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Moms For America - Blog - 2020 Election ConspiracyMoms For America - Blog - This Election isn't about Biden
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This Election Isn’t About Biden and It Was Never About Trump

Oct 22, 2020

Moms For America - Blog - 2020 Election ConspiracyMoms For America - Blog - This Election isn't about Biden

This Election Isn’t About Biden and It Was Never About Trump

Written by Kimberly Fletcher

​2020 is certain to become the new go-to adjective for things gone crazy. It would be a serious understatement to say this year has been abnormal.  The harsh reality, however, is it has been more normal than we think. The only real difference from the world prior to 2020 and today is now we can see it.

The unveiling began in January 2017 when thousands of women descended on the nation’s capital to throw a big middle finger at the newly elected president. The hatred for President Trump, and anyone openly supporting him, has only intensified since then. Some refer to it as Trump derangement syndrome. Others say we need Biden to save us from four more years of Trump.  The fact is, this election is not about Joe Biden, and it has never been about Donald Trump.

The people who hate President Trump today are the same sycophants who clung to him like groupies five years ago. He was invited to all the Hollywood parties, welcomed in media circles, and presented awards from the liberal elite. I’m sure President Trump was quite surprised when all his so-called friends and fans turned on him the moment he ran for President of the United States—not because he was running, but because he was running as a Republican!

The relentless attacks we’ve witnessed the last four years aren’t about Donald Trump. They’re about what he stands for. The societal disruption we’ve witnessed this year is a coordinated, orchestrated effort to undo our Republic. If Donald Trump had run as a liberal Democrat, they would be heralding him as a demigod, but as a conservative, he is a dangerous threat that has to be stopped at any cost. That is what this election is about.

The confirmation hearings of Justice Kavanaugh and now, Judge Barrett, are clear evidence of that. Those who are hellbent on shredding the Constitution and destroying everything America stands for, do not want constitutionalist judges on the court. They don’t want order restored; they just want their guy elected—whatever it takes.

The rhetoric repeated by Democrat senators in the Barrett hearings is the same we heard from protestors around the Capitol this past week. The chants and signs repeating “F*** Trump” “Abortion on Demand” and “No Christian Theocracy” are the same sentiments repeated in the hearings. It is the same mantra regurgitated in the media, and the same mantra shouted by rioters as they deface buildings, burn cities, and assault their fellow citizens.

In 1963, a list of Communist goals from the book “The Naked Communist,” was introduced into the Congressional Record. Number 15 on the list is “Capture one or both of the political parties in the United States.”

While both political parties have certainly been infiltrated with socialist ideas and communist thought, it is the Democratic Party that has been completely “captured.”  Reading through the list of 45 Communist Goals is like reading the Democrat Party platform—a party platform that is seeping into every aspect of our society, creating a virtual powder keg for cultural divisions and societal upheaval. While the masterminds and funders behind it all are largely unseen, the epicenter has become the U.S. Capitol.

In true form, the enemies of freedom are not letting any “good crisis” go to waste. Democrat politicians are excusing, and even encouraging, the rioting and violence flooding our cities. Hollywood actors and sports figures are celebrating it, the media condones it, and they all continue relentlessly beating the COVID drum to keep us adequately scared and submissive.

We are in the midst of a massive war of ideals and this Election is a turning-point battle in that war.  It isn’t just about the presidency. It’s about the House, the Senate, and legislative races in every state. The two most powerful leaders in the Democratic Party know full well what this election is about. Speaker Pelosi said she will use every arrow in their quiver to stop President Trump.

Gretchen Whitmer, the governor of Michigan, essentially threatened that if Americans are tired of lockdowns, wearing masks, and want to be able to go to church, they need to vote for Joe Biden.

Democratic leaders in Congress and across the country have made it clear they will go to any length, tell any lie, and destroy any life to amass power and further their socialist agenda.  Right now, there are two major obstacles in their way: the 2020 Election and Donald Trump.

Much to the chagrin of Democrat leaders, our voice still counts. They didn’t like how the American people voted in 2016 and they will use any measures possible to silence us in 2020.

The Barbarians are at the gate and President Trump is the fighter defending that gate.  It is completely in our power whether we win or lose this battle in the great war for the future of the United States. Will we reelect the fighter who is giving absolutely everything he has to defend the gate, or will we elect the Trojan Horse and roll out the communist red carpet?

This election is not about personality or political party. It is about the soul of America. If we do not vote now to defend our Constitution, to defend our basic liberties, we will be telling our grandchildren what America used to be like when people were free. If you didn’t know what this election was about before, I hope this is your wake-up call.