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How Schools Are Teaching Children to Hate Their Country, Their Neighbors, Themselves

Nov 4, 2023

Kimberly Fletcher on Epoch Times Moms for America - Media & News

Moms for America Founder & President, Kimberly Fletcher  joined host Jan Jekielek with American Thought Leaders and discussed the Epoch Times collaboration with Moms for America on the Gender Confusion / Gender Transformation: The Untold Realities event.

Kimberly encourages every parent out there to watch, “Gender Transformation: The Untold Stories.” As well as downloading the Gender Confusion booklet.

The more people that see this film; pastors, parents, doctors, and teens, the greater our standpoint will be. They’ll be able to see the truth, they’ll be able to see reality, and we’ll be able to turn this conversation around.

Resources:  https://gendertransformation.com/ and https://momsforamerica.us/mfa-booklets/

Jan Jekeilek interviewing Kimberly Fletcher - Moms for America Media & News

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