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Cottage Meetings - Moms for America
Cottage Meetings - Moms for America

The Cottage Meeting Project

Classes That Empower, Inspire and Connect.


Liberty begins at home. Moms who learn and teach the principles of freedom in their homes will change the course of this nation. That’s what Cottage Meetings are all about! In just 12 fun and inspiring classes, you’ll develop a greater understanding of the principles of liberty and the Constitution that rivals most judges, attorneys and elected officials in America!


Moms and Grandmas around the country from all walks of life.


•  Start a Cottage Meeting in your home.
•  Find a Cottage Meeting in your area.

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•  Join our Virtual Cottage Meeting Series live each week via Zoom.

It’s time to turn hopeless and helpless into empowered an engaged. Host or join a meeting today!

Anyone. Anywhere. Anytime.

Start a Cottage Meeting in Just Three Easy Steps

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Be Part of the Solution … Join the Cottage Meeting Revolution

Hosting a Cottage Meeting is the most effective way to share your love of liberty with neighbors and friends – and anyone can become a Cottage Meeting Hostess!

Hostess Registration

Please fill out this form to register your Cottage Meeting and be added to our nation-wide directory of moms.
Whether you are a new hostess or a pro, please add your Cottage Meeting to our nationwide directory. Everyday moms are looking for a local group to join and we want to connect them with you. Registered Cottage Meeting Hostesses will also receive exclusive resources, training, and special discounts with our Hostess Portal.

Registering your Cottage Meeting will automatically sign you up for access to our Hostess Portal, coming soon!

Cottage Meeting Invitation Flyers

Use these shareable flyers to invite friends and family to your meeting! Simply fill in the date, location and contact information.

The Cottage Meeting Project Is

Designed to promote and nurture a foundation of liberty…

Women come together to meet in the home with friends and family to share the story of America and study the virtues and principles of liberty our nation was founded on.


Building an army of women who will raise a nation of patriots.

The Cottage Meeting Project focuses on women because of their incredible influence on our society and culture.


Designed using a familiar model – home parties.

This is something women already know how to do. We have all either hosted or attended a home party. Cottage Meetings are like Tupperware for Liberty!

A simple project with profound results.

After just one meeting women feel the power of the Cottage Meeting. Moms who attend begin to feel a profound since of hope and an immediate desire to learn and share the new knowledge with their children, family and within their circle of influence.

A heart changing program.

Cottage Meetings create pockets of liberty in homes across America.
The Cottage Meeting Project can be a powerful, sustaining force in building a nation of well-informed citizens through the mothers of America, and lead to a people capable of sustaining freedom.

We provide the resources.

We provide all the resources through the Hostess Kit to get you started. You can also join our interactive, Virtual Cottage Meetings live each week. The audios and video recordings of each session are available for download after each presentation so you can listen or view at your convenience. And, we’re excited to announce, our hybrid model will be available in the Fall of 2021!

Coming in 2022!

Cottage Meetings - Become a Hostess - Moms for America

Hosting a Meeting

Cottage Meeting Hostesses will have access to all the materials they will need to conduct a successful meeting including helpful tips, presentation supplements, and training videos. The Hostess Center Portal will be your link to all these resources. Hostesses are encouraged to purchase the Hostess Kit but the Cottage Meeting Resource Guide is really all you will need to get started. Hostesses receive a discount in our Moms for America store.

Participant Resources

Not ready to host a meeting but want to take advantage of all the awesome Cottage Meeting resources? No problem! Click here to access our Cottage Meeting Participant Resources – full of great videos, articles, helpful links and resources for you and your family. We will continue to add resources and videos as we create additional presentations.

Hostess Kit and Family Pack

The Cottage Meeting Project has two kits you can choose from. If you’re hosting a Cottage Meeting in your home, church or community group, then the Hostess Kit is perfect and includes everything you need to hold a successful meeting through each presentation. If you just want to use the Cottage Meeting Project for your own family then the Family Freedom Pack is perfect to help inspire a love of liberty in the hearts of your children.

Hello Juleen, Vivian and all at moms for America, I have been watching the cottage meetings since maybe January or February. During that time it has been difficult and I could not help but have the feeling of hopeless witnessing what our nation has been enduring. It was the cottage meetings and my faith in God that has really helped and inspired me and given hope. I am a grandmother and work for as a Teacher Assistant in an elementary school in my district. Juleen, you are such a down to earth women and encouraged me, a woman of 58 years young. I never though I would be serving on my church board and in the fall be running a youth program on Wednesday evenings. I have always been a Conservative Patriot and love God and America. I have this past weekend taught my 4 year old grand daughter the Pledge of Allegiance and in the works of learning our American songs. With all this, I would also like to do a Cottage meeting. I must admit I am very nervous, but been wanting to do it since my first one watching you. I am sure I can have many join me. Can you please send me information?

~ Claire

It is reassuring in this day and age that there’s an organization such as Moms for America, to maintain and encourage the principles of our founders: patriotism, civility, dedication to the truth, valuing the individual … all principles from their inspiration – the Bible, from whence came our triumvirate system of government.

~ Candy Carson

I just finished the 12 summer 2020 “cottage meetings” on YouTube. They were awesome, inspiring and are worth watching twice. Changed the way I look at teaching (not preaching) in a more loving way to teach a new generation of patriots which is so urgently and desperately needed right now!

~ Paula, California

Thank you for leading and teaching the Healing of America course! I would love to receive the file for the outline of the Constitution. I homeschool our children and I love teaching them what I’m learning here. Thank you so much! I appreciate your hard work and efforts to help us further understand the original intents.

~ Debi, Maryland

Your group was one of THE FIRST to voice the outrage to the condition in our nation to say ‘enough is enough.’ My prayer is our Lord to ‘grow your influence’ to begin local state chapters to continue being a LOUD voice in America. Go girls!!!!

~ Jeanine, Ohio