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Feminist-Turned-Traditional Housewife Is Now a Warrior Against Wokeism and Progressivism: ‘It Was a Huge Wake-Up Call’

Feb 26, 2023

Rebecca Barrett - Moms for America Media & News

“Modern feminism is like a cult. If you don’t adhere to the cult mentality, if you are not 100 percent in, and if you question anything, you are banned. If you go against the cult, they will eat you alive,” says Rebecca Barrett, 33, a progressive-turned-traditional housewife from Florida.

A mechanical engineering graduate, Barrett worked full time in the oil and gas industry, fighting hard for her seat at the table, but felt “it was never enough.” Trapped in the endless struggle, she eventually saw through the problems inherent in “hardcore feminism” and braved the wrath faced by those women who switch courses. She now runs a YouTube channel detailing her personal journey, giving life-changing tips to restore relationships, and talking about the ills of feminism and “woke-ism.”

Barrett’s transformation from living in a state of what she now views as misguided anger to a happy, radiant, and fulfilled wife and mother-of-one is striking. Of course, there are the obvious outward signs of femininity; the softer hairstyle, and figure-flattering clothing. But it’s her attitude and outlook that are most inspiring.

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