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Moms For America - Blog - Why Moms voices deserve to be heard
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Why Moms Voices Deserve to be Heard

Dec 31, 2019

Moms For America - Blog - Why Moms voices deserve to be heard

Why Moms Voices Deserve to be Heard

Written by Cheri Saccone

​How many of us have heard other moms say (or heard ourselves say), “I’m not political,” or, “I’m not smart enough to follow politics,” or, “My husband is the one who keeps up with all that political stuff.”

I get it. I really do. I think the word “political” has been so contaminated that any rational person would want to quarantine themselves from the infectious fumes emulating from any form of political encampment—whether it be online, on the news, or at the family dinner table.

It’s just easier to focus on what we can control—like how we raise our kids, what values we teach them, what churches we become a part of, what schools we choose, and what types of communities we will plant ourselves in. Let other people delve into politics and all the chaos that perpetually swirls around it. There are so many examples of this. Like . . .

Let other people deal with analyzing whether President Donald Trump is going to ruin our country or save our country.

Let other people deal with the never-ending squabbles over whatever the trendy and completely unrelatable issue of the day is.

Let other people drown themselves in the nine circles of Dante’s Hell called Twitter.

Let other people run into the proverbial gladiator ring to get beaten up over political topics that even Socrates himself couldn’t make sense of.

Let other people get unfriended on Facebook because they are audacious enough to use their free speech rights on this self-described “nonpartisan” platform.

Let other people have a voice in how the very soul of our nation evolves. Oh no . . . wait—we want a voice in that part, don’t we?

So many of us moms are crystal clear on how our roles shape our beloved families, but we are somehow unclear on how our roles shape our beloved nation—the very nation that our children and our children’s children will inevitably be forced to exist in, and survive in, for generations to come. We don’t exist in a vacuum and we don’t exist in a bubble. We exist in a living, breathing society that either builds up the things we love or tears down the things we love. These things that we hold dear are freedom of religion, freedom of speech, freedom to homeschool, freedom to raise our kids the way God has impressed upon our hearts to raise them, and so many other freedoms that we simply take for granted.


This is what is at stake and somehow we as moms don’t make the connection between Freedom and Politics. The very thing we hold most dear is slipping from our grasp while we have the privilege of enjoying the remnants of freedom that so many of our departed fellow patriots have sacrificed for, bled for, and died for.

“I’m not political.” We all know the phrase well. However, if you care about freedom at all, you are political. You may just not realize it yet. My suspicion is that you care very much about freedom. After all, you are a mother. And mothers need freedom to do the thing they care most about in life—shaping the hearts and the futures of their children.

We are moms. We are the gatekeepers of society because we are the gatekeepers of our families. Yes—we can have a critical impact on our culture by raising good, God-fearing human beings who contribute to society rather than detract from society. However, in order to do so, we need to understand how politics either frees us or hinders us from doing this very thing. And once we understand this truth that is somehow hidden in plain sight, we need to use our voices to preserve, protect, and usher in liberty.

Your voice matters. And if you don’t use it, you won’t be heard. If your voice isn’t heard, the silence left behind will be filled with voices that —are more often than not—diametrically opposed to almost everything you stand for and have built your life on.

Who can blame the ever-expanding loss of liberty in our culture on the voices that are bold enough to believe they deserve to be heard? Why aren’t we as freedom-loving moms shouting the loudest? After all, we have the most to lose.