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Family Units are Being Targeted for Destruction

Aug 9, 2023

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By Dennis M. O’Connor

I am a retired senior.  My parents and I have lived through 47% of the time since 1776 when the country was founded, 54% including grandparents.  At that time, the family was defined as a husband, wife, biological children, and extended family.  Today many seniors had parents who experienced World Wars I and II, the Roaring ’20s, the Great Depression, and Franklin Roosevelt’s “New Deal.”  Personally, I have memories of World War II and the Korean, Vietnam, and Iraq wars; civil and gay rights; and technology advancements.  Together we have experienced 21 different presidents.  Our family history is a cornerstone example of American citizenry, including Irish and German immigration.  Families gained great wisdom and knowledge from life.  They made a huge investment in their country, facing hardships and wars, and they kept the faith.  Families have a history of uniting, and together they now realize our country is in serious trouble.  A radical and corrupt government agenda has focused on changing the American family that we know and love.

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About Dennis O’Connor: I am a retired senior, grew up in Chicago, Illinois as part of a prominent traditional Democrat family. I was elected as Councilman then Mayor for the City of Oak Forest a suburb of Chicago, My Company relocated me to California to help manage several manufacturing facilities.  I joined large international corporations and have been a Senior Executive/manager on many of the Western States largest infrastructure, building and environmental projects.  In my roles I have consulted and advised Governors, Mayors, County Supervisors, and Educators, including both political parties’. I was assigned to Washington DC to develop legislation with members of the House and Senate.  I have written articles, technical papers, given event speeches and been on TV news. Working with educational leaders I authored a accredited program for teachers at UCI to assist students development in trade schools. Recently I have written articles which have appeared in American Thinker and Epoch Times. I realize as one of the nation’s largest voting blocs seniors must protect God, Family and Country.

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