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REAL AMERICA – Dan Ball W/ Kimberly Fletcher, Trans Agenda, Fake Race War & Selective Outrage

Apr 18, 2023

Real America interviews Kimberly Fletcher - Moms for America Media and News

Dan talks about Selective Outrage by the left and the democrats in this program, and the Selective Coverage by the main stream media.

Dan Ball speaks his mind about the mainstream media and the politicians lying everyday to the American people, lying to mothers and fathers about the Trans Agenda, and trying to gaslight us into a race war that is not there. The lefts and the Democrats are in a war for the “Soul of America” … they want to destroy our “Soul”!  Dan definitely says out loud what we all want to scream!

This entire Real America show by Dan Ball is definitely worth listening to, and the Kimberly Fletcher, President of Moms for America interview starts at 16:46