you a voice in that arena as a trusted parent with a reputation of commitment to the school.

Say you’ve asked for access to class content and curriculum. Now, what boundaries should there be?

It’s up to you.

You may want to veto inappropriate sex education materials shared with your child. You may be interested in making sure that pornographic books and materials are not part of your child’s education. (Yes, pornographic material – look at the book list we compiled in this blog post). Of course, you also want to guard against all the tenets of CRT.

A little detective work and your willingness to speak to teachers, the principal, and the school board may be called for. Know your rights by reviewing our Guide to Parental Rights, a free download from our website.

Do you have teachers who are slipping dangerous CRT into the daily lessons? Are they introducing your children to gender theory? Also known as “queer theory,” these ideals are being drilled into students – a frightening trend putting kids at risk from coast to coast. (If you’re unsure what that’s all about, read our blog on this topic and our recent podcast). Gender issues are hand-in-glove with critical race theory.

Kali warns that the attention schools are receiving over this issue is causing teachers to “dig in their heels and go to even more extremes with the kids.”

An undercover hidden-camera investigation conducted by the organization Accuracy in Media revealed Ohio teachers’ own words touting the importance of CRT and their steadfast commitment to it. Some boasted about how they “trick” parents and sneak it into the school day without parental knowledge.3

If you can’t or don’t want to move away from public school, then prepare to become hyper-engaged with your child’s education. We recently shared a blog about becoming the top dog in your child’s education.

Unfortunately, schools cannot be trusted to advocate for your child anymore.

3. Look for Choice in Your State

Calls for school choice are on the rise.

In a few states, it’s becoming increasingly robust. Arizona’s former Governor Doug Ducey recently passed a law allowing the allotted tax money to follow the child. In that state, the amount is $7000 per school year.4  Want to try a private school? You’d have 7K to make that happen. Want to homeschool or try an online option like Exodus Institute? Suddenly, you could have the funds to make it so.

Look for choice in your state; more than 20 now have full or partial school choice.5  Speak up with school voucher advocates in your state. Just imagine – your tax dollars following your child to the school of YOUR choice could be a game-changer for dangerous and disappointing trends.

Suddenly, schools must compete for students. Teachers and schools who push gender theory or shame-based race ideology could suddenly find themselves…lacking funds.

You don’t have to be a conservative to want to protect your child from these soul-killing influences. Seventy-two percent of Americans, including 68% of Democrats, favor school choice, with only 18% opposed.4

We can’t agree much, but American parents are clearly locking arms on this issue. Enough is enough!

4. Flex Your Faith, Patriotism, and Family Ties

No matter where you land on educational options for your family – you hold the trump card.

You are the most influential person in your child’s life. Whether in public, private, charter, or homeschool, you can pull your kids in close and teach them the truth about racism, as well as love and respect for others. This positive approach will naturally help kids rise above the fray.

Fire up your faith by committing to cover your children in prayer when they are away. God loves them, can protect them, and is willing to give you the guidance you need. (James 1:5-7)

Pray with them before they head off to school each day. Ask the Lord to give them wisdom, discernment, and protection.

Make time to talk with them, listening well and reflecting on every aspect of their lives – from school to relationships to hopes and dreams.

Schedule dinner together, downtime, movie night, and fun outings. Make home base a genuinely welcoming place for your child and make family time a priority.

Celebrate patriotic holidays and definitely plan to learn more about each – comparing and contrasting what the school has taught about them. Your researched approach and understanding of the truth will be a source your kids will know they can trust throughout their school careers.

Mamas, as daunting as this scourge of racism can seem, you have the power to safeguard your kids. Hold them close enough to feel your love and acceptance every day.

CRT seeks to divide, denigrate, and debase people. It’s the polar opposite of the love and connection your family shares.

Jesus taught a philosophy that was 100% counterculture then – and now. Where CRT blames and berates, the Lord showed us “a new way” to live. To love one another, forgive one another, and seek peace.


2 Hillsdale College

3 Accuracy in Media


5 Federation for Children